Mustang Customizer Makes Dreams Come True for Four Fans

By Sean J.

Mustang Customizer was launched with a mission to move fan’s dream cars a step closer to reality.

The website turned social phenomenon gives fans the ability to modify their pony using real-world parts, down to the smallest details. Since the site launched in 2011, over half-a-million users have dreamed up over 6.5 million different Mustangs using their computers, tablets and mobile devices. Once you customize it, you battle it against other designs for points, badges and bragging rights.

For four lucky winners of the Battle for Your Dream Mustang Contest, their dream car soon became their reality. Now, as we celebrate the announcement of the fourth and final dream car winner, let’s get to know these lucky Ford fans, their stories and the incredible vehicles they imagined.

Click the photo to watch their full story on video, and make sure to grab a Mustang badge too!


Jennifer G., a mother of two, got the Valentine’s Day surprise of a lifetime when Vaughn Gittin, Jr. drove up to her work in the dark pink GT500 that she dreamed up. It was the perfect car for such a romantic day - pink and powerful. But there was one small problem – Jennifer didn’t know how to drive stick. So like a knight in shining armor, Vaughn stepped in to give her a quick tutorial. After all, who better to teach you the ins-and-outs of a manual transmission than the professional Ford Racing Driver and 2010 Formula Drift Champion?


Michael C.’s job is to protect and serve the good people of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. So when he won the third Mustang of the contest, everyone knew it was going to be difficult to surprise him. Thankfully, one of his buddies on the force came up with the idea of calling in a bogus report of a stolen stang, just when Michael happened to be on duty. The diligent officer sighted the car and began his pursuit. Little did he know, he was pulling over his dream car driven by a Ford executive, ready to hand him the keys just in time for the holidays.


Our second Mustang winner comes from the small town of Sullivan, Illinois. This sleepy rural town was about to be woken up by the throaty exhaust note of the Shelby GT500 that Terry T. just won.  Not bad for a guy who had never won anything in his life, not even a scratch-off lottery ticket. On the surface, Terry might not have appeared overly-excited when his grabber blue Mustang rolled up in front of his house. But the muscle car fan was awoken the minute he took his new Mustang out for a spin, and Terry became all smiles.


James, the first Mustang winner, had always been a Mustang fan. In fact he bought his first one in school, a beautiful 1994 Mustang Cobra. He sold his baby a few years later to buy an engagement ring for his sweetheart. So when James learned about Mustang Customizer, he got to work and designed over 120 custom ponies in the hopes of winning. He really wanted to be able to teach his son to drive on the car that inspired him so much when he was a boy. Lucky for him, Vaughn Gettin, Jr. would be showing up a few weeks later with one of James’ favorite designs and a little surprise for his son, as well.

While the contest may be over, the passion lives on. You can keep creating and battling your Mustangs like never before, thanks to a recent website update. Make sure to check out the new look to battle mode and even more garages for you to hold all of your designs.
Heidi Y 03/14/2013
What a great story! It's awesome he grew up loving his very first Mustang .....and now his son is off to a great start!
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