Mustang Customizer App: Now for iPad, iPhone and Android

By Tori T.

Remember the days of having to build and customize a vehicle in the driveway? And how about racing? That used to be a track sport. Now you can do both from pretty much anywhere at anytime – including from your iPad®, iPod Touch®, iPhone® or Android-based smartphone! Thanks to the technology-savvy world we live in, you’ll now be able to design and race a Ford Mustang in the virtual world! And you don’t have to be a Mustang enthusiast to have a good time customizing or simply painting a virtual ponycar, as well as creating original wallpaper.

You may already be familiar with the wildly popular Mustang Customizer, which has been the source of nearly a half million online Mustang buildups since it was relaunched in June. But the big news is that the redesigned Customizer app is now available for iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Android!

Once you’ve personalized a Mustang, save it and it will automatically be entered into battle mode, during which other users can vote on your car and their other favorite designs. Users earn points and up to 70 different badges for each car they build, battles in which they participate, wins and challenges against Facebook friends.

There’s also a new element to this mobile app, a drift challenge. There are nine different courses to choose from and you can race any custom Mustang parked in your garage, as well as try to best your friends and their times.

One last thing: You can enter a contest through the Customizer and possibly win your dream Mustang! Find out more here !
Jeff M 08/21/2012
This app is really a lot of fun. You have to try it.
Richard F 08/18/2012
I really enjoy this app. Its almost like a game. What I thought my dream car was and what it is is slightly different. Parts that are in my dreams are not avalible and there are parts that are avalible that i knew nothing about. The thing Ford, Chevy and Chrysler has tried to do is create the past and present. Im not saying they have not done a great job with the Mustang, Camero and Challenger but none of them has hit a homerun yet. I guess what im trying to say is there leaving so many of the past details out. The key is to make past details look like the future (creating a new word) pastresent. If new Ideas dont have new names are they really new ideas? This is where the big 3 are missing out making the past look like the future and which company does this with the poney cars will hit the homrun leaving the other 2 companies running in circles.