Mustang Couple Ties the Knot

By Sean J.

Rene Doane and Brian Johnson were two Mustang fans who had both had some bad luck with relationships. The only thing they had in common was their passion for Mustang and the fact that they both knew Rene’s father, Don. But sometimes destiny doesn’t need any more than that in order to set things in motion. Did Ford help bring you and yours together? Share your story with the rest of the Ford Social community.

One day, Brian had a little time to kill before work. He was a Ford man, and knew that his friend Don, a retired mechanic, always had a blue oval that he was working on. So he stopped over for a visit. When he got there, Brian noticed a car in the driveway next door that immediately caught his attention. Brian was drawn to the 1994 Mustang like a moth to a flame, walking right over to it with dutiful curiosity.

Rene, Don’s daughter, lived next door and was the owner of the Mustang Brian was so infatuated with. When she noticed a stranger poking around her car, she became understandably curious.

Sensing that this mystery man was just a Mustang admirer, Rene decided to introduce herself. Brian couldn’t help but smile. He was little sheepish for having been caught snooping, and a lot impressed that the woman standing before him was the owner.

After Rene fired up the V-8 and started talking shop with him, it quickly became obvious to Brian that she was no casual Mustang fan. He was right. Rene grew up surrounded by them. It was pretty much the only thing the family drove. Her mother had a gold-colored 1972 Mustang and dad even had a Cobra Jet. But it didn’t stop there.

Rene knows her way around a toolbox too, and she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. In addition to basic repairs, Rene replaced a few clutches, head gaskets and even swapped out the interior of a family Mustang. She always worked side-by-side with her father. He taught her everything she knew, and she knew quite a bit.

Brian was just coming off a divorce and was a little cautious about getting back into the dating game. He did have one criteria though, if that were to happen. “I wanted my next girl to be a Mustang girl,” admitted Brian.

Brian asked her out on a date. She agreed, and this couple appeared to be in the fast lane to a happily ever after.

A few years later, the Mustang couple was engaged to be married. But this was to be no ordinary wedding. Instead, Rene and Brian wanted their nuptials to pay tribute to the car that helped them find each other. They had an idea, but needed some help.

A few months before their wedding date, the couple decided that they wanted to make the Mustang logo part of the deisgn for a pair of specially-designed, custom wedding rings. Their jeweler created the “Running Pony” rings that would forever be a symbol of their loyalty to each other and to the car that helped unite them.

The Mustang couple tied the knot June 1st , 2013. Their rings were not the only nod to Mustang, either. The gazebo where they exchange their vows was flanked by two Mustangs, a 2009 and a 2005. There were Mustang lapel pins, Mustang cake toppers, a Mustang-themed card tables, paperweights, garter belt and the list goes on. Also, you can probably guess what kind of car the newlyweds took their first ride in as husband and wife.

Join us in congratulating Rene and Brian on their recent nuptials by posting a comment below. Also, make sure to flip through a selection of photos from their Mustang-themed wedding to get a few ideas for your next pony party.
Dennis 08/02/2013
Funtastic! I hope Rene lets you cheat and Drive the MusTang.
Tracey 07/13/2013
Congrats to the happy couple!! Very cool how your love of Mustangs brought you together & was part of your wedding.
Rene J 07/12/2013
Cam S, it's Rene Johnson.  That's one of my favorite pictures too!  You can make one yourself!  We used an official Ford Pony key chain, we removed the chain and looped a ribbon through it.  Thanks for your kind words!
JDaniels 07/12/2013
You guys are crazy! And think Brian is correct in choosing Rene for his wife. A GM guy once told me that "Girls are a dime a dozen; but cars cost". And hope you both get alot of mileage from both.
Eugene M 07/12/2013
It is too bad they didn't have their minister drive up in a red '65 fastback, like I would have!
Kay 07/11/2013
Cool! Congrats. 
Cam S 07/11/2013
Congratulations Rene & Brian. I love all those Mustang themes in your wedding photos. I especially love the Mustang pin on Brian's suit jacket. I would love to acquire one of them. I wish you all the Best & many happy years to both of you.
What a really cool ideal!!
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