Meet Jeff, a Master of Ford Classics

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If we ever lost the designs for a classic Ford car, we could probably head over to Jeff Schembri’s repair shop and he’d tell us exactly how to rebuild it.

Jeff is one of a kind. He runs Oval Repair in Livonia, MI. Just a half-hour drive from Ford HQ. For ten years, he’s been repairing, restoring and even constructing Ford vehicles from scratch. His inspiration for all this incredible work? He says it all comes from his dad’s love of Ford.

“My dad came from Malta,” Jeff says with pride. “He got here and started working at the Dearborn Ford engine plant. He inspected fuel tanks and he worked there for over 35 years.”

So it’s not a surprise that Ford craftsmanship made its way into his family driveway.

“We always drove Ford products,” Jeff recalls. “An Escort, a Taurus, a Cougar, a Torino, a Fairlane, a Galaxy—all of that.”

But all of those cars took a back seat to Jeff’s pride and joy: a 1967 Fastback that he got in high school.

“My dad was dropping me off at school and I saw this Mustang and said, ‘That looks amazing,’” Jeff says. “Then, he came to pick me up later, and there it was, right with him. It was like Steve McQueen’s car.”

Ever since Jeff started Oval Repair in 2002, he’s been the local go-to guy for tough Ford jobs. Jeff says he works on about six or seven classic cars a month and he’s constantly taking his customers and his beloved Ford vehicles to auto shows. All the while, he’s teaching himself new ways to fix up those mean machines. “I’m starting to specialize in diesels,” he says.

And those aren’t just his customer’s cars. Remember that ’67 Fastback? He still drives it to work every day. “I love that car. I keep it up and running,” he says. “It still has the original steel.”

Ford has inspired Jeff to put incredible hard work into countless vehicles, including his own. But we know he’s not alone. Has Ford inspired you to do something that takes hard work and leaves you feeling proud? Something that sets you apart? Let us know now.
Meet Jeff, a Master of Ford Classics
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