Living in Your Car Takes on an All-new Meaning

By Ford Social Member

Everyone knows someone who lives in their car, right? Figuratively, that is. The floor is covered with food wrappers. Articles of clothing across the backseat. Camping utensils from last summer in the trunk. And bits of lunches from long ago under the seats.

That's nothing! John DelVecchio, a 25-year-old Army veteran, lived in a 2009 Mustang for 11 days, and we mean lived in it! A Philadelphia-based radio station, 94WYSP-FM , conducted a promotion called "Live in It and Win." The station had listeners vote online to pick the winner from those who had lived in it the longest. John was one of three who stuck it out, and was selected by the listeners to win the car. Participants were allowed 15-minute breaks every three hours, but think about...11 days!!

Michael Klein of The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote an article about the experience, and posted this video to .

Struggling College Student 08/27/2009
I lived in my Ford Mustang for 7 months while finishing my last year of college, because I couldn't afford school and rent together. Give me a break on this ford story of someone choosing to live in it. I didn't even have room to lay down due to all my personal belongings and books.
whothewhat 07/22/2009
I was wondering... Do you have anything else to complain about, maybe something less constructive? That is why this blog is here, for your emotional support.
Tiger 07/18/2009
I have been driving FORD in India ( a 1947 Ford Mercury) on which I learn't driving and then I had FORD Country Squire for over 6 years in Canada. Both these cars were good.

MY only regret with FORD GM and Chrysler is there DEALER, who are rude, Inept and very cocky. This is one of the Major reason that auto MFG. had flopped in US and Canada.
This MY EXPERIENCE and Personal Opinion.

So Please WAKE up and do something, other wise..........

Thank you.
Living in Your Car Takes on an All-new Meaning
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