Live Chat with Mustang Chief Engineer Dave Pericak

By Ford Social Member

Each work day for Dave Pericak is absolutely packed. And he couldn’t be happier about it.

Dave’s dream while growing up was to own a Ford Mustang. It’s a dream shared by many, as more than 9 million Mustangs have been sold, and the iconic muscle car has been the top seller in its class for 45 consecutive years.

Dave is now the Chief Engineer for Mustang. With the recent introduction of the 2012 Boss 302, the 2011 Shelby GT500, and with the introduction of two new engines and transmissions in the Mustang, we think there is plenty that you might like to ask of Dave.

You’ll have a chance to chat with him live, right here on August17 at 1:00 p.m. EST.
Live Chat with Dave Pericak Ford Mustang Chief Nameplate Engineer

“You hear a lot about how people have their dream job and how lucky they are,” said Dave. “Well, I’m definitely one of those lucky few. It’s an honor to lead the Mustang team. This car, more than any other, represents the freedom we have in this country and it is raw power at its finest.”

That raw power will get an even bigger boost with the return of Mustang GT to its rightful place, at its rightful displacement of 5.0 liters. This advanced Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) V-8 engine delivers 412 horsepower and – when paired with a six-speed automatic transmission – improved fuel economy over the previous offering. This new engine – along with six-speed automatic and manual transmissions – will be available on the 2011 Mustang GT.

“Mustang continues to evolve with more power, class-leading fuel economy, industry-first technology and a bold, muscular design evocative of classic Mustangs,” said Dave. “What excites me most about the 2011 Mustang is that we will prove you don’t need to trade performance for fuel economy.”

Join him here for a live chat at 1:00 p.m. EST on Friday, August 6, 2010.
Pat O'Connor 11/22/2010
Does Bob help with the engineering and Greg with the technical writing?
Lisa 10/19/2010
I hate the headrests Ford has now. They poke me in the middle of the head and keep me from sitting comfortably in the seat. The salesman says I can just turn it around but I am afraid that will give me very little whiplash protection in a crash. My husband and I have driven Fords for years. So what was the thinking of the engineers when they changed to this miserable design?
Mitch Manley 10/18/2010
I was suspecting a new stripe package when I heard the news of new Boss 302, After a little research I an very impressed. I owned a 70' Boss many years ago and also had the oppurtunity to see the restoration of one of the 1969 Shelby team Trans-Am Mustangs ( like the one in your video ) and I guess if I were to change anything it would be the wheels on the blue car to resemble the Mini-Lights (silver/white ) like on the 69' Shelby car. Keep up the good work.
joe c 10/08/2010
THANK YOU! make the graphics packages OPTIONAL!
james defelice 09/14/2010
i just was thinking if ford put a v6 diesel 200 to 290 hp in a f-150 people will buy it good selling truck for 2011 or 2012
1stis300 09/04/2010
Wonder why you can't get the 3.73 gears with the 5.0 automatic from the factory?
Andrew King 08/30/2010
Ford please don't forget the lonely Mustang GT 4.6 ltr. How about some tricks to add a little more horsey to this tried and true engine, don't forget what helped get the mustang here.
James Morrissey 08/29/2010
Vince, Since your post Ford has released the FRPP Whipple 2.3 Twin Screw supercharger for the 2011 5.0 GT. Buy an automatic 5.0 and install the blower, due to the lighter weight I would expect the modded GT to perform almost on par with a 2011 GT500 and probably beyond to earlier iron block cars. I have a 2.3 Whipple on my 04 Mystichome Cobra and LOVE IT!!! They are no joke!
Gregg 08/22/2010
The new SuperDuty has an all new 6-speed automatic with "Manual Mode" and has been rigorously tested by Ford so it should have much higher quality n reliability than prior trans.
Jeff Holt 08/22/2010
Has anyone has ever considered having amber turn signal lights on all new Mustangs. In some countries any flashing red lights are prohibited on any vehicle. Police and other emergency vehicles have blue lights. In England, Europe and Asia all vehicles have amber turn signals for the front and rear of the car.
People I meet that owned Mustangs in England, Europe, Asia and Australia know there are mechanical and emission modifications that have to be made and it does not change the appearance of the car. The lighting modification changes the appearance of the car and drastically alters the electrical system and is the deal breaker for buying a new one. Seriously!
Mustangs from now on should have amber front and rear turn signal lamps and amber turn signals on the side view mirrors. This slight change would make the Mustang comply with all lighting requirements worldwide and the overseas sales of these cars would rise more than you can imagine. Next time you are driving at night take a look at the turn signals on the foreign cars, all of them are amber and they have amber turn signals on the side view mirrors or the front fenders.
Dean arpenter 08/21/2010
Rock On Ford
Mickael 08/18/2010
Ok you can make a decent gearbox but you can't put one in the superduty? You lost me after buying 3 new trucks from you guys. Now im not gonna replace it because you cant to provide me with a real transmission that last and does what it's told to. It's a shame, dodge offers a manual... why not my beloved Ford ?
Chip 08/17/2010
I owned a '06 Satin Silver, a '09 Torch Red and now have a '11 Race Red, and have to make a comment regarding the new rear end treatment. When I first saw it back in '09, I was a little taken back by it. It was a very different look, caused mainly I think by the beveling of the sides, but after looking them over a longer period of time, I've grown to like it, A LOT. In fact, I think it fits the rest of the car better than the '05+ treatment did. That rear end looked really big. Had it had the full length taillight treatment like the show car had, the straight back end would have been OK, but with the smaller tail lights, and more sheet metal, the back end just looked disproportionately fat. I think the new treatment is a vastly better looking back end for the Mustang.
marco 08/17/2010
is the mustang boss 302 going to be faster than the new camero with the Z28 engine
Ken Desloges 08/17/2010
Does Ford plan in a near future release an turbocharged ecoboost version of the mustang as they did with the Taurus Sho ... like a 5.0l ecoboosted could be interesting
Vincent 08/17/2010
I have a simple quesiton, I'm a disabled veteran and I lost my right leg on active duty. I can only drive an automatic equipted car now. How come Ford only makes the GT500 in a stick shift?? The Mustangs of the Muscle Car times of the 60's and 70's could be automatic equipted why not now??
Nick 08/17/2010
The Boss 302 is the car I've been waiting for to finally pull the trigger on a Mustang. But one thing will stop me. I want a body color roof. It should definitely be an option to delete the roof and all the other non body color accents. I'd like black with black stripes or black with grabber blue stripes. I'm to old to drive around in a car that looks like something from my kids toy box. Give me a body color roof option and pick your paint and stripes option and I've got a deposit ready to buy right now.
Chuck 08/17/2010
Hi. There are many of us that find the rear / back lights of the Mustang Modell 2010+ to much similar to Jananese models.
Can we expect a new more classic design for future models ?
Ron Chaisson 08/17/2010
Will the Mustang Boss 302 be used in Nascar Races at all?
Pavol Malovec 08/17/2010
I want to ask about BOSS 302, what type of engine it will has and one cheeky question: how much it will cost? I just want to know if it will be more expensive than some Shelby or something between GT Premium Mustang and cheapest version of Shelby.
And I must say, TimC is right. Why you changed so much rear of a Mustang. Especially lamps. Now it don't have such ' aggressive ' look.
dansgt 08/17/2010
Way to go Ford. i own an 04 Mustang Gt convert and simply love it and it seems Ford is building Mustangs better and better every year. it seems for right now until the 50th anny Mustang comes out this is the Best so far . Ford out did themselves with the new Boss 302. i saw the original Bosses race at Walkins Glen in the 70's and loved them then and now after all these years Ford does it again. Thank You Ford for building the BEST vehicles on the great Planet. Thank You Alahn for saving Ford . Thank You Ford Racing, Ford owners, Builders, Employees and everyone else who loves Ford. WHOS THE BOSS, FORD IS .way to go.
Charles Wright 08/17/2010
The Mustang has not kept its gutsy look throughout the years which has turned me off. Please ALWAYS keep that traditional Mustang look, and keep the double headlights (2nd set in the grill). Just don't change it much and it will always be my favorite!

Thank you.
Charles Wright
Walpole, NH
Joe cahak 08/17/2010
I'd like to see Ford Mustang get rid of the plastic headlight assemblies. They don't hold up well to the road dirt and are VERY expensive to replace. Also I am not a fan of the high level of the in between area around the stick shift. I code all day long and the high level of this causes me distress for forearm and elbow due to pressure on the arm resting on it to shift. I have the 1999 Mustang and that was much lower. Fix both these issues and I'll buy another Mustang.
Sean 08/17/2010
Is the 50th Anniversary Mustang design signed off on? Does it continue with the retro styling? Will it be smaller and Lighter?
Sean 08/16/2010
Why do you still use the old pony badge design on the Grille and side fenders along with the wheels cennter caps????? Please be consistent and use the 2010+ NEW more Muscular Design with the chiseled horse and its tilted head that was newly designed for 2010...It looks like garbage with both pony deigns on the car.
Steve 08/16/2010
First, I have to say the 2012 Boss 302 Mustang is an awesome performance car! I have been waiting for a new Boss Mustang for many years. Unfortunately I wasn't around for the original Boss Mustangs but I've really been looking forward to a new Boss Mustang since the 2005 Mustang was introduced. From a performance standpoint, Ford definitely hit the mark. The Boss Mustang is about balanced performance and from everything I have read, it would seem this new model delivers in all categories - handling, braking and acceleration. I certainly believe Ford nailed the performance requirements for the Boss 302.

However, I'm really disappointed in the graphics package. The color options are lacking - why can you get Grabber Blue on a GT but not the Boss? And why is Black not offered on the non-Laguna Seca Boss 302? Ford needs to offer the Boss 302 in black with either matte black or silver stripes. Why can't the roof be body color? If we are stuck with the awful graphics package, at least make it optional.

Regarding the Laguna Seca model - the graphics are hideous. The red accents are overdone - it looks like a cartoon character and not a serious performance car. The wheels that come with the brembo package GT's are more aggressive than those on the LS Boss.

I certainly hope Ford rethinks the graphics packages on all Boss Mustang models before production because if they don't, I for one, will likely NOT purchase one despite the anticipation and long wait. I bleed Ford blue and have owned many Mustangs - I cannot believe Ford could absolutely nail the performance but miss so completely with the colors and graphics.
Tim C 08/14/2010
the 2012 boss302 will be the best mustang ever sold- except for 2 things:
1) a red roof on a silver car, a red grille on a black car, etc, etc...Ford needs to rethink that color scheme- read a couple folks describing the red wheels as 'ricer' looking...sad.
2) I still hate the 2010+ rearend- it simply dont look like a mustang- when the 2010 first came out, many, many folks disliked only that part of the new skin...I sat up to watch the speed channel reveal, and t sold one- the next day called dealer, ordered one of the last 09s...Ford used to change fascias every year at a minimum, now the mustangs still rolling into a third year with no optional taillight/bumper treatment?

theres a third thing I think they should consider- if they stamped optional quarters without the hockey stick, the boss graphics would fit a lot better- and I really think the 70 boss stripe would look better than the 69 69 ford gave the boss302 quarters without scoops- why not now?
Brent Henry 08/14/2010
I hear people saying, why doesn't Ford make a BOSS 429 now?, well they could put in the BOSS 6.2 L (379 cu in) it won't add up to 429, it would be a BOSS 379? :) and we can't have that,

they could possibly modify and punch out the 6.2 V8 to make it a 429, or they could go another route, Roush Racing has field tested an experimental, larger displacement version of the Boss engine code named "777" (7.0 L, 700 hp @ 7,000 rpm) at National Mustang Racers Association (NMRA) events around the United States. The 777 Boss is naturally aspirated and produced up to 800 hp on e85 biofuel, they could just call it a 429, and then they could make a BOSS 429, will they do it? probably not, but who knows, they would have to make limited numbers, or improve the GT-500 a whole lot, as it would eclipse the GT-500 in power numbers, and it would really cook Camaro and Corvette, i know this BOSS 429 would really put a lot of smiles on Ford fans faces, as it would be a game changer,
Gary Long 08/14/2010
My 2011 Mustang GT took 10 weeks to arrive after the initial order was put in, but this car was worth the wait. The power is awesome, the handling is great, & I love the electronics pkg. The gearing of the 6 speed manual trans is ideal w/ the 3:55 gears. I can't think of anything negative about this car. Dave & the guys got this one as good as one could! Thanks Ford for the FUN! Gary Long