How to Train Your Mustang

By Ford Social Member

Really this is about how to train owners of the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 to get the most from their new ride. And a darn good excuse to spend a day on the track, exercising the Boss 302 under the conditions it was made for. Perhaps the best part of Boss Track Attack Days is that it’s complimentary owners of the 2012 Mustang Boss 302!

The Boss Track Attack takes place at Miller Motorsports Park near Salt Lake City, Utah. It provides owners with a full immersion into the Boss experience, with driving instruction and extensive track time with professional instructors. The intent is to enable Boss 302 owners to learn just how capable the new car is, and how much fun it can be on one of the country’s greatest tracks.

“This is the first program of its kind from Ford. We’re so proud of the new Boss 302 that we wanted to offer owners the opportunity to stretch their legs – and carve corners – on one of the coolest tracks in America,” said Mickey Matus, marketing manager, Ford Racing. “The Boss 302 is such a legendary nameplate, and our latest version is such a tremendous, fun-to-drive car that we wanted to ensure this exclusive group of owners learn all they could about it, and experience its capabilities in the fun, controlled environment that Miller Motorsports Park can provide.”

Boss owners need not bring their own cars. Miller Motorsports Park has a fleet of track-ready Boss 302s on hand for this driving experience.

The one-day experience begins with a private reception and dinner the evening before at the Larry H. Miller Total Performance Museum at the track, where participants and guests will be immersed into the history of the Boss nameplate. They will be given behind-the-scenes access to some of the stories behind the development of the Boss 302 and will get a private tour of Larry Miller’s amazing personal collection of high-performance Ford and Shelby vehicles.

The next day, owners will start with a dynamic classroom session with school instructors, then spend the rest of the morning learning car control, cornering, braking and vehicle dynamic techniques, before breaking for lunch in the track’s clubhouse.

The afternoon session features more on-track driving including lead and follow exercises, instructor ride-alongs and hot laps with professional drivers. The day finishes with participating owners receiving a special graduation pack from the team.

2012 Mustang Boss 302 owners can now register for their complimentary Boss Track Attack sessions slot at or by calling 435-27-SPEED.

There are 15 individual sessions available between now and the end of the year. Every owner has a year from receiving his or her car to take advantage of this program. Dates for sessions in 2012 will be determined in due course and communicated via the website.  Participants can, at their own cost, attend a second day of the driving school or bring a guest to attend with them. Complete information about the program is available at the website.

Visit to learn more about the Boss 302 and other Mustang models by clicking here.

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William D 08/18/2012
This was a very cool experience. Thanks Ford!
Petri Sipiläinen 08/13/2011
Good job when Boss 302 Mustang is Back now.....
Nelly Cartwright 08/12/2011
fine thanks had my mustang for 2 years stilll runnin fine
Jamie At Ford 08/12/2011
Hey Brandon,
If you aren’t already checking the site, be sure to go to: to keep up with all the latest. Currently, the availability of Trackey is for later this summer and as you mentioned, we are awaiting approval from the California Air Resource Board (CARB).

Ford Customer Service Division
Debe Jajko 08/12/2011
A BIG thanks to Tom Baker for fixing my computer. Had a terrible virus.
Our American Cars 08/12/2011
Wish I was behind the wheel of one of these monsters! Man! Gotta love American Muscle!
TamAirah Pedersen Campbell 08/12/2011
They call it "Sacking Out!" where I'm from! I'm one of the BEST! *giggle*wink*
William Brutsche 08/12/2011
Ford you have a winner! It almost makes me want to trade in my 2011 GT/CS........... almost...
Cam Veldkamp 08/12/2011
What about the GT500 guys?
Donna Lewis Alley 08/12/2011
Hey Ford, how about teaming up Ford Mustang with the Extreme Mustang Makeover (4 legged kind ;-) It would be a fabulous match!
Matt Smith 08/12/2011
Very cool program for Boss owners! Makes me want one even more now!
Mark Sayers 08/12/2011
Bring back Fords top of the line car Thunderbird !
Taylor Jeffords 08/12/2011
Make a hillbilly model, awd with a light liftkit and more interior space, low cars are inconvinient to get in.
Martin T. Jasper 08/12/2011
Bulit to last.
Martin T. Jasper 08/12/2011
I bet my liTTle duece cOOp could blow ThaT off the line, and Top end.
Dayne Taylor 08/12/2011
Still say my 80' 5.0 notch could spank one
Martin T. Jasper 08/12/2011
THe track key is not being used anywhere to my knowledge. Get with THe program.
Brandon Nelson 08/12/2011
Is track key being used on the training fleet? Or is it still caught up in that hippie CARB nonsense?
Brian Webb 08/12/2011
My 90 LX 5.0's warranty has long been expired!!!! Lets go see what a stock and unmutilated 5.0 can do!!! =D
Benjamin Lopez 08/12/2011
@el grant ford warranty has always been that way nothing new other car companys are same why would u expect dealer to pay for damages done by your mods
El Grant IV 08/12/2011
This is a joke! If u do anything to it mustang the warranty is invalid. Really sad :(
Lee Henderson 08/12/2011
David- Some look better than others. I think the Laguna Seca cars looks "odd" (that's being nice) on the other hand the White with black and the Blue with white are stunning :D
Lee Henderson 08/12/2011
Could I pay money or something and go with my new 5.0? :D
David A. Ufer 08/12/2011
Good Lord, those cars are still so ugly. Somebody failed on the paint schemes.
Yoly Mason 08/12/2011
How to Train Your Mustang
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