How to Make Your Mustang Patriotic for July 4th

By Ford Social Member

The Ford ambient lighting system, MyColor™, is already a favorite among customers because it’s a quick and easy way to personalize the interior to match their mood on any given day. Feeling playful? There’s a color for that. Need something soothing? Choose a MyColor hue for that. Are you all over the map today? Create a custom color by mixing the palette. There’s even a way to customize your Mustang gauges for the Fourth of July, as a nod to the tri-color pony emblem or just because you like the look, thanks to the specific “red, white and blue” setting, giving each of the three gauges those colors.

MyColor works like this: When the headlamps are off, the instrument-cluster gauges are backlit in white. When they are on, you can select one of the preset colors for the nighttime gauge backlighting to create up to three custom colors using the MyColor feature. For ambient color, you can select one of the preset colors for ambient lighting or create up to three custom colors; ditto halo color. The headlamps or parking lamps will need to be on to set up the colors.

To choose colors for the gauges, halo color or ambient lighting, follow these steps:

2. Press RESET to scroll through the following color options:
MYCOLOR 1, 2, 3 (see HOLD RESET TO SET MYCOLOR 1, 2, 3 to save personalized color combos)

HOLD RESET TO SET MYCOLOR 1, 2, 3 (to save your own colors)

Apart from the preset colors, you can create your own color by adjusting the levels of the three primary colors (red, green and blue) through the MyColor feature to achieve any of 125 different combinations. You can save up to three custom colors in MyColor.

To enter the MyColor adjust mode, do the following (while your car is stationary):

1. Press and hold RESET for three seconds at the MYCOLOR 1, 2 or 3 menu option to reach the MYCOLOR ADJUST MODE
2. Press SETUP to scroll through the R (red), G (green), B (blue) and EXIT options
3. Press RESET to blend in more of the color being adjusted
4. To save and exit, hold RESET for three seconds when prompted. Pressing RESET for less than three seconds will cycle back through the colors

Show your patriotism by posting a photo of your Mustang dash (or the whole Mustang) on the Ford Mustang Facebook wall.
Collin Harris 07/10/2011
they should make the mycolor for lows and led headlamp trim
Treva Gonzales 06/30/2011
Thank you Ford, for continuing to make Mustangs...the one true American icon that has never gone out of production... Long Live Mustangs !!!
Kevin Mcgee 06/30/2011
What a load! Patriotic? Your sending the mustang's design out side of the US for a "Global" team.
Thanks for supporting USA, oh wait your not.
Good by American muscle, atleast Ford's muscle.
Nice back bone, does the company have scoliosis now?
David Bartholomew 06/30/2011
Can these lights be added as aftermarket? I like them and would like to see if I can get them for my '11
Eddie Stockman 06/30/2011
Here's an easy way to make it patriotic: turn it on, go for ride for a few hours, explore! No one does that anymore, take the back roads that hardly anyone uses. Get lost for a little while. Then use your navigation to get back home lol
Kim Alexander Crudo 06/30/2011
My Husband has it set up that way all the time! Very Cool~
James Rees 06/30/2011
i love fords
Simon Awesomizzle Davies 06/30/2011
460 n/a superoo!!!
Terry D. Kauthe 06/30/2011
Like Shawn, I leave mine on the Blue to go with my Sonic Blue '05 GT! @ Joshua: No, it has been on the new body since '05! It was part of the Upgrade Interior Package option! @ Southern: Yes, there are very light shades of red that could be classified as pink! There are over 125 color combos available by adjusting the Blue/Red/Green colors in stages, either together or separately! Have some fun with it!!
Miguel Villanueva 06/30/2011
I think my truck was born in Canada. Happy Canada Day to you sir.
Terry A. Robertson 06/30/2011
The color of my gauges have nothing to do with Patriotism
Southern DeAngelis 06/30/2011
I want mycolor gauges! Do they change to pink?
Joshua Elsner 06/30/2011
Is this just on the 10 and 11 mustangs? I think can only do one color on my 06
Shawn Kahler 06/30/2011
I leave mine on blue all of the time to match the Vista Blue paint in my '06 GT.
Sally Mustang 06/30/2011
really wish I had this.
Andrew 06/30/2011
This is great, thanks for the guide :)
Sally Mustang 06/30/2011
I really wish I had a new mustang to be able to show my colors. I love my '88 2.3l fox body, even though it has roughly over 300k miles on it.
William BigDawg Berry 06/30/2011
Canada day comes before independence