How Much Do You Love Your Ford?

By Cole Q.

When you ask for love stories inspired by Ford, you never know exactly what you’ll get. Some are romantic tales of the first time people met their true loves. Others are about their love for Ford, and sometimes that love is extreme!

Take for example, the story that Jim Farley shared with us in the accompanying video interview. He is the Group Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales and Service for Ford, but it might surprise you to hear how he loved his Ford Mustang so much that he actually lived it in for a summer!

We want to hear how your love story was inspired by Ford! From marriage proposals to first dates to just plain loving your Ford, we want you to share the love! Share your story!


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This week we’ll highlight our favorite Ford love stories that you submit here on Ford Social. Maybe yours!
James B 03/08/2013
I have been a Ford fan since I was a kid, have owned alot of them, currently have 1993 lightning 27000 miles, 1997 Tbird, 1999 mountainair, and 2006 f150 Crew Lariat, just need new diesel f150 now
Regianld Palmer 02/14/2013
I fell in love with ford at the ripe old age of 4 when my dad had a 73 ford half tonne and to this day I still love Ford motor company. I have even had people call me Henry after Mr Ford himself LOL Currently I own a 2006 Mustang convertible I don't drive it much and wash and clean it inside and out weekly weather it needs it or not . My wife and son get angry at me and tell me it is only a car but i tell them it is my baby LOL
i loved Ford for the first time because of the 2005 Ford GT
Carrie Taranova 02/15/2012
I have always loved Ford Vans. I hang onto my 35 year old Van because I hate the new ones with all their high tech junk in it, and they don't make the Cargo Van anymore with a simple 6 cylinder 300 engine and a sliding side door which I need for my farm work. Those were the best vans they ever made ! I'll hang onto my old Van forever; it's been faithful and it's simple the way I like it. Now all you can get is a big 8 cyclinder with a larger engine and all that high tech crap in it. I hate air bags ! They almost killed my mother when her car drifted into a ditch ! They can keep those new vehicles ! They think they are improving them but they are only making them worse ! They should consentrate on getting them to have better milage instead. I only get 8 miles a gallon (that's all it's ever gotten) but I'll keep my old van over the new ones anyday.
Paul Mickelson 02/14/2012
Love my Ford. It's more family to me than my family. I've had my 1964.5 Mustang coupe since 6/71. My father sold it new, I bought it 7 years later and never looked back.
Tom Fong 02/14/2012
I've met Jim Farley. He is cool!
Well, I love the my 1985 302 fi FORD truck and my Dad's FORD Farm Tractor so much. That I'm on the hunt to buy a new or used Ford truck. To fix both of them. Also, because Mr.Ford was the inventor of the horseles carriage and mass production. FORD has more knowlege on making any vehcile. Due to those two things.
Fordbroncofan 02/14/2012
I like sleeping in the back of my 1996 Ford Bronco Eddie bauer its such a nice truck wish ford would bring back the bronco i will never sell my bronco.
Priyanshu Jain 02/13/2012
I got in love with mustang when i was 16 and i saw the movie Gone in 60 seconds... From then if someone offer me a choice between Buggati Veyron and 1967 Mustang gt-500 I would say give me the Legend...
Kevin Richardson 02/13/2012
Thats awesome story of a young man and his Mustang
Corey Stahl 02/13/2012
Aaron Pape 02/13/2012
yup. lived in it for a few weeks
Do You Love Your Ford Enough to Sleep in It?
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