Four Million Facebook Fans!

By Eve P.

If you’re already a fan, thanks a million. Make that thanks four million. It’s your passion that has helped shape the Ford Mustang and the Ford Mustang Facebook page.

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Doug C 05/10/2012
Hey Alan, I read the book American Icon. I just wanted to say thanks and Great job. My first Ford was a '72 Mach 1 Mustang. My last Ford was an F350. My next is the 50th Anniversary Mustang.
Brad B 05/10/2012
Hey Ford ! I too agree with John Kay, but for another reason .... safety. I had the bad luck to witness a wreck. All due to techno toys. The driver of the new Lexus (still with temp-tags on it) was distracted by a cell phone gadget. Then the Lexus turned into the path of a landscaper pulling a trailer loaded with three zero turn mowers and other equipment. It didn't end well. Being a Coast Guardsman (now retired) I stopped to render aid. The drivers were both OK. The lexus totaled by my perspective, The F-250 took a lick'in but is repairable after a long stay at a bodyshop. The trailer and one zero turn mower has to be repaired as well. All due to techno toys !
Erich Chieca 05/10/2012
I wonder how many fans there for the Camaro, Corvette and any other GM products followed by Chrysler products. I bet they are not even close, 10 Mustangs in 20 years love them all. I hope Ford has something really awesome planned for the for it's 50th Anniversary and an awesome special edition Mustang. Waiting to see as that will be my 11th one.
Yvonne C 05/10/2012
Judy S 05/09/2012
All the cars that my husband and I had was a ford.
Phillip K 05/09/2012
You need to consider giving four fords to the top idol stars. do it tomorrow night before the fourth is voted off. Hyundai did on The Voice. Surly you are as good as they!
Jacob Adkins 05/09/2012
Bring back the galaxie 500
Victoria Harris 05/09/2012
I love my E-150 regency conversion van, it may be an 05 but it still runs like a dream. My daughter loves it too it is the only way to get her from point A to point B since she is in a wheelchair. Thanks Ford for letting her ride in style.
Jiří Řehoř 05/09/2012
nejlepsi je ford mustang a je to velice nadherny tvar auta nez ostatni
Digitally R 05/09/2012
I fell in love with the Mustang when i saw a new Gold Fastback in the driveway of my best friend from our school bus in 1968... Long live the Mustang and the American icon that it has become!
Christopher Barger 05/09/2012
Long live the Mustang!
Donato Barra 05/09/2012
hey ford? wheres my free mustang boss ? I've been waiting for one for about 3 years.
Chris Lang 05/09/2012
mustangs is that ford power
James Ryan 05/09/2012
Had a couple of those great pony cars over the years. Love those Mustangs.
John Kay 05/09/2012
I don't like bells and whistles in my cars, it's just more junk to break. I want good safe basic transportation at a good price. The best vehicle I ever owned was a '64 F-250.
Effie M 05/09/2012
Raul Schlee 05/09/2012
The ford cars are wonderfull and beauty its nothing more to say
Bhadra Naxatra 05/09/2012
Travis Powell 05/09/2012
As America has changed over the years a few things haven't changed. One of those things is Ford Mustang ...Is and will always be a part of the American Dream!
Joseph O'Brien 05/08/2012
Awesome looking car!
Jason Robert Niedzielski 05/08/2012
I had a 1970 fastback i will never forget.
Mark Kobernik 05/08/2012
Bring back the Bronco.
Tommy Knapp 05/08/2012
Thank you FO MO CO! I couldnt have done it without YOU!
Diego Morrone 05/08/2012
vamos ford !!
José Manuel Saenz Rozas 05/08/2012
Congratulations..!! FoMoCo, THE BEST..!!
Steven B Williams 05/08/2012
Well I have serval fords since I started driving in 92. I still think they need to bring back the 7.3 that's the best diesel motor ever. Yes I still have my 07 Harley F-150 and I have my 07 Shelby King Cobra for sale. It has been garaged kept and has less then 4,000 miles on it. I hate to get rid of it but it's time. I will always be a ford man.
Darian Wills 05/08/2012
Love my 86' Fox Gt, beautiful and fast XD!!!! Also my 91' F-150 XLT Lariat. Both smooth driving machines
Eduardo Meza 05/08/2012
Hmm what is going to happen to the mustang for the 50th anniversary??
Gary Bear 05/08/2012
I love my Mustangs!!
Jacob Keller 05/08/2012
Has had 5 vehicles in my 6 years of driving
1994 mustang gt
1995 f150 4x4
1999 f150 4x4
2007 f150 4x4 recently sold it and now own
2002 mustang gt

Imma ford fan!
Zak Parsons 05/08/2012
if they keep up the muscle car look im sure itll be sweet!
Edwin F 05/08/2012
Those inital label jokes are so childess the vehicle is put together with micro percision and great engine work cant be denied , FORD BUILT TOUGH)
Gordon Hudson 05/08/2012
What a pain in the backside to change the oil on a 2011 5.0! Apart from that, I love my 'stang.
Eve P 05/08/2012
Summer means getting the 1965 Mustang Convertible cleaned up and ready to cruise.
Brian Litz 05/08/2012
curios what the 2014 50 year special edition will look like
Tyke Schaab 05/08/2012
Very very car ford boss too fast I like this 1969 or 1970 car boss any no make boss best one !!!!!
John Johnson 05/08/2012
Would only buy Ford that is all that is allow in my drive way.
White's Canyon Motors 05/08/2012
That is awesome! Setting a goal for the rest of us!
MICHAEL B 05/08/2012
Joseph H Toft-Sr 05/08/2012
I'm a new Ford fan. Decided never to buy GM again when they took bail out money from my grand children and screwed the investors. As far as I'm concerned they should have went bankrupt. I love my f-150!!!!
Philip Taggart 05/08/2012
Love my Shelby GT500 and my 96 ranger. 180,000 miles and counting!
Mark Butler 05/08/2012
Had 2 1969's a 1979 cobra 82 GT 86 GT and would love a new Boss 302 !!
Toronto Auto Rentals 05/08/2012
Sheryl 05/08/2012
We ordered a 2013 GT/CS. Can't wait until it comes in, so excited
Danner Grove 05/08/2012
Ford stands for "found on road dead"
D M Van Loan Sr. 05/08/2012
I still have my Ford Lincoln Mrk viii; can somebody give me some info on where I can get parts for that modle....its a 1994 . I need mirrors light bezzels etc. , need help.
Pablo Agulleiro Arnau 05/08/2012
I love Ford Escort Cosworth. Congratulations from Spain.
Dave Sanders 05/08/2012
Without Mustang, driving would be a bore (or very, very expensive).
Danny Loya 05/08/2012
I just Love My 2012 Boss
Kevin Backus 05/08/2012
dont know why but always been a ford fan , goes for nascar and everything else , ford rules
Eric Archer 05/08/2012
Best and most reliable car I ever bought was a 92 lx 5.0 notchback right out of high school. Now all I drive are mustangs and 1 mercury Capri rs bubble hatch. Don't stop making these cars.
Elio Martinez 05/08/2012
Mustang only one
Marjorie Neuman-Morford 05/08/2012
Had a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 for about 30 years and sold it.
Ross Redker 05/08/2012
My first car was a 1984 Ford LTD.....followed by an Aerostar.....then I got stupid and went to those other guys and came back after a 12 year absence to lease a 2011 Ford Fiesta SES the car and the gas mileage....and the looks I get from people seeing it for the first time and saying "That's a Ford" LOL love it!! Thanks for the comeback Motown....we've miised ya!!!!!!!
Charlie Morneau 05/08/2012
My first car was a 1961 Ford Galaxie Sunliner convertible, It was white, with a red and white interior, great car, I'd love to have it today
Dan Gabalski 05/08/2012
Where's the new Bronco Diesel?
JD Waldrep 05/08/2012
Got my '68 ragtop and it's still my Pride and Joy!!!
Linn Krause 05/08/2012
My first car was a 1966 brand new ford Mustang convertible. I'll never forget it!
Jamie Fielder 05/08/2012
7 mustang, 3 t birds, 2 mark III's, and many others later, fords are the best!!! Now bring back the bird!!!
Larry Baldwin 05/08/2012
there is only one Mustang it was great then and even better today.
Lee Hoover 05/08/2012
bought a 2008 mustang when I was in high school, paid her off, still adding mods to her to the day :) can't wait to pass her along to my son or daughter when the time comes
Dan Minnerly 05/08/2012
Is there a Facebook raffle for 4 million fans?
Bobby Nakano 05/08/2012
Just drove the new 5.0 mustang it does not dissapoint in any way, my first set of wheels was a 87 f250 pickup and i still own it today, i also had an 86 mustang gt and had a blast with that car, driving this new mustang today brought back alot of memories keep up the good work, the future fox body is here!!!!!
John-Paul Murphy 05/08/2012
And dare i say it the Mustang..Falcons been around longer and it can put out similar power but carry 5 people, and a boot full of shopping
Nico G-man 05/08/2012
I have a Ford fiesta since 1995 and it looks like an Okm. that car was my first car, I love it. I have anothers cars but not like a ford
Karmo King 05/08/2012
John-Paul Murphy 05/08/2012
Larry jackson its called the Australian built Ford Falcon but do u think FoMoCo USA will listen??, check out FPV F6310 and FG GT 335 on youtube there more then suitable replacement for the crown vic, and the taurus and the fusion
Larry Jackson 05/08/2012
Great, we love you Ford!
Now you MUST build a Crown Victoria and Town Car replacement!
The small, front-drive, V6 alphabet soup cars at Lincoln just isn't cutting it.
John Holst 05/08/2012
I've owned 5 Fords, still have 2 of them...and the 3 I don't still have they were all in great shape when I traded them. The other cars I've had? The Chevy, Jeep, and Acura were falling apart when I sold them, and the Dodge had to be put on a rollback to scrap it.
Rene Hardey 05/08/2012
Love my black beauty! Saw a brand new 'drop top' Shelby last weekend - SWEEET!!!
Zachary D Davis 05/08/2012
Odd, I've owned Four Fords. Wrecked Four Chevys, and pulled Four Dodges out of ditches.
Kenan Grant 05/08/2012
Mustang is my favorite!!!
John Charles Forrest 05/08/2012
i love GT's