Ford Mustang Fine Art You Can Own

By Tori T.

As part of the 50 years of Mustang celebrations, which includes all sorts of cool videos , U.K.-based artist Robin Bark has been licensed by Ford to create limited-edition collectible sculptures of the car.

“I think I was drawing cars the moment I was born,” Robin said. “Growing up in South Africa, I wanted to design cars, but there wasn’t much call for it, so I switched from industrial design to graphics, which took me into advertising for a time.” His experience runs from ceramics to metalwork and teaching art, and he has often merged his passion for automobiles with his love of art.

“The Mustang is a very different shape from the earlier cars I had done, which were more classically streamlined.” Robin studied its lines carefully to understand what the designers were trying to express with shapes, leading him to “capture the essence of the car while also imparting a sense of motion to a static object.”

And how exactly did he capture it? First, the model is created in clay. The fundamental shape is then transferred into a resin version, which polishes to work out how the light reflects off the contours. The resin model then becomes the pattern to cast an aluminum prototype. Robin maintains the Mustang’s iconic design while using as little detail as possible, avoiding lines and features that distract from the fundamental shape of the car.

Next, the resin model is sent to a specialist casting pattern maker. Working with a traditional foundry based in Guildford, U.K., the raw aluminum castings are produced in batches of 10 at a time. The foundry specializes in small batch production of unique castings and regularly creates reproduction parts for vintage race cars such as cylinder heads and gearbox casings for vintage 1930’s-era grand prix race cars.

The castings are finished up with a polishing, and the final piece is signed and numbered by Robin.

Only 500 of Robin's 1965 Mustang fastback sculptures will be made, and they’re available through his website, .