Ford Mustang 50th Celebration!

By Tori T.

Mark your calendar right now so you have no excuse to miss an epic Mustang celebration coming April 16-20, 2014. Twin celebrations acutally. The Mustang Club of America, with the support of Ford, will fest the pony car at both Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, and Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas.

“One of the highlights at both venues will be a display featuring examples from each of the first 50 model years of Mustang,” explained Ronald D. Bramlett of the Mustang Club of America. “We’ll include cars released in April 1964 to the latest models out of the Flat Rock Assembly Plant.”

Parade laps, drag racing, displays, vendors, special exhibits, a half marathon and 5k and much, much more is planned! Plus, there will two Pony Drives departing from Norman, Oklahoma, for a historic drive to each track!

There’s a lot of great stuff ahead for the Mustang celebration, so be sure to check back regularly at Ford Social and the Mustang 50th Celebration website !
John & Sandy 02/24/2014
We have had reservations since Nov. Look for us in our Bullitt #6098
David Weber 02/20/2014
I remember my friend from Cheektowaga, NY bought a 1964/65 Mustang coupe with the 260 cubic inch engine and automatic tranny. We had such a blast with that car. I'm 67 and remember that car like it was yesterday. I personally had a '66 coupe with a straight six & auto, a '67 ragtop with a straight 6 & auto, and a '68 coupe "sprint" package with the 289 and a 3 speed stick on the floor. Today I have a 2001 SVT Cobra ragtop in triple black that I only take to shows or cruise nights. Perhaps I will make the Charlotte show, no promises.
Robert C 02/19/2014
we will go and show at Charlotte,NC
Sydney B 02/19/2014
Nice article. I will be attending the 50th Anniversary Celebration in Charlotte, NC.
Clarence E 02/19/2014
I am so proud to be one of the first Mustang owners in 1965 then
again in 2007 a Mustang Convertable that I own with my wife.The
Mustang is one of the nicest car I,ve had over 50 years I,ll drive it
to the celebration in Las Vagas.
                                             Clarence and Betty Eckloff
Gina S 02/19/2014
Hubby will be finishing up a business trip in Charlotte on the 15th, so count us in!
John M 02/19/2014
I've loved Mustang ever sence i saw it poped a wheelie @ a stoplight on my way 2 school & that was in Chicago 1967...Sweet!
Robert E. S 02/19/2014
Comment on this article! I remember my father and I going to the Ford dealer on the first day of display for the Mustang. It was white with a red interior and a convertible. When we saw it had "just" straight six engine we were kind of let down. I think it was in 1964. I bought a 68 in 68.......had it for five years......dummy me.......sold it and today I would love to have that car back.