First Look at the All-New 2015 Ford Mustang

By Cole Q.

The wait is over – here’s your first look at the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang! While you’ll need to be patient just a little longer to hear the juicy details about the new car, we wanted to arm you with what you’ll need to proudly flaunt the new Mustang with your social media friends.

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Peter R 04/25/2014
I do not agree with Dan! The 2015 Mustang is a exciting design. Love the car but Ford needs to build one which is well equipped for $20,000. Many of us are members of the shrinking middle class and working poor. Bring back the secretary's car!
Peter Rafuse 04/25/2014
Ford will need a backup plan if the 2015 Mustang does not sell in Europe and the lands down under. I would suggest a well equiped V-6 version priced at $20,000 even for the North American market. Remember what the 1977-79 T-Bird did for ford when they really needed it. They priced it as a volume car and it sold like hot cakes. They were everywhere and ford was adored by many who could not afford a truly expensive car. old Henry must have been proud. The old philosophy just might save ford if the Mustand does not appeal to the European taste.
tralee 04/06/2014
The Tim Horton's of cars- where is the real stron tasting coffee? Weak as water!
Brian 04/04/2014
Alright, maybe I shouldn't judge untill I drive the thing.
Brian 04/04/2014
I'm sorry I can't get behind this car. It looks to much like a Hyundia Tiburon. I have a Mustang that I love, but this isn't it. It just feels like they traded their American heritage for a global friendly design.
Doug G 03/29/2014
Ugly boring design no way that is mustang Zero...Zero soul looks like a fat guppy from the front I have seen vans more style thatn that. Ford totally blew it Bummer.
Dan 02/08/2014
What a boring generic design.  Just as with the previous Mustang iterations the bland design gives it away as the cheap economy wannabe-sports car it is.  At least when the new Camaro came out it had a distinctive look to it which still looks fresh several years after its introduction.  There's no daring in the design of the new Mustang.  Bland bland bland.  Barely a departure from previous designs, incorporating some of the more cheap and bland Asian pseudo-sports car design elements, etc.  Was waiting for the new design to come out before I chose between a Camaro and a Mustang.  It's Camaro for sure now. 
Dominic P 12/27/2013
 Turning the Mustang into a "global" car is wrong. Mustang didn't earn its reputation by trying to please the world, it just happened. And what is global anyways? Is it another way of saying "cash grab"?
Ford Social 12/19/2013
Hi Zedd!

Yes, there will be an available 2.3L EcoBoost engine. The EcoBoost delivers efficiency with real power to the Mustang powertrain lineup. A high-capacity direct injection system precisely controls fuel delivery, while a new twin-scroll low-inertia turbocharger means incredibly fast time-to-torque.

- Ford Social Moderation Team
B Gravley 12/18/2013
I think this is possibly the best looking Mustang that Ford has ever built. I predict sales through the roof.
Ford Social 12/17/2013
Hi Lora C!

There will be 3 Engine options:
  • Standard: 3.7L Ti-VCT V6, manual transmission, automatic optional

  • Available: 2.3L EcoBoost, manual transmission, automatic optional

  • Available: 5.0L Ti-VCT V8, manual transmission, automatic optional

  • - Ford Social Moderation Team
    Don 12/16/2013
    i am not a mustang enthusiast but i want to own my 1st. That distinct sound is very attractive. I want to own the 2014 5.0 GT 420hp I will not get to critical on the 2015 as of yet but i am not to impressed with this photo somethings missing???...
    Murray 12/14/2013
    I See All This On The 2015-Where's The Down-Low On The 50th Anniversary 2014 Model I've Been Waiting For?
    Jiuliana 12/14/2013
    I absolutely can not wait until they land in Australia, so excited.
    Marie R 12/13/2013
    There were a few years I didn't like the Mustang like when they made them smaller in the 80's up to the year 1999 and then they made them better again. I had a 2002 6cyl. convertible for 8 years and I loved it, I sold it and now I have a 2012 GT. Convertible and I Love,Love,Love it even more. I'm 61 and I keep my cars a long time so this will likely be my last car, unless I win the lottery that is, but I do like the 2015, though the front end does look like the Fusion. Keep up the good work Ford!!!!!
    teelee 12/12/2013
    Ick. I order a new one every ten years. not this time. So sad you've ruined this. Looks like all of your other "economy"boring cars. Fail.
    F. Gnatsum 12/10/2013
    The 2015 Mustang looks terrific ... if you missed buying a 2013 Fusion.
    Greg Fanning 12/09/2013
    so far i am not impressed. I grew up with a 1966 coupe and this new Mustang doesn't seem to have any of the classic, historic elements built into it. I'll hold off on any major comments until i see it in person. But as we see Ford Motor Company moving towards having the Mustang look more and more like a Japanese infuzed design, the less Mustang buyers who purchase the car for the long haul are going to be visiting show rooms to spend the necessary dollars to own an iconic vehicle.
    Dick 12/08/2013
    Been around Mustangs since their inception.I personally have owned 16 of these fantastic Pony cars to include classic show Mustangs, Fox body 5.0 convertibles, a 2001 Bullitt,  a 2005 GT, and, now, a super Coyote 5.0 powered 2012 GT !     Like so many other true Mustang enthusiasts, I have been eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the first of the all new, 6TH generation, 2015 Mustangs.I enjoyed this preview article, and my love of America's first, and true "Pony Cars" is reaffirmed by what I see here in these first photos of the 2015 Mustang !Dick Cape Cod, MA    
    Harry DeVault 12/08/2013
    Alway been a Ford man,2015 Mustang is the best upgrade Ford Motor Comp. has ever done to the Mustang...
    Mary L. 12/08/2013
    OMG!! I think I've died and gone to Mustang Heaven. You guys have outdone yourselves this year. After all these years Mustang is, in my opinion...The most beautiful car ever built. (well, we won't mention a few of the 1970's models) I can't wait to see what you all have up your sleaves for 2016!
    LES R 12/07/2013
    Cool, bring them to australia
    Looks Great.
    Adrian K 12/07/2013
    All-new mustang is a big fan of me. I was told that he wants me to drive it!
    Paulo Lava 12/07/2013
    I've read somewhere that dream keeps us alive. So, for some reason, even having 46 years old, I still dream with the day I will be able to acquire (purchase) my first vehicle. Granted I admire all Ford vehicles. But, to me, the perfect dream would be to acquire a Ford Mustang. One more thing: Congratulations to all people at Ford Motor Company that worked on this project.With kind regards,Paulo LavaMotorsports writer and HistorianHortencio Town, Brazil.
    justin bieber 12/07/2013
    Ivan 12/07/2013
    Even though you guys dropped the ball on the rear-end of this car, the front, sides and interior are all good. You would have to come up with a really good reason to buy one with a four-banger - however powerful - because I would be giving the car heavy highway use in Southern California and the desert. Why not a V-6 option?
    Joseph Hancock 12/07/2013
    My next Mustang will be one of these....
    bell 12/07/2013
    John Windover 12/07/2013
    This car is Awesome! I love my 2007 Pony, but I think the 2015 is in my futrure.
    James 12/07/2013
    The new mustang looks like a rip off of the camero, crossed with the eclipse.  Me and my wife were going to by a new one in the near future, do to the new design we are now looking at different options.  Sorry Mustang you loose with the new style or lack there of
    Chris O\'Connell 12/07/2013
    Sweet!!! I need one in black.
    Robert Daly 12/07/2013
    A new Mustang Customizer app would be nice for us all to get interacttive with this new Pony
    Steve Caudill 12/06/2013
    Oh Man that is a great looking Mustang. It does the badge very proud.
    Austin C 12/06/2013
    The all-new 2015 Ford Mustang is absolutely amazing. The design is outstanding, exquisite. The interior design is very well put together. I love the three circle air vents in the middle, as well as the new seats. I love that the GT offers 420 horsepower stock, that's amazing! Only if I could afford and own one when it is released.
    Nick 12/05/2013
    I think it looks too much like the nissan gtr!.
    Robert B 12/05/2013
    The new Mustang does have some things I like and some I'm not sure about. I do love the tri-bar tail lights it does have a real old school look but the rear bumper I do not like. The front end does have a real mean look but also has the Fusion look to it. Over all it is better than I thought it was going to be and I do like it not love but with some customized body kits who know. I do believe that Ford is doing a great job keeping the Pony alive and can't wait to see it in person and take one out for a test drive. I will say it's hard to compare the new Mustangs with the classic's of the 60's but am and always will be a fan of the Mustang.
    George S 12/05/2013
    Comment on this ARTICLE!sweet
    Dan P 12/05/2013
    Nice body lines. I can't wait to see it in person.
    patty s 12/05/2013
    Gotta have it - Gonna get it - Oh Yeah!
    Steve R 12/05/2013
    The 2015 Iconic Modern Muscle Car is here.
    m.d. 12/05/2013
    Dynomite, What im looking forward to seeing is the conv.???? A good 50th, well done, i will be buying one as soon as the ragtop appears.
    Mike rOODE 12/05/2013
    Hood looks identical to Camero's. Ford boys are not happy about no scoop. Just passing on information. Hope the GT model is different.
    JERRY B 12/05/2013
    It looks like a real sports car. Looking at the front, it takes on a "Mean" look as if it is ready to meet and conquer any and all challenges.
    AK Lovett 12/05/2013
    I thought it was going to have a more radical design. But it is quite alright. Really needed the independent rear. would like to see a design layout.
    Arsene F 12/05/2013
    I like all the cars and trucks
    Glenn 12/05/2013
    The all new 2015 Mustang looks way cool. Retains its heritage with a modern approach.
    Robert B 12/05/2013
    A fabulous rendition of the Iconic Mustang.  Gotta' have one.
    It has been fifty years since our first a 65 Silver Blue 289 (225)
    Convertible and the pleasant memories of our purchase in August 1965.
    Juan 12/05/2013
    Interesting lines, I'm reminded of the Camero a bit.
    Barbara J 12/05/2013
    I am very disappointed!! Starting to look like just any other car on the road. Its body is losing its style. Nothing really stands out after going in a Mustang site and seeing previous Mustangs.
    Peter S 12/05/2013
    Beautiful, only shame that quarter windows don't roll down.
    Brett S 12/05/2013
    It still looks like a Mustang! I want to see the other wheel options.
    Jan W 12/05/2013
    Beautiful! A wonderful take on the classic lines of the car.
    Sam 12/05/2013
    The Fusion married the Mustang and had a baby!
    Tom Ryan 12/05/2013
    This is the Mustang which will retake the sales lead for its class in 2014. Great looks and the independent rear suspension critics have wanted for a better ride and handling. Your brief run at the top, Camaro, is over. This Mustang gallps back to number 1.
    Lee 12/05/2013
    I have a 2013 Racered GT and love the looks. not so sure on the new style. will have to see it live before and i can be favorable on it.
    Lora C 12/05/2013
    Sleek and beautiful!  What engine are they putting in this beauty?
    Terry G 12/05/2013
    Very nice. They're managing to keep up the look of the originals so far. Here's hoping they don't allow them to get fat like they did in the 70s.
    Francis P 12/05/2013
    I am trying to like it as much as the present model because I understand your direction in styling but I will wait to see one up close to make up my mind. It looks very well made and I wish you the best ! I love the 360 view with colour and rim options.
    Jb G 12/05/2013
    beautiful car cant wait to see more details.
    CRAIG 12/05/2013
    Can't wait to see one in person.
    Great job of bringing the Mustang into the 21st century while maintaining it's classic lines. Looking forward to a test drive.
    Zedd 12/05/2013
    Looks like the old one. Does it finally have the Ecoboost V6?
    vance 12/05/2013
    It looks like a really cool Taurus.
    Shawn U 12/05/2013
    Looks great. I can't wait to test drive it.
    Dennis B 12/05/2013
    Disappointing! With a capital 'D'! Nothing 'all new' here! Nothing but a warmed-over continuation of the all too familiar 'retro' look Ford has been riding on for more than a decade now. Was expecting something more akin to the 'prototype' hinted at a year ago. I predict mild enthusiasm and sales.
    Kathy C 12/05/2013
    Oh My and it's candy apple red, I could just lick it!! My heart is pounding!
    Mark 12/05/2013
    Looking forward to getting one of these. Look good in my stable of Ponys
    First Look at the All-New 2015 Ford Mustang
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