Do You Have a Car Project with Dad?

By Tori T.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it got us thinking about car projects with dear ol’ dad. Did you have one with yours? Are you in the middle of one now? What about with your son or daughter? We want to hear about it – click here to submit your story!

Don’t have a story to share yet, or thinking ahead to the next venture? Do we ever have the perfect project car for you! The Ford Mustang! Its 50th anniversary is April 17, 2014, so why not restore a 1964-1966 Mustang! “Working nights and weekends, and as your budget allows, it takes roughly two years to do a complete wheels-up classic car restoration,” says Brian Martin, director of automotive restoration development at McPherson College in Kansas. McPherson is the only school in North America that offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in automobile restoration.

Jonathan Brand and his dad have restored three classic Mustangs in their home garage, a 1965 coupe and two 1969 models. “My dad and I weren’t as close before we restored the Mustangs,” says Jonathan, an artist who now lives in New Haven, Conn. “It definitely brought us closer together, all those hours working on the cars. He taught me a lot about cars, and we had a lot of fun.”

download.jpg There are thousands of high-quality, officially licensed reproduction original Mustang parts available at . These replacement parts look, fit and perform as the originals. Many Ford restoration parts are actually made from the original Ford tools that have been preserved for the restoration market. About 95 percent of all the parts needed to build a “new” classic 1964 to 1966 Mustang are available today! And reproduction Mustang bodies are available in every classic model year from 1965 to 1970, along with the ever-popular 1965 and 1967 convertibles. Meanwhile, Ford Racing offers many crate engines and performance components to meet the needs of every Mustang enthusiast.

Brian, of McPherson College, recommends refurbishing the drivetrain, suspension and other mechanical components before completing the body and paintwork. He says a reasonable budget for a complete restoration is between $30,000 and $50,000, and that would include a new or rebuilt performance engine, transmission, rear axle, brakes, suspension and cooling and electrical systems, as well as all the trim, paint and interior parts to be as good as new.

Jonathan’s advice: Have patience, manage the budget and use Ford-licensed restoration parts, especially for the sheet metal repairs. One other thought: Consider joining a local Mustang club – it could be a good resource for used parts and knowledgeable members.

Now, tell us about your past, current and future projects with Dad!
Chase Martin 06/18/2012
1991 5.0 coupe it needs alot of work
Michelet Fleurant 06/18/2012
I wish, can you guys send me one please, thanks
Jonathan Quintero 06/17/2012
1987 300zx turbo :-)
Terry Hennessey 06/16/2012
Jerry Popelka 06/15/2012
My great Dad passed away 27 years ago. Several cold Ohio winters found me handing tools to him while rebuilding two Crosley station wagons in our unheated garage. Back then, I would have preferred to have been inside watching TV, but he wanted me at his side and he taught me a lot about mechanics. To this day, at his insistance, I clean every tool and place it back where it came from for future use. I sure do miss him. His pride and joy, a blue-green 1964 Thunderbird was unfortunately stolen, then recovered completely stripped in Cleveland. He really missed that fine car.
Sandrabee Anderson 06/14/2012
above video, 31 GM's 1 Ford street stock feature watch and see who wins
John Eschenberg 06/14/2012
a 1954 customeline
George Jenkins 06/14/2012
We always have on we started off with a bromco 2 then we had a cj willys then a jeep grand cherokee now a ford explorer never a dull moment
Jon Lindman 06/13/2012
1976 Ford Maverick
Robert Zappulla 06/13/2012
My son's job for father's day is to figure out how to save me enough money so I can buy a 2013 GT500! Stat! :-) unfortunately I have to suck it up and buy a used one in 3 years :-( Have to keep the payment to $650
John Engvold 06/13/2012
Dad is in heaven now, but I'm sure he is smiling down on me and the 1991 Foxbody...sure wish I had his help with this weird hesitation!!!

Happy early Father's Day everyone - don't forget how precious time with dear ol' dad really is!
Chris Moulton 06/13/2012
1994 cobra mustang indy 500 pace car what we are working on. Doing a little of everything little bit of mods little restore. Great car to work on. Every time I see it I can't help but smile.
Brandon Keiderling 06/13/2012
88 t-bird and 96 lincoln continental
John Hendry 06/13/2012
1977 XC coupe. It'll take a long time, but we'll get there!
Maverick Cornett 06/13/2012
53 ford f-250 with the original 215 inline 6 and four speedd
Roy Watkins 06/13/2012
Curt Rahtz 06/13/2012
1984 mercury capri with a 93 drivetrain built to 347 pusing 475bhp!!! Needs some work yet!!! Me and my boys this summer!!!
Peter Cotterill 06/13/2012
(Sent before I finished writing), mini is to be his college hack
Peter Cotterill 06/13/2012
1959 morris mini minor .my son is 17 passed his test and we acquired the mini as a project
Bram Jared Childress 06/13/2012
I did until we decided to sell it. 63.5 galaxie. Had a 390 and a cruise o matic
Twizted Darin 06/13/2012
91 Ranger with a 351w swap. Then I have a project 86 GT with my little brother, little does he know I'm giving it to him next year for his 16th birthday
Caleb PantyDropper Wetherton 06/13/2012
Working on a 331 Stroker ttop Capri
Wyatt Anderson 06/13/2012
A 1990 f series pickup we are rebuilding from the rust issues in the cab and bed. Its the new farm truck, (old one was a '76 f-150 with the 400 and a 4speed in which we did the same with)! Almost done!
Helen Stocker 06/13/2012
Hi,iv dun some work ön a mk1xr2 with my boys some time ägo,im there mum ,come ön guys its nöt just 4 u boys,LOL,Happy farther Day
Dan McEwen 06/13/2012
1985 Monte Carlo SS. Can't wait to start
Joey Goedeke 06/13/2012
1981 and 1986 Ford F-150, F-250
Steve Cambio 06/13/2012
My 67 Cougar
Miguel M 06/13/2012
escort xr3 and explorer 93...
Ty Tumulty 06/13/2012
No, never have...
Sarah Etches 06/13/2012
Cant remember the year but mk1 anglia :)
Joshua Carper 06/13/2012
My Dad and I are slowly working on a 1948 Ford F-1. We are building it in memory of my Grandpa that was a mechanic. The truck still has the flat 8 in it but when we get to it, I would like to drop the new Coyote 5.0 in it. It will be a street rod, but built for Good Guys Autocross races. I'm a designer on the side, and I'm designing this whole truck from the air intake to the exhaust tips. I think this "will be" the best looking '48 Ford F-1 out there. I hope.
Matt Molner 06/13/2012
Matt Molner 06/13/2012
When I was 9 my dad bought me a 1956 F-100. With his help I got it down and took first place in my class in the Portland Roadster Show when I was 17.
Elmer Salazar 06/13/2012
i wish......
Graham Womack 06/13/2012
1971 Ford Mustang Grande' Future Grabber lime, was wrecked in the front and is almost back to life!
Kenny Burns 06/13/2012
64 Ford Falcon Ragtop.. had it since 93, still in the garage :(
Hunter Kyler 06/13/2012
nope. my dad wont work on cars with me. i do it all myself
Daniel Rajkovich 06/13/2012
'21 model T old schooling it
Michael Cervantes 06/13/2012
My Dad has a 1956 Ford Pickup all fixed up and another 56 in his back yard.My Uncle Bill 2nd has a 1956 Ford Pickup all fixed up and another 56 in his backyard. My Uncle Jimmy has a 1955 Ford pickup in the process of being fixed up. My Grandpa Bill had a 1955 Ford Pickup and gave it to my Cousin Billy The 3rd,and its all fixed up now.I purchased a 1956 Ford Pickup in 1996. Its in my gararge,all in pieces. I never touched because lack of funds.Recently I've been able to pay off some bills and buy some parts for my 56. My Dad and I are gonna start putting it together. I can't wait till my F-100 is all fixed up so I can go cruising with My Dad,Uncles,and Cousin.
Justin DaRosa 06/13/2012
I love fords, but my project with my dad is a 79 corvette
Jon Philp Sr. 06/13/2012
Yes my 12 year old and I are fixing up the 1967 mustang
Tyler Wood 06/13/2012
66 Falcon 2-door w/ a Windsor
Will Prince 06/13/2012
i wish. thatd be awesome
Hugo Pedroza 06/13/2012
A 66 Lincoln Continental....
Dalton Avery DuRee 06/13/2012
1968 mustang coupe 302 with lots of aluminum heidt front end
michael c 06/13/2012
My dad has a 1956 Ford pickup fixed up and another in his back yard. My uncle Bill has a 56 pickup fixed up and another in his back yard. My uncle Jimmy has a 55 pickup and is in the process of fixing it up. My grandpa had a 55 and gave it to my cousin Billy the 3rd.My cousin Billy now has it fixed up. I purchased a 56 in 1996 put in my garage and never touched it,because lack of funds.Recently I have been able to pay some bills off and buy some parts.My dad is helping me put it together.I can't wait to get it all fixed up,so I can cruise my F-100 with my dad,uncles,and cousin.
Chris Cj Morey 06/13/2012
My Dad passed away 10 years ago, and I just got possession of the 65 Mustang hardtop project we had given him for Xmas a year and a half before his death. So that's back, my son and I are puting a 4.6/AOD-E into his 86 RX7 (code named XRX7 since the donor car was a Cougar XR7) and my grandson (3-1/2) is helping me with my 56 F250 on a 92 Crown Vic chassis with a (planned) Navigator 4cam 4.6/E4OD combo. And my brother (who will be equal in the Mustang) also has a 75 Pinto that belonged to our Uncle that is getting restomodded as a summer driver.
CJ Baumann 06/13/2012
Spencer Edmonds I know a place were u could get all the parts u need if u live on the eastern sea board or mid west johns classic cougars if u all ready know but the # 6163960390 it is in holland mi
Josh Madden 06/13/2012
I have been fortunate enough to work on several projects with my Dad. 65 and 68 Mustangs, 50 Mercury, several 73-79 F series and currently my 48 F1.
Jay Charity 06/13/2012
Yea my 1984 mustang gt 5.0. 5 speed t-top. Gonna get a lot done this summer
Anthony Lardo 06/13/2012
86 tbird 5.0
64 mustang covertable
Jarrod Dougherty 06/13/2012
i have my grandfathers 1961 F100 unibody needing a ground up resto that i will be lucky enough to do with my son
Kyle Langham 06/13/2012
1968 Ford Galaxie 500 with a Big 7.5L 460 V8! With some other nifty add ons
Mitch Roy 06/13/2012
1982 Bronco Full Size w/ a 351W
CJ Baumann 06/13/2012
1985 Capri got it in detroit had a 80 sold it and got the 85
Neil Nelly ST Hudson 06/13/2012
Mondeo ST220 + ST tdci est both used in shows :o)
Daniel Helmick 06/13/2012
Got a 68 fair lane fastback me and the olman acquired a couple years back got a 351 Cleveland that we had bored .060 over, had the heads shaved ten thousandths , and a three angle valve job done. She oughtn't scoot down the road pretty good
Robert York 06/13/2012
Grandpa has a 57 fairlane convt, dad has a 94 thunderbird sc, brother has a 92 mustang gt and I have a 02 mustang gt. so plenty of projects to go around.
Huck Northcutt 06/13/2012
Does holding on to my '92 Ranger XLT for my 6 year old son count?
Chad Washesky Jr 06/13/2012
The last 3 are my dads
Chad Washesky Jr 06/13/2012
Yes my 02 focus and 2013 f150 and 67 fastback and a off road ranger with a v8 swap
Tim Beveridge 06/13/2012
68 mercury cougar, bought it in high school after a 67 mustang restoration went wrong and threw a lot of the parts into the cougar. It's our families fourth child
Lorraine Rutherford Justice 06/13/2012
My husband and his grandson r rebuilding a 1986 ford f150 4x4 short wheel base. Has a perfect body. Have put a rebuilt engine but still has. A few problems
Rob Snook 06/13/2012
Sure do. My 1971 Mach 1. Bought when I was 12 and restored it together. Crashed when I was 15 and restored again. I'll be 33 this year and want to find a project to restore with my son now.
Brian Webb 06/13/2012
1969 Lincoln Mark lll and a 1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 These are me and my 8 year old sons project.
Luke Vlahopoulos 06/13/2012
1990 KF TX3!
Spencer Edmonds 06/13/2012
Working on a '68 mercury cougar right now haha gonna stroke to 347 soon
Will Trujillo 06/13/2012
Yes '67 Mustang
Sara DePorter-Williams 06/13/2012
When I was 6 he had me hand him tools while he rebuilt a old fashion bug. It was awesome!
Daniel S 06/13/2012
me and my dad Restored a red and white '57 Ford fairlane 500. that inspired me to buy a '63 Mercury monterey (rear breezeway window) as my first car, which we are now restoring. Slow going, since I fund all of it!
Chase Schnelle 06/13/2012
My son and I are building 29 model A. We have the complete frame and running gear just deciding on the body now.
Dwayne Cats Premiers Buswell 06/13/2012
Martin do u want to sell ya mk1 1974 ford escort??
Marvin Robinson 06/13/2012
We found all the parts for our project at bargain prices here:
Sean Lucey 06/13/2012
Not right now soon hopefully
Scott Longstreth 06/13/2012
01 focus se 50+mpg
Bruce Wyatt 06/13/2012
I have a 68 mustang
Dwayne Cats Premiers Buswell 06/13/2012
Can't be a good one if it's not a FORD FOOL!!!! David!!
Tina Schwalb Taylor 06/13/2012
My stepson(16) is a third generation owner of a '62 tbird. Him and his dad have rebuilt the engine and repainted it and have plans on being a drag racing if dad can get his '66 fairlane done.
David Brown 06/13/2012
I have a good one aswell NOT a ford
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Dwayne Cats Premiers Buswell 06/13/2012
Want to sell Scott?
Cameron Speelman 06/13/2012
yeah, 1956 chevy 210 post car. we're converting it to a Bel-Air (because the trim looks better), and tubing it out. not mention the sweet big block chevy engine we're putting in it :)
Scott Peter Eddy Maxwell 06/13/2012
No but a 1979 ford cortina 6 with my brother
Dwayne Cats Premiers Buswell 06/13/2012
Martin do u want to sell?
Ryan Raymo 06/13/2012
1995 bronco with 12" of lift. Built 429 c6 trans 205 tcase Dana 44 straight axel up front and a ford 9 inch in the rear. That's until something breaks and I make it bigger.
Ernie A Zavala 06/13/2012
unfortunately, we lost him this past weekend, I'd like to buy back the 77 F100 Explorer (reg cab, short bed, white w/ red stripes) to restore. might settle for another truck just like it if anyone knows of one. the cheaper the better, funeral costs have eaten up all the savings.
Martin Van Schalkwyk 06/13/2012
Got a Ford Escort 1974 Mk1 that I want to restore, but do not have the required funds to do it...
Jorge Fuentes 06/13/2012
93 mustang lx V8. Rebuilt 89 motor.
Dwayne Cats Premiers Buswell 06/13/2012
I haven't but I have a XD falcon, all original, my wife I pregnant with my baby boy, when he is 5 and old enough to help dad the XD will be 38 yrs old and yep he will be helping me do body work and re-spray job maybe put a 351 in it also, see how we go :) LOVE MY FORD!!!!
Eugenio Ascanio 06/13/2012
I wish I did :(
Keith Dorschel 06/13/2012
Dad has a 1966 Mustang Fastback hipo 289 "K Code" with 22,000 original miles, he's had for 30 years, restoration has just begun at Dorschel Twins Customs - check out the build at
Jamie West 06/13/2012
I get out of the Marine Corps today and am driving back to Alabama and rebuilding the engine in my 2001 Cobra all weekend with my dad.
Victor Omar Solorzano 06/13/2012
00 mustang gt, the front/end
Shannon Housh 06/13/2012
48 ford pickup with 400 ford 6c tranny 9" rear end front disk brakes rack and pinion steering.
Jagadeesh Jegu 06/13/2012
give me rport nw..
Catherine Epperson 06/13/2012
yes. 64 Falcon
Robert Fleeger 06/13/2012
1968 mustang v8 351 with over $2,000 n the engine.
Also a 1991 bayliner classic bow rider
Rex Neely 06/13/2012
Yeah to many!!! Hahaha
Tom Sing 06/13/2012
No but if he was still alive I'm sure he would be there for me :-)