Check out Queen Latifah as she Unleashes her Inner Mustang

By Ford Social Member

The Queen made a wish and Ford Motor Company delivered. Twenty-year-old NASCAR phenom Colin Braun brought award-winning musician and actress Queen Latifah a 2010 Ford Mustang and schooled her in how to drive the iconic muscle car like a pro. Latifah, already a proud owner of a '65 Mustang, wished to drive the car in the extended music video for her new song "Fast Cars."

"There are certain cars throughout history that have their own identity. They become synonymous with feeling and energy, an event in your life," says Latifah. "A Mustang is a Mustang; the car is timeless."

Latifah received her pro driving lesson and 2010 Mustang by participating in "The '10 Unleashed" promotion, which asks people to describe their ultimate Mustang dream experience in 250 words or less.

"Queen Latifah is a fabulous actress and musician, but more importantly she stays true to herself," says Ford Mustang Communications Manager Patricia Piedrahita. "That's what the Mustang is all about - style, power and individuality. When Queen Latifah told us she owned a classic Mustang and wanted a new one for her 'Fast Cars' video, we saw the perfect fit."

Latifah's dream-come-true is brought to life through the video chapters available at
jane 11/10/2009
Nice driving Latifah. You are an impressive driver, that being said, What's wrong with a Pontiac Trans AM V-8 Vet engine, dual barrels, plenty of horses under the hood. with all the bells and whistles. Did you know Pontiac is now passe' but as i recall those Trans AM's were lookers still!
If you could not afford a VET at least you could look hot in a Tranny.
Mark 08/24/2009
You can also check out the explorer based Sport Trac
Christy Loiselle 08/12/2009
Ford Ranger does offer a 4 door Super Cab configuration, however, the rear doors are not full-size doors. Also, all Super Cab models have Rear Jump Seats as standard equipment. A rear bench seat isn't available for Ranger. I'll forward these suggestions onto our Future Product Development team.

There is another truck in the Ford Product Portfolio that does offer full-size rear doors and a rear bench seat...the Ford F-150!! Feel free to check it out at

Christy Loiselle
Consumer Marketing
Ford Motor Company
David Spear 08/11/2009
Does Ford make a Ranger with 4 full-sized doors and a bench back seat? If so, where can I buy one. If not, why not.
Angela 08/09/2009
That is one awesome ride Queen!
Falah 08/08/2009
yeah, if she goes and sits in a 1972 datsun. would you buy that too?
hotwheels 08/07/2009
Out of all the people that ford could have picked for this promotion, you pick someone with tons of money? She could have paid for all of this out of her own pocket, instead of taking away from someone that may have been a bit more deserving.
Betsy Rivers 08/06/2009
Queen Latifah makes me want a Mustang NOW!!!! I wish I had a job so I could afford one!
Check out Queen Latifah as she Unleashes her Inner Mustang
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