Carroll Shelby: Racer, Constructor, Innovator, Philanthropist, Icon, Friend

By Eve P.

Carroll Shelby, a car guy’s car guy and a longtime innovator and inspiration for Ford Motor Company performance vehicles, died May 10, 2012, at the age of 89 in California. Described by Edsel B. Ford II, great-grandson of Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company as “a great innovator whose legend at Ford will never be forgotten”, Carroll Shelby was a larger-than-life presence in an industry filled with giants. Shelby helped Ford dominate racing in the 1960’s, he was a long time partner in the development of Ford performance vehicles and, above all, he was a friend who supported numerous charities with his time, money and enthusiasm.

Shelby and Ford shared a connection that goes back to the beginning of his motorsports career. Known for his blue and white railroad coveralls, the inspiration behind the now famous “Shelby Stripes”, Shelby drove a 1932 Ford in his first official race – a drag race. From there Shelby moved on to sports cars and Formula 1, driving for Cad-Allard, Aston Martin, and Maserati in the 1950s.

Named Sports Illustrated “Driver of the Year” in 1956 and 1957, Carroll Shelby may have been better known as a constructor than the man who won the 1959 24 Hours of LeMans behind the wheel of an Aston Martin. Shelby stopped driving in 1960 after winning the USAC driving championship due declining cardiac health; in fact, Shelby had begun to drive with nitroglycerin tablets under his tongue in order to finish races.

In early 1961, Carroll Shelby had transitioned from race car driver to race car builder and team manager. His search for a powerful, light weight American engine led him to Ford’s lightweight small block V8. Shelby-America’s Ford powered aluminum-bodied 289 and 427 Cobra models changed the face of American road racing, with big wins over Corvette at Riverside, an impressive runs against Ferrari at Sebring and the GT class win at LeMans in 1964.

The rest, as they say, is the stuff of legend. Lee Iacocca’s desire to turn the Mustang into a true performance car created a long-lasting relationship between Carroll Shelby and Ford. Shelby’s vision of total performance transformed the 1965 Mustang into the GT350 street-legal race car, the Corvette killing Mustang GT350R, the 1966 GT350-H Hertz “Rent-a-Racer”, and the big-block GT500 and the GT500-KR “Road-King”. And that Cobra emblem? Rumor has it that it the name Cobra came to Shelby in a dream when he was building the first Cobra sports cars.

Impressed by Shelby’s success at LeMans as both a driver and constructor, Henry Ford II turned the struggling GT-40 project over to the Shelby-America team. Their goal? To beat Ferrari at their own game, in Europe, at LeMans. After all, Shelby had beaten Ferrari at LeMans with a Cobra. The results of their collaboration can only be described as astounding.  The GT-40 won its first race at Daytona in February 1965, delivered a 1-2-3 finish at LeMans that June, the first time an American team had ever won at Lemans, and went on to win Lemans four years in a row, from 1966 to 1969.

By 1970 Shelby had moved on to other projects. He was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1991 and the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 1992, due in no small part to his efforts at Ford.

In 2006 Shelby formed a new relationship with Ford Motor Company. Since his return to Ford, the 45th Anniversary Edition Shelby® GT350, the GT500, Shelby GT and Shelby GT500KR and the 40th Anniversary Hertz “Rent-a-Racer” Shelby GT-H have reintroduced a new generation of car buffs to the Shelby name. In 2009 Shelby was presented with lifetime achievement award as the Automotive Executive of the Year.

There was another side to Carroll Shelby too. He may have worn a black Stetson, but unlike the bad guys in Westerns, Carroll Shelby was one of the good guys. A sickly child, Shelby underwent a heart transplant in 1989 and later went on to establish the Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation™ to provide assistance for children’s acute coronary and kidney care.

A regular at the Barrett-Jackson collectors car auction, Carroll Shelby was involved in numerous charitable projects. The first 2007 Ford Shelby GT 500 auctioned off raised more than $600,000 for the Carroll Shelby Foundation. He was part of effort behind the one-of-a-kind 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Durability Car that was auctioned off for $300,000 this past January to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Shelby himself logged some time behind the wheel of the GT500 prototype, saying I’m really proud to have my name on this car that you guys [the Ford SVT Team] have put together working with my dreams of what I think a car should be.”

Carroll Shelby’s dreams of total performance are as relevant today as they were 60 years ago. You can see them in every Mustang that proudly wears Shelby Stripes; you can hear them when a 427 Sideoiler Shelby Cobra fires up its engine, and you can experience them in the Ford Shelby GT500.

We’d love to hear how Carroll Shelby inspired your Ford Story. You can submit your stories, pictures and videos through Ford Social at Your Stories.
PAUL L 01/07/2013
RIP. Carroll. The 427 Ac Cobra is still my favourite car !!!
pleas rest in peace
A true american hero! He will always be remebered and admired! Thank you ford for keeping his vision! And his spirit alive!
Jason J 06/28/2012
My wife called me at work the day mr Shelby passed, and I broke down and cried on the spot. Def not normal for me, but Carroll has always and always will be my biggest Car hero ever.
Akhil Nair 06/05/2012
Mohammed S 05/22/2012
Hey ford i,m a big ford fan and we all sorry to the lost of Carroll Shelby and Thanks to his efforts in building better mustangs I suggest that you make a special appearance package called Eleanor appearance package and to put every Eleanor parts in that package such as grills bumpers fog lamps tail lamps exhaust spoiler interior and wheels
Mohammed S 05/21/2012
hey ford i,m a big ford fan and we all worry to the lost of Carroll Shelby and Thanks to his efforts in building better mustangs I suggest that you make a special appearance package called Eleanor appearance package and to put every Eleanor parts in that package such as grills bumpers fog lamps tail lamps exhaust spoiler interior and wheels
James 05/17/2012
Up until a few days ago I was at a loss as to what car to own next. It is now clear that it should be one that bears the name of strength, greatness, innovation, legend, courage, dignity; better said:

gene 05/16/2012
John Romano 05/14/2012
Carroll Shelby was one of my idols RIP
Allison Fraser 05/13/2012
God bless the Shelby family, and May Carroll Shelby's legend pass on and live through his work.
R.I.P. Carroll Shelby, you will be missed but never forgotten.
Marco A. Ortega 05/13/2012
RIP Carroll Shelby. A true American legend!
Andrew Christner 05/13/2012
We've lost a true american and car god. Mr Shelby was on of my all time hero's and my only regret was not being able to shake his hand. Though every time I drive a car with his name on it or a replica of a shelby cobra just grabbing that gear shift will forever feel like I'm shaking probably the greatest performance car builders hand. Thank you Carol Shelby for the best cars ford has ever offered. And I just hope the legecy lives on.
When I was a kid back in the late 60's, my neighbor friend's dad owned a Ford dealership. I remember him having a green 1968 Shelby GT500 convertible sitting in his driveway It had dealer plates on it and he drove it back and forth to work everyday.. That was the first Shelby Mustang that I ever saw close up and I fell in love with it right away. I've never had the pleasure of owning a Shelby but I sure do love the cars and love what Mr. Shelby did with the Mustangs I would give almost anything to have one. I also admire all the charity work Carroll did for children everywhere. We lost a hero. R.I.P. Carroll Shelby.
John R 05/12/2012
Mr. Shelby thanks for shaking my hand when we were on the same flight to Los Angeles. I still have the autograph you so kindly signed and gave to me.
Jimmerz 05/12/2012
I am without words RIP
John Ericson 05/12/2012
RIP. Carrol. Your name will live on and your accomplisments will not be forgotten.
Dirk Theisen 05/12/2012
His cars will remind us 4ever!!! A Legend is gone...
all you can say is wow! What a Awesome ride with Carrol!
Pat Shelby should take this over and run it!
I'm a orig gt500 owner.
There should be a Special Ford Badge Tribute(s) to Mr Carrol Shelby incl.WITH Mr Carrol Smith who was the Tech Director on many LE Mans projects. ("24heur du Mans")
Just Amazing Heritage, FOLKS!!
Rodrigo Motta 05/12/2012
God save master Shelby \o/
we will surly miss the giant icon of the ford mustang god be with you mr shelby. we need to dedicate to him
Matt Vid 05/12/2012
totally. he is a true inspiration
Ron Leonhardt 05/12/2012
R I P Carroll Shelby.
Harry Berg 05/12/2012
Rip Carroll , you will be greatly missed.
Mike Scansaroli 05/12/2012
RIP Mr Shelby.
Jenna Jean Schlamp 05/12/2012
sooooo sad.....
Paul A 05/12/2012
Rest in peace Carroll. You have given us all so much and hope we can live up to the standards that you have shown us over the years.
Janet Harbaugh 05/12/2012
He will be missed. Years of Mustangs and Vipers, to collaborating on the 2013 Mustang GT500, 650 HP!!
Ben Hanna 05/12/2012
RIP Mr. Shelby and thank you!
Wayne Louks 05/12/2012
God Speed
Gary Harley Jr. 05/12/2012
R.I.P. Mr. Shelby, and thanx for all the cool Ford stuff.
lawrence 05/12/2012
Very sad...he will be missed...always loved the Mustangs from the 1st ones in 1964...Thank you Carroll Shelby, for the thrills, the excitement and the great cars...
Eric V 05/12/2012
This news is so sad for me... Rest in peace Carroll Shelby. You will always be synonymous with American Automotive innovation. You and all your work will live on and continue to be LEGENDARY! You have influenced so many and therefore your vision will continue to live on in the actions of those who loved you!
Andy Leiner 05/12/2012
R.I.P. Carroll Shelby. A true American racing icon,and performance car building genius...
Eric Vera 05/12/2012
Rest In Peace Carroll Shelby. Thanks for what you did with Mustang....and everything else! You are and always will be a Badass LEGEND!
Brian 05/12/2012
I man you'll never forget well Carrol Shelby.
Patrick Günther 05/12/2012
RIP Mr. Shelby . We lost a legend. God bless your family. Greats from germany
Dave E 05/12/2012
A monumental loss. RIP Mr. Shelby.
Anton Alexandrovich Koryagin 05/12/2012
Success in creativity, health and long years of life to you Mr. Carroll !
*Several times I wrote to it on e-mail, but he didn't answer me any that.. =/
Tell to it please - that he checked at himself entering e-mail - I offered design of the new Cobra, and that be Mr. Carroll expressed the opinion concerning my prototype of new model.. Thanks =)
BJ Simmers 05/12/2012
R.I.P. Carroll Shelby........ The Race Is Won!
Mauricio Perez 05/12/2012
A sad day indeed. Cobra for life!
Cameron Travers 05/12/2012
A very sad day for more than just the automotive and race community. Condolences to the family, friends snd staff of Carrol. He gave so much to so many. A great inspiration to many generations of car enthusiasts, racers and car builders. RIP Mr Shelby, you will be missed.
K M M 05/12/2012
My brother owned one of his cars.
Bobby Dye 05/12/2012
Best Ford Motor Company had .
David Emerson Kemp 05/12/2012
America lost a great legend.
Robert Orth 05/12/2012
R.I.P Carroll Shelby... Your a TRUE LEGEND
martha 05/12/2012
We will miss you in Vegas next year May a white light surround you!
Darren B 05/12/2012
God Speed Mr. Shelby. As an employee of Ford Motor Company, I would like to say word of your passing went through our dealership and created an immediate silence. We will miss you and your legendary talents. On behalf of a grateful fan, I wish your family and fans the strength to carry on your legacy as you will always have a special place in the hearts of those that wear the blue oval every day. God Bless you and God bless America!
Braden C 05/12/2012
Rest in Peace Carroll Shelby you will never be forgotten, Ford keep building class leading mustangs in his honor
mike 05/11/2012
lost a great man.RIP.chevy and dodge suck
Jeff Hernandez 05/11/2012
RIP Carroll...your legend and cars will forever live on!
Gerardo Montejano Martinez 05/11/2012
RIP Mr. Shelby, Now begins the legend
Karl Jacobs 05/11/2012
RIP Mr. Shelby and PLEASE Ford bring us other performance vehicles with REAR WHEEL DRIVE like the AUSSIE UTE FPV and a Rear Drive Performance LINCOLN! I miss my Mark VIII ....... MR. Shelby would want you to do that! thanks.
Dale Kent 05/11/2012
Russell Edward Turner 05/11/2012
R.I.P Mr Shelby. Thank you for being a true Visionary, Pioneer, And Gentleman in the world of High Performance Engineering and car customizeation. You will be surely missed, and Remembered as one of the Greats both on and off the Track.
Chuck DeMory Jr 05/11/2012
My heart just skipped a beat to hear the loss of a legend. He has been a big part of my life and Ford Motor being a dominat in the muscle car arena. I have a 1968 Shelby Replica (one of the fastest Pro Steet Cars in the World) and 2012 Mustang GT. He has made believe that Mustangs are super cars. He has touched my life and Family. Rest in Peace ...God Bless...Chuck DeMory Jr
Raul Hernandez 05/11/2012
Thanks carrol for a most amazing americans cars
jose 05/11/2012
would the 1991 3.0 interchange with 2.9
Brice Elliott Cornelius 05/11/2012
R.I.P. Shelby. You where a man against this Enviro"mental"ist and a true Petrol head. You will be missed.
Marc M Cuomo 05/11/2012
GodSPEED has a whole NEW meaning! For Eternity.......
Diane Hawkins Ridgeway 05/11/2012
rest in peace-thank you for all you created-
John P Varry 05/11/2012
I had a ' 67 GT-500 ,signed on the glove box door by Carroll .
Lorne Pirson 05/11/2012
May you continue to race with others that have passed before you. You will be missed. R.I.P. Carroll Shelby.
Darrell D Crone 05/11/2012
He was an American Icon Caroll RIP.
Bryce A 05/11/2012
A great man with a great legacy rest in piece carroll
John C 05/11/2012
Thank you for all that you have done for so many.. Rest in Peace Carroll Shelby. Your genius will never be duplicated.
Shannon Alexander 05/11/2012
One of my forite things, a Shelby RIP
David Ward 05/11/2012
A great man in the world has passed on. I remember seeing Caroll at Oshkosh WI. For the air show. I had to wait in line for two hours around an air plain hanger to see him. He was a patient man and was honest. He will be missed.
Willis Fath 05/11/2012
just like ford carroll is the best.
Barbara E 05/11/2012
My ex husband always admired and wanted a Shelby - great car. Sorry for the family's loss. You're in our prayers.
Tony 05/11/2012
I washed and waxed my shelby GT today, as I got to the plack that bears his name, I started to well up. rest easy Mr. Shelby as legends never die.
Logan Pitosky 05/11/2012
R.I.P. Carroll... We will all miss you. Youve really made American Muscle history.
Addriell Reyes 05/11/2012
Rest in Peace Carroll Shelby. You are gone but will never be forgotten.
Wess Farless 05/11/2012
Godspeed Carroll Shelby. You will be greatly missed.
Damon Sholtey 05/11/2012
Here's to the man who brought Enzo Ferrari to his knees like it was simply something to do for a couple of years. All hail the GT40 and Team Shelby Cobra!
Nathan Davis 05/11/2012
We have lost one of the most imporant people in the whole automotive industry. Without him, nothing would be as it is now. Imagine a world without any 65 cobras, no gt 350s or 500s. that is a world i would not want to live in. you will always be in every true gearhead's hearts and remembered whenever one of your beautiful creations is seen rolling down the road. R.I.P. Carol Shelby
Tom Shaw 05/11/2012
A true legend and pioneer..RIP Mr. Shelby
Rick Nagel 05/11/2012
A loss to Ford fans. Rest in peace Mr. Shellby. Thank you for the fun times.
Art Stauber 05/11/2012
He leaves quite a legacy
Michael Wagner 05/11/2012
I have always been a fan of this LEGAND. I have always been a FORD owner.
Ken L 05/11/2012
Drove a2011 Shelby GT500 man the power in that car car I had to go throttle so I wouldn't fish tall off the road.
RIP Carroll
David Garant 05/11/2012
A very sad day the loss of an icon RIP Mr Shelby condolences to all the shelby famliy.
Kyle Managa Chagwaten 05/11/2012
R.I.P Mr. Shelby
David Longoria 05/11/2012
Heaven finally got a Shelby. Thanks for everything, you'll be greatly missed. Condolences to Mrs. Shelby and the entire Shelby family. RIP Mr. Shelby.
Kami Sand 05/11/2012
R.I.P. Carroll
Jay Zuniga 05/11/2012
Rip sir,u will b missed!
Kenneth Franks 05/11/2012
Tarra Smith Enochs 05/11/2012
This makes me so sad. What an amazing man and legend....thoughts and prayers to the Shelby family.
Paul Boyter 05/11/2012
An icon, a legend and true American Classic.
Cristy Davis 05/11/2012
RIP Mr. Shelby, love ford. Mustang :(
Alisha Sherden 05/11/2012
Alisha Sherden 05/11/2012
They forgot LEGEND
Jered Jarvis 05/11/2012
In honer of carrol shelby i think it would be only right if Ford made a special commorative edition mustang dedicated to him, his life, and his legend. One that showcases a bit of racing history and specific features of iconic mustangs and shelbys of the past and design it to be a true drivers car.
Scott Jones 05/11/2012
Charlie Medford 05/11/2012
God rest his soul.....
Byron Aucoin 05/11/2012
thank you Carroll Shelby for all that you have done for the automotive world! R.I.P. I hope that one day I will own one of your great creations.
Jerry Backlund 05/11/2012
A man driven to provide us with a ride that we love to drive. RIP and thanks
I can remember when i was a teen. We would invoke the Carroll Shelby name, because we new how fast the Shelby's were and what they did in Europe! Also i remember having a Daytona coiled in my HO scale racing car set! My favorite car is 69 Shelby Mustang, 71 Boss 351 Cleveland but truth is i love anything Ford! I seen on the streets in the 60s and 70s what Fords could do! Im so proud of Ford for taking of Mr Shelby! Always wanted to meet him and tell him how much i loved him, and how much he influence me as a youngman! Shelby represented to me what America stands for! We dont take no stuff off nobody! A chicken farmers beats the Euros at the race game! And i mean no disrespect to the european automotive group, believe i know that they dont have to take a backseat to no one! RIP Mr Shelby.....Ford make sure you take care of Steve Saleen and Mr Roush we gonna need them to carry the torch now! And please bring back the Towncar! Best riding car in the world! Plus im 6'5to 325lbs i cant fit in these little cars. Plus us old school drivers like a full frame car! I dont care about the gas price. My favorite 98 Towncar gets excellent gas mileage! People still think its a new car because the design is timeless! Another trade mark of for design engineers
Mike S 05/11/2012
I love my Mustang. Thank you Carroll for all you have done for the USA and drivers all over the world.
Scott Seavey 05/11/2012
RIP Carroll We'll Miss your Genious
Robert Zabbia 05/11/2012
A truly great American.
Péťa Peknejidiot Soukupů 05/11/2012
Ernesto Gonzalves 05/11/2012
A man, a legend, RIP Mr Shelby
Scott Baldwin 05/11/2012
Tazfoss 05/11/2012
R.I.P. God must have needed him to put Enzo in his place.
Michael Cruz 05/11/2012
Rest in peace Mr Legend.
Dave Schrader 05/11/2012
I hope to sell the new 2013 Shelby GT500. 650 HORSES Taking you home Sir...
Dave Schrader 05/11/2012
We have lost a Legend...
Donald Osborn 05/11/2012
Will be Missed!!!
Walter Beach 05/11/2012
Bummer huge! His machine brings me great joy. You will be missed.
LeRoy C 05/11/2012
the world is a little sadder now that the great chicken farmer from Texas has passed into the great beyond, he will me missed and mourned by myself and all his fans RIP
Ted Borgers 05/11/2012
Mr. ( Cobra ) Shelby your craft will be missed and your legend will live forever . Idol ,legend, dreamer , and inventor even foes had the greatest respects for you and your spirit
Michael Bostick 05/11/2012
Thanks for the memories and THE GREAT MUSTANGS, I still drive a new Mustang and an ALL FORD FLEET thanks in part to "Mr. MUSTANG," Carroll Shelby. I will never forget your racing victories, especially the World Championships for Ford over Ferrari.
Richard Powell 05/11/2012
Thanks for the ride Carroll!
Jay 05/11/2012
He was a great man. An ICON! He will be missed. I hope Ford will continue to honor his legacy by continuing to build beautiful cars that bear his name!
Steven Bartlett 05/11/2012
Your are forever in our hearts mr. Shelby
Davide Dade Bellini 05/11/2012
Thank you for everything!
Eric M Schrack 05/11/2012
Charles Glenn Requa 05/11/2012
Sorry Mr Shelby
Charles Glenn Requa 05/11/2012
RIP Mrs Shelby you are a great man and will be missed
Michael S 05/11/2012
Godspeed Mr. Shelby
Bcpbulldogs Bullys 05/11/2012
He was such a class act. RIP
Ivan Stojanovic 05/11/2012
He stunned us here with his amazing cars and talent, I am sure he will do the same up in the sky. Carroll, you were one of a kind... from one petrolhead Ford fan to another... I salute you.
Charlie 05/11/2012
Carrol Shelbey was an inspiration to me. He has made my love for Ford more than any could imagine.
Brad B 05/11/2012
Hey Ford ! Well we've lost another Automotive Legend. But, I always try to find a positive. We all remember Dale Earnhardt Sr. I guess he was having trouble with the setup on his Fusion up in Heaven. Yes I said Fusion, He saw what Carl's doing with the 99 car and finally gave in to a Fusion, Carroll Shelby, is his new crew chief. What a legend and innovator, and friend to all of us, may the wind always be to your back.
Evelio Quinonez 05/11/2012
Carroll Shelby......thank you!
Donald Jamison 05/11/2012
Eric M 05/11/2012
I remember when I was 18 and we were driving in Vermont when I turned my head and saw that white with the blue stripes gt350. Wow!!!! That moment in time has always eft a lasting memory or what we can do if we put ur minds to something. I just bought a black gt at 420hp is really enough for me. Thank you Mr Shelby for the dream and the reality.
Diego Kulik 05/11/2012
Wir werden dich nie vergessen ! dein erbe wird weiterhin auf den Straßen fahren ....

in ewiges Erinnerung .

Simon Awesomizzle Davies 05/11/2012
thanks for making those mustangs and cobras beat them chevvys! RACE IN PEACE Legend!
Kathy Wagner 05/11/2012
Your imagination and spirit will be missed...
Steven M Schwenn 05/11/2012
RIP Carroll Shelby. May the Shelby legend live on forever!
Gerardo E 05/11/2012
i wish i had a chance to meet him
Irtiza Ashraf 05/11/2012
rip mr shelby
James Horne 05/11/2012
Carroll Shelby was an epic tale of man and machine. R.I.P.
Geneva Kidd Smith 05/11/2012
He was suppose to live forever. Long live the Shelby Mustang!!!
Joe Avila 05/11/2012
QEPD Sr. Shelby!
Joey Votta 05/11/2012
RIP Mr. Shelby !
Chris Frcek 05/11/2012
Mark Sayers 05/11/2012
It is a sad day for all car lovers he will be missed .
Stuart Erickson II 05/11/2012
Rest in peace Carroll Shelby, you will be sadly missed, and fondley remembered.
Kylie Graham 05/11/2012
Such a sad day, rip and thank you xoxo
Robert Fullbright 05/11/2012
Rip Mr Carroll Shelby you will be miss by all the Ford fans
Diana Lynn Napoli 05/11/2012
Rest in peace.
Andy Aitken 05/11/2012
He will be missed by a lot of us Ford fans the world over.
Michael Lounsbury 05/11/2012
the automotive icon, legend, innovator and racing legend has left a huge void he will be missed but his name will never be forgotten. He will continue his vision even in heaven. May your wheels never stop and your engine continue to redline! We with oil in our viens will never forget!
Josh Adelmeyer 05/11/2012
Thank you for all you have done for automotive history.RIP
Chris Burns 05/11/2012
Or start dating the other guys exs that havum
Kyle Pate 05/11/2012
RIP Mr. Shelby
DJ 05/11/2012
This is a Sad day for the Mustang Community. As well as the Automotive community.

At least Shelby was able to see a 1000hp Shelby Mustang, just like he'd always wanted.

Plus with the 650hp Shelby GT500 coming out...what better way to remember him by?

Legends live. They are immortal for eternity. And as long as there are people, there will be cars. And with cars, there will be stories.

And with stories...there will be those of men who changed the automotive world for the better.

Carroll Shelby.

Racer. Innovator. Cook. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist.

Jeff Dugan 05/11/2012
Rip mr shelby
John Allen 05/11/2012
I met Carroll Shelby at Ford's 100th anniversary. Dad and I were the first people he met as he stepped out of the car and traded his signature stetson for a Ford 100th hat. Eventhough I was overcome by a feeling of greatness, there was a comfort and a warmth in his presence.A true American legend that will always be missed, and never forgotten.
Scott R 05/11/2012
I was finally able to buy my dream car, the 2013 Shelby GT500 and had great hopes of meeting the Legend responsible for it. Unfortunately, I will not get the chance to meet Mr. Shelby but he will always be in my heart especially when I drive around !!! Rest In Peace Sir.
Respectfully and Sorrowfully,
Scott Ralston
dave 05/11/2012
he brought alot to the ford table!!
Terri Kindelay 05/11/2012
James Dustin Jorgenson 05/11/2012
In his memory I'll do the longest smokiest burnout hears to you
Abraham E. Galvan 05/11/2012
Often imitated but never duplicated he is the originator...The legend
DUSTIN DAVIS 05/11/2012
Carroll Shelby and his legendary car lineup are the very reason I want to become an automotive designer for Ford. The Mustangs, Cobras, and the GT40 are my top favorite vehicles and serve as the inspiration for my designs.
Jon Stepro 05/11/2012
Thank you Mr. Shelby. You will be missed.
Robert Velarde 05/11/2012
Very sad loss
John R. Bennett 05/11/2012
God speed Sir... God speed.. I will always be a fan.
Joshua Hansen 05/11/2012
A huge loss... Changed automotive industry forever ... What beautiful machines he built... He will be missed greatly...
Harvey Philumalee 05/11/2012
another legend passing on R.I.P
Tommy Brandt 05/11/2012
R.I.P. Carroll
DonaldTamara Davis 05/11/2012
He will be missed. His name and Ford just went together so well and will be remembered for many years to come.
Clint Peer 05/11/2012
there's a 100 ft long set of tiretracks down the golden bricks tonight......
Mike Hutton 05/11/2012
R.I.P. carroll shelby michigan loves ya you will be forever missed but never forgotten you may be gone but your legend will live on in infancy
Tiago Resende 05/11/2012
i only say Thank You Mr Carrol Shelby, you will be in our heart for ever :)
Gilbert Sanchez 05/11/2012
R.i.p. Mr.Shelby
Patrick Garcia 05/11/2012
Cars he designed sparked my love affair with hot rods...
Sammy L 05/11/2012
The One and Only, Carroll has been my big Hero since i was a young boy,made me intrested in Real cars. He will be in my hearth and mind forever.An Icon has gone,and it's so much to read and think
Douglas P. Selfridge 05/11/2012
God Rest His Soul Thanks for the memories
Matt Skinner 05/11/2012
R.I.P mann :(
Tibor Bender 05/11/2012
RIP Mr. Shelby!!! This ist a sad day for America and all Car lovers around the World. We maybe have lost a Legend but we will never forget you!!! Every time when i will drive my Shelby GT500 or i will see one of your Cars i will think about you.
Sonya Mitchelson 05/11/2012
R.I.P Mr Shelby, you are a ledgend! Love your work, gone but never forgotten :(
David E. Hale 05/11/2012
RIP Carroll.
Nate Glez 05/11/2012
rip. brotha from anotha motha
Donnie Henderson 05/11/2012
My favourite car, A SHELBY, RIP. and thank you!
Allison Oja 05/11/2012
His memory will live on in performance cars. He lived a long life and was looked up to by SO many. <3
James Chesson II 05/11/2012
R.I.P. my Texas friend!!!
John Walsh 05/11/2012
R.I.P.Carrol Shelby. . All the car companies you have worked with will truly miss you. .
Michael Richard Hartman 05/11/2012
The Man !
Nicholas Galgoul 05/11/2012
God rest his soul. An American icon.
Dan Deitz 05/11/2012
A sad day for all enthusiasts. RIP Mr Shelby.
Tim Allen 05/11/2012
Thanks for sharing! Was very happy to have met him! What a legend ~
John Turner 05/11/2012
God must have needed help with a GT350.
Donna 05/11/2012
Rest in Peace, Mr. Shelby. You were a legend, and I'm sure you're racing with Angels now.
Mal Johnson 05/11/2012
I 'second' all the previous comments. R.I.P. Mr Shelby.
Adreadn Vaal 05/11/2012
I'm terribly sorry! I feel so ashamed!! An immortal has just gone bur his legacy may live for ever in all the ones that loves, met and admire him..
John Turner 05/11/2012
Man, that really sucks. The world needs more badasses like him.
Josh Shearn Lavenets 05/11/2012
Thank you MR. Shelby for the AC Cobra
Mark Butler 05/11/2012
So very sad he was the God of car guys motor head !!! He will be missed !!
Tony Angelotta 05/11/2012
RIP Carroll Shelby, you'll be missed.
Edward Jordan 05/11/2012
Carroll Shelby should also be remembered for his charitable work through The Shelby Foundation which helps children with life-threating illnesses. He was a great human being.
Perry Borne 05/11/2012
Rest in Peace Mr.Shelby, you will be missed
Kari Seppen 05/11/2012
RIP, you will be missed
Sammy Lundell 05/11/2012
Bye, R.I.P.
Sean Hensley 05/11/2012
Guess Henry needed a sports car upgrade. Would've loved to do a mentorship with the man. Working on a 302, his advice would've been better than gold.
Bob Bielicki 05/11/2012
I had a '69 Fairlane Cobra, not one his but it had the name. Loved the car,miss it. He was a great man.
Aleasha Hudson Whitlock 05/11/2012
RIP Carroll, you will be greatly missed
Vince Pagliaminto 05/11/2012
The auto industry lost a monumental and legendary icon today.
Tobie Scarbrough 05/11/2012
What a icon, and a legend. He changed the sport of racing so much and spanked all the other makes with the Shelby's. You will be missed. God Bless
Billy Knott 05/11/2012
In tear's.
Shankar Narayanan 05/11/2012
RIP Mr. Shelby.. Your legend will live on...Glad to have worked on some of your design for the SVT Cobra!
Scott Griffin 05/11/2012
An automotive icon is gone , I guess god needed some advice on what ford model he should purchase.
Richard Hord 05/11/2012
A great inspiration for Ford Motor Company. God speed :)
Spiderz Web-Design PCatphotography 05/11/2012
rip that. guy was the coolest old guy who ever lived . what r they going to do with his shelby collection ?
Henry Shk 05/11/2012
Doug Allsop 05/11/2012
Thank you Carroll... RIP
Michael Schumacher (MSC) 05/11/2012
Goodbye my friend.
James Jenkins III 05/11/2012
Matt Green 05/11/2012
We have lost an icon. Mr. Shelby your legacy will live on forever.
Roger ShiflettAutomotive 05/11/2012
You will NEVER be forgotten - RIP and Your family is in the thoughts and prayers of all of us here at the dealership!
Sue Ersig-Knight 05/11/2012
Im soory I didnt read the entire post ! My condolences to his family and friends and the entire Ford Company !
Pat Gephart Putman 05/11/2012
Muhammad Sheik Oumar 05/11/2012
Thanks Ford Motor Company for letting the fans know. This really is a great loss.
Hans Dietrich 05/11/2012
Truly sad. He will be remembered in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts all over the world!!
Brandon Long 05/11/2012
He was a helluva man, a God in the car industry, thats for sure!
Zachary Kendrick 05/11/2012
He will be missed
Matt Korczyk 05/11/2012
Rip, a sad day for all car guys
Dianna Mae Davis 05/11/2012
Shawna Gould Sallee 05/11/2012
So sad .. what an inspiration to so many!!
Larry Garlinger 05/11/2012
God Bless You And RIP
Carroll Shelby: Racer, Constructor, Innovator, Philanthropist, Icon, Friend
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