Cancer Survivor Gets Mustang Surprise

By Ford Social Member

In 1999, Lynn Earley of Ashley, Ohio, was diagnosed with breast cancer. “The next six months were filled with surgeries, doctor appointments, chemotherapy, lots of tears and prayers,” she recalls. With the help of her family, Lynn made a full recovery. “They were by my side every step of the way,” she adds. “I am a survivor.”

Life went on. “Then one day in 2008, my husband, Steve, asked me to meet him at our local Ford dealership to drop off his truck for service,” says Lynn. But she couldn’t understand why he had told her to park at the front of the dealership instead of by the service department.

“When I pulled in, my wonderful family was there to surprise me with a new, white, Warriors in Pink Mustang,” says Lynn. “The car was parked out front and had balloons tied to it, and Steve and my two sons, Jeff and Danny, came out the front door of the dealership, along with my sister, Nancy, and her husband, Bob,” she says. “Steve had even traded in his two-year-old Ford F-150 for it, and Jeff, who was 25 at the time, added several thousand dollars toward the purchase. Now that’s love!”

While the family kept assuring Lynn that this was, indeed, her new car, it took a bit of time for the news to really sink in, she says. “It shocked the heck out of me. My jaw dropped, and my sister kept laughing and saying ‘shut your mouth!’ ”

Six years later, the Mustang is still the pampered one in the family. “Oh, we baby that car!” says Lynn. “We don’t drive it in bad weather, and Jeff always keeps it clean.” With its distinctive pink striping, pink stitching on the black seats and the Mustang pony badging over the pink breast-cancer-awareness ribbon, “the car gets noticed and I get compliments everywhere I go,” says Lynn, adding that she loves the statement the car makes. “People stop us at gas stations and ask about it,” she adds. “One man said, ‘My wife has breast cancer. I should get her one.’ This car really sends a message in a great way.”
Ford Social 07/09/2014
Hi Lynn! We are so glad to hear that you have fully recovered! Thank you for sharing your story of courage and family support. - Ford Social