Can You Customize a Mustang? Do It, then Let the People Vote

By Ford Social Member

Ideas are free. The trouble generally comes with bringing them to life, and the main issue there usually involves things being not so free. That’s why the Ford Mustang is an exceptionally cool car. The engineers and designers knew exactly how to build something incredibly awesome and satisfying on so many levels – including its performance and looks – it's like every great idea you could have had already exists. Yeah, yeah, if only the Mustang were free! But even with the car being downright perfection, that doesn't always prevent more ideas from sprouting from your brain.

That’s why Ford has launched the new Ford Mustang Customizer website, allowing you to create a Mustang, right down to color, accessories, decals and even how big of a burnout it makes. Pick the Mustang V6, GT, Boss 302 or Shelby GT500 and get to work by creating a setting, such as the dragway, and adding body kits, wheels, grilles and parts from Ford Racing Performance Parts and Ford Vehicle Personalization. Several looks can be created and saved as desktop wallpaper.

You can also log in through your Facebook account and share all the Mustangs you have designed. To boot, there’s a “battle mode” within Facebook to allow you to go head-to-head with other users for best-looking car. You’ll be able to accumulate votes that will be tallied on a leaderboard for others to view, and also identify a nemesis to go after in battle.

If you’d like what you built in the virtual world to become something you can build in the real world, there’s a downloadable PDF option offering a detailed list of all the actual parts you used for your custom creation, distinguished as Ford, aftermarket and concept accessories, complete with links to applicable websites for ease in starting a conversion with your local Ford dealer.
Jamie At Ford 09/19/2011
Hi Richard,
I just saw your comment, my apologies for not seeing it earlier, but were you able to access the Mustang customization site? If not here is the direct link: and have fun Messing with Perfection!

Ford Customer Service Division
Jamie At Ford 09/16/2011
Hey Diane! I have your order status request in my inbox and will be able to send you an update shortly!

Wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!

Ford Customer Service Division
John Laird 09/16/2011
How about customize an F-150? :)
Kalyan Reddy 09/16/2011
How about making a GT-R competition, based on the Mustang platform with IRS, make a bored out version of the 3.5 Eco Boost.
Maybe a 4.0L V6 Eco Boost with around 500HP and 500lb ft. trq, with an AWD system. Based on the Evos concept design.
John T Amor 09/15/2011
Deb I knew you guys were big but didn't know you had your own "custom" thing going on. good for you
Andrew Weigle 09/15/2011
i'd make a 428 Cobra jet w/ a (prolly does not exist i'd make it) a 6 pack pumping out 800 hp then i'd throw in a dual turbo to add 200 extra hp throw in jet black racing style seats with the Stang logo embroidered on them make the dash out of a custom material like carbon fiber instead of a conventional carpeted interior use a carbon fiber or whatever was used for the dash of an 03 Cadillac CTS add a dual functioning hood scoop, side scoops, a custom spoiler, dual chrome exhaust 16" chrome rims, hood pins with the wire through them custom grill w/ several horse inlays with the large one on center red w/ Black stripes then it be just for me!! oh and a sleek horse log down by the rocker panel on both sides..
Ian Hayman 09/15/2011
Would love to Build a Mustang for my wife as she is a Ford Fanatic,it would look smick sitting along side her 1974 XB 2 dr.A little busy atm building a 1937-38 2 dr FORD of cause,got everything ready to go for paint ,i've got the fuel tank and pipes to go and then its all done,shame though , its only a CAKE......!!!!!!!!
Brandon Nelson 09/15/2011
Step 1: take a 2012 mustang boss. Step 2: paint it pure black. Step 3: Go have a beer
Bill Faith King 09/15/2011
toyota highlander and f150 cross fordoyta
Billy Forehand Jr 09/15/2011
I have 84 mustang gt 5.0 5 speed dark red top hood flat black good car
Chuck Cutson 09/15/2011
how about ford making "Flush Mount" 1/4 window louvers as Standard Equipment in the 2013's?
Wolé M. Fayemi 09/15/2011
Thank you for creating this great service for consumers. Where can one find the URL to customize the Mustang?
James Stevick 09/15/2011
had a 51st anniversary idea for 2014 but ford said it wasnt good enuf. thanks blue oval
Jeff Sherren 09/15/2011
been there done dat from a 65 to an 85 n my current 89 5.0 convertible lx which i took the fuel injected automatic out n put 4 bbl topped 302 in with toploader 4spd in behind n currents plans for it are to put a 400 hp+, without my paxton supercharger sittin on top of it, 289 down in it :-)
Matthew Kippley 09/15/2011
Ill leave mine alone, I don't like voided warranties
Richard Lecco 09/15/2011
Can't access the customizer site from the jump page.....what's the URL for it?
TamAirah Pedersen Campbell 09/15/2011
Joti Mohar Das 09/15/2011
I can customise the mustang
Our American Cars 09/15/2011
The Mustang is most customized American Car our there Good job Ford at paying attention and giving us what we want
Karl-Magnus Forland 09/15/2011
Can i have money
Brandon Davis 09/15/2011
Donate the mustang and money and will be build it for real rofl.
Diane Quigley-Fiero 09/15/2011
I already built mine and ordered it.. NOw I am just waiting for you to build it fo me!!!
Andres Alejandro 09/15/2011
ok lets go xD
Kyle Kuhbander 09/15/2011
I am mustang lol ...tattooed all over me power
Can You Customize a Mustang? Do It, then Let the People Vote
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