Can the 2011 Mustang Run Laps Around Competitors in Fuel Economy?

By Ford Social Member

While Mustang has a well-established reputation for power and speed, Ford is pursuing adding another descriptor to the thoroughbred’s reputation – fuel economy champ. Both the 2011 Mustang V6 and V8 deliver class-leading fuel economy. The V6 achieves EPA-estimated at 31 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg in the city, while the V8 is rated at an EPA-estimated at 26 mpg on the highway and 17 mpg in the city.*

Ford will attempt to run 1,000 laps on a single tank of gas with the new 2011 Mustang V6 at Bristol Motor Speedway on June 23, and you’re invited to be involved. A team of Ford engineers and celebrities will attempt to prove Mustang’s ranking as the most fuel-efficient pony car to date by circling the half-mile race track at least 1,000 times – more than 500 miles – to highlight the 3.7L V6 model’s best-in-class 31 mpg.

You can be involved in the Mustang 1,000-lap challenge by entering a national sweepstakes in which you will guess the total number of complete laps that Mustang will complete during the Challenge. Go to between March 21 and June 23, 2010 to register your guess. The grand prize winner will be randomly selected from all those who correctly guess the number of laps completed during the Challenge and will take home a 2011 Mustang V6.

The Mustang 1,000-lap challenge will begin the morning of Wednesday, June 23 with a team of Ford test drivers continuously circling the track until the vehicle runs out of fuel with a goal of surpassing 1,000-lap mark.

The V6 Mustang will be no stranger to Bristol by then, having been selected to serve as pace car for the Food City 500 Sprint Cup Series event.
Larry Paugh 11/05/2010
I got my first new car in 76,well almost new 10,000 on it but I was 17 then, and it was new to me,by the way, I never saw a V6 with headers and a induction system like that thin had,but it ran like a badit, got my first speed on the test drive from Orlando to Titusvill Fla, and in record time.
So is there any thing on the board or in the works on POWER and ECONOMY
Tim 09/22/2010
No, this is all about doing it with a stock production car. No taping the front end. And nitrogen in the tires doesn't do jack for mileage.
Phil 07/21/2010
I have loved the Stang since it came out in 64! I bought my daughter a new 2000 V6 at sixteen (a big mistake on my part, but a great test for the Stang). She wrecked it about 8 times before we lost count, she never took care of it in any way, she drove it 140,000 miles in seven years with no more than a couple hundred dollars spent on repair other than about 20 grand in body work!! It ran and drove like new when she sold it...but looked like a piece of....well, you know!!!
So, I wrote Bill Ford and several others in command about building a Stang retractible (even reminded them about how Ford did it first in 57,58 & 59....they wrote me back a legal letter saying essentially that if they did I would not get anything from it. For pete's sake, I just wanted to buy a GT that was for all seasons!!!!!!!! Build it Ford, and they will come!!!!!!!!!!!
Lewis Ayotte 07/03/2010
I just read about the 2011 Mustang 1400+ laps @ Bristol. I wonder how a new Fusion w/ the 2.5
engine will do. My 2008 Fusion gets 34 MPG on the highway if i stay @ the posted speed limits, when i travel to Foxwoods in Conn, from Saco, Maine, w/ an auto tranny. Your Mustang test sure does impress a person. The Mustang will be on my "Bucket List" for a future purchase. I will be looking for more info for the true "highway" mileage in future tests.
mike 06/19/2010
i like how your name sounds so american just like chevy.
mehdi 06/09/2010
It's great! I hope one day the Ford Racing team is the top in the world! I wish best for "Ford" co, and I wish to be one of your team-drivers!
Fasimoli 05/17/2010
I have always love FORDS. I have a 2006 F-150 King Ranch, but before that I had Ford Explorer. My wife has a 2010 Mustang Covert - V8 Premium - she loves the pony as she stated, "the best pony car in the world". Before the pony, she traded in her 2004 Mercury Mountaineer Premium.. she is a Premium Girl...
Ford is trully an American Brand, unlike Chevy - this is not an American name... and their trucks to me are "Girly Men Trucks"... I rather buy a Ford or a Ram - A TRUELY American Brands.
Fast Gary 04/27/2010
Easy to beat when the 'Vette costs $25,000 more.
Champ 04/19/2010
>can i get a fastback mustang in the near future

Um, they are ALL fastbacks, and have been since the 4th gen mustangs in the early 90's. I miss the notch-back mustangs of the 60's with the completely vertical rear glass.
JohnBravo 04/14/2010
Keep it low on the track, maybe even set the cruise control. leave A/C settings as hot as driver can stand (should driver wear a cool suit instead?). Tape up the front end a bit to reduce drag (The NASCAR guys used to do this back when they actually raced). Fill tires with Nitrogen (should yield about a 3% improvement in gas mileage).
Lou Welke 04/14/2010
It's strange that the Ford Mustang V8 is trying for the best highway /city mileage when the Chevrolet Corvette is already getting 28/29 mpg highway with a 6.2 L 400+ hp V8
This could be hard to beat.

Larry Brown 04/14/2010
WIth a 2.73 rear differential and 305 hp, it will not be hard for a driver with a heavy foot to wear out the rear tires.
Robert Miske 04/13/2010
How about a two door coup, even a small four door based on the Mustang. Somethiing like the BMW One, without the staggering high price and the runflat tires. Please no more front wheel drive cars.Why does Europe get all the cool cars and US customers get transportation appliances. How about a little excitement? I have a 2000 Lincoln LS with 160,000 miles. A great handeling car, no longer made. I will ot buy a front wheel drive car after having the Lincoln LS.
Sincerel, Bob Mkske
tadow 04/06/2010
ford, can i get a fastback mustang in the near future
Debbie 04/05/2010
I have a 2009 V6 and on the highway I can get up to 31 I say go for it! I love my car!
Herman 03/30/2010
Im gonna agree more power for Fusion at least the updated 285hp 3.5 Also great job with new stang powertrains. Been fan for as long as I can remember and these new ones are awesome
Gregvale 03/24/2010
Sounds reasonable...assuming a 15.5 gallon tank, the Mustang would only need to average a little over 32 MPG!

P.S. If you are listening about putting that new V6 in the Fusion Sport? I can see it becoming a real Audi/BMW/Lexus fighter like the Taurus SHO for about $10 less than the Audi SA4!!!! I have an S4 now but would come back to Ford in a heartbeat to get in a 300+HP Fusion!!!
Can the 2011 Mustang Run Laps Around Competitors in Fuel Economy?
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