Boss Owners Start Your Engines!

By Ford Social Member

The 2012 Mustang Boss 302 is a very special vehicle. It’s tuned for the track, styled to stand out on the street and fun to drive on both. Ford just added some icing on the cake with a Boss Track Attach program and TracKey.

Buyers of the highly anticipated Mustang Boss 302 will now get a hands-on track driving experience to learn just what their car is capable of as part of the new complimentary program. The Boss Track Attack program, offered through Team Mustang and Ford Racing, will feature a full Boss immersion, driving instruction and plenty of track time with engineers and racers. The experience is designed to give Boss owners a comprehensive, hands-on look at exactly what their cars are capable of – and just how much fun they can be.

Boss Track Attack will take place at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, outside of Salt Lake City. Boss owners will need to make their own travel and lodging arrangements, but once in Utah, the full track experience – including cars for the event – is courtesy of Ford.

TracKey will be available for 2012 Mustang Boss 302 owners through Ford dealers. It adds TracMode powertrain control module (PCM) to the car for track use, providing full race calibration and two-stage launch control in addition to stock calibration, without compromising factory warranty.

1111_BOSS_inset.jpg A joint project between Mustang engineers and Ford Racing, TracKey adds a second set of PCM software to a customer’s Mustang Boss 302, activated by a specially programmed vehicle key. When invoked by TracKey, the new TracMode software alters more than 200 engine management parameters, increasing low-end torque and turning the potent but well-mannered stock Boss into a competition-ready track car. Remove TracKey and start Boss with the standard key, and all factory engine settings are restored for a comfortable drive home from the course.

As part of the TracKey software package, Ford engineers also devised a two-stage launch control feature similar to that used on the Cobra Jet race car. Using a combination of steering wheel buttons, drivers can set the tach needle to a desired launch rpm. Floor the throttle and the engine will rev to the preset rpm until the clutch is released, helping aid acceleration and vehicle control from a standing start.

The TracKey PCM software adjusts variable cam timing, spark maps, engine braking, fuel control and other engine parameters – more than 200 in total – to provide a complete race car calibration. The result is an aggressive, race-bred driving experience all the way down to the lopey idle rumbling through the Boss quad exhaust.

When TracKey is removed and the vehicle is started with the standard key, the PCM settings are automatically drawn from the factory Boss 302 instruction set again without any additional modifications needed – a huge advantage over aftermarket tuning chips and ECU reprogramming. The convenience is useful for enthusiasts who want all-out performance at the racetrack but stock driveability for the journey there and back.

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keith stockton 08/15/2011
hello i sold #983 out of the 2250 build....awesome car.
Kim Haynie 12/01/2010
My husband and I were married in 74'. Funny how over the years you go through "spells" of thinking that he's the boss or I'm the boss. That all changed when Ford brought back this classic Mustang. THE BOSS is back and there's no doubt it's the Stang!! Way to go Ford, you ROCK!
Lee Henderson 12/01/2010
I would love to have A BOSS! I hope that it is offered in plain colors with no tape stripes and I am also concerned as to weather using the "Track Key" will void the warrantee. THX HENDO
ed woods 11/27/2010
these are the finest mustangs ever built.

this is truly the golden age of the automobile.


Ed Woods
ausfordnut 11/25/2010
They seem to be getting more and more gimmicky as you go along. One more key, another switch, another set of computer perameters - a dozen more things to go wrong. Why do you need all that stuff anyway? The sheer joy of listening to a well set up V8, built well and performing well for the task in hand is enough. Besides, if you drive it on the road, then you set it up for that, and if you want to race it, then you set it up differently to suit the greater demands. Just seems like a showpiece gimmick, this "track key".
babygurl 11/22/2010
nice ride
jasmine reed 11/17/2010
i love me some mustangs
Richard A Rhodes 11/14/2010
I want one how much Canadian are they,is there A limited production and whr
en will they be available:).
Andy 11/12/2010
Great innovation, can only enhance drivers "skills"..
Del Philips 11/12/2010
BE AMARICAN BUY AMARICAN.....and this is real amarican muscle
Ranadeep Roy 11/12/2010
Action start
Ralph Garcia 11/11/2010
The Boss is Back!!!!
Sydney Silverman Bayer 11/11/2010
We still have our 1988 Hatchback - still original! Only problem? No heat! haha! It still on the cover of California Mustang! Now I have a 2005 & what a ride! I'm hoping in 22 years this Mustang will be as good as the 1988!
Anthony Gallina 11/11/2010
My '11 GT is on it's way! I STILL DRIVE my '91 LX 5.0 notch back, with 265,000+ miles on the ORIGINAL DRIVETRAIN AND CLUTCH! I bought that thing brand new in May of '91. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Just before I pulled the trigger on ordering the '11, Ford sprung the BOSS on me, but I can't wait. Besides, it's going to be MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE than a GT, and I ALREADY am surprised by how much money I'm spending, plus the BOSS isn't THAT much more powerful. YES, it has WAY MORE suspension and tuner stuff, but I can add some aftermarket stuff, EVEN FRPP PARTS to my car later. All that, BUT, if I didn't mind waiting and spending more money, then I would be getting the BOSS. KEEP IT UP FORD! Maybe the MORONS at GOVERNMENT MOTORS should pick up your book on SUCCESS! CHRYSLER SUCKS, so it wouldn't matter for those IDIOTS! FORD IS ROLLIN'!
Criss Corporal 11/11/2010
i really like mustang its because its a powerful engine
Addison Harlem Towing 11/11/2010
Ford is on top, and the momentum they have will keep them there!
Rene Barba 11/11/2010
Ford is doing a great job... The engineering and designs are top notch.....
Stephen Martínek 11/11/2010
Sorry ! Just don't like the graphics on the package. Otherwise from what I have read it should be a great car.
Richard Lee 11/11/2010
Is this me, or is this an application of what Ford learned with MyKey? In any case, I hope this makes it to other performance vehicles like a Taurus SHO, Focus ST, or Raptor. It sure beats having to get out a chip programmer and fiddle with the computer and tuning. Just turn the key...and GO!
Wai-dai Nelson 11/11/2010
i cant wait to see the new ford boss. its going to be nice
Charlie McNulty 11/11/2010
That track key is pretty wild...reprogram your computer settings just by swapping keys !
Ross Limmage 11/11/2010
no more american muscle cars please bring back the classic ford escort, cortina or RS200 FFS!!!!!!!!
Eddie Stockman 11/11/2010
Can I get the engine fitted into my 94 F-150? It has the old 5.0, shouldn't be too hard.
Donnyia Dunn 11/11/2010
thumbs up...
Rikki Turner 11/11/2010
It says "BOSS" for a reason....
Dean Millan 11/11/2010
Camaro and Challenger eat your shorts!!!
Pat Ford 11/11/2010
I LIKE IT)(:)~
Nathan Ensing 11/11/2010
i bought one. now i have 2 mustangs!
Chad Miller 11/11/2010
Christian Anderson 11/11/2010
Yeah, I want. Can I get one in Grabber Orange?
Mohammad Shahrose 11/11/2010
Brandon A Kraus 11/11/2010
That's the good stuff!
Bill Woodruff 11/11/2010
Gary Duprez 11/11/2010
How about me, the original owner of a 1970 Boss 302? Do I qualify for the Boss Track Attack Program?
dan heagy 11/11/2010
man that sounds awesome. can't wait until they hit the streets. sure wish i could afford one. when i younger i remember going to Watkins Glen in the 70's to see the Boss Mustang race. what a fantastic car then and now. Great work Ford. TY.
Boss Owners Start Your Engines!
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