Bid on This Custom Mustang Boss 302

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On Saturday, October 15, a very unique 2012 Mustang will be on the block at a live auction during the Get Your Heart Racing benefit on the Ford test track at the Dearborn Development Center in Michigan. The one-of-a-kind Boss 302 Laguna Sega is painted in the same School Bus Yellow color you motorsports fans will know from the Boss 302 that Parnelli Jones drove to victory in the 1970 Trans-Am Championship. But you might say this car has a bit more heart.

You see, it has been customized by Ford Designer Melvin Betancourt, 49, who suffered a serious heart problem 11 years ago and credits docs at the Henry Ford Hospital for saving his life. “I went to the doctor thinking I had a bad cold and the specialists at Henry Ford told me I had what is called an aortic dissection – a tear in the major blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart to the body,” said Melvin. “As a result, my aorta had grown to the size of a softball, and I needed immediate open-heart surgery.”

He then set out to use his customizing skills to create a car that could benefit cardiovascular care, research and education at the Henry Ford Health System. “I approached the project from a car collector’s perspective. I asked myself what would happen if they took me from today, put me back in 1970 and asked me to design a car for Parnelli Jones.”

While decals were used on the 1970 Boss 302, Melvin instead painted the black Laguna Seca graphics on the car, as well as Parnelli’s No. 15 on the doors and his name on the side rails.

And to bring things back full circle to Parnelli, the legend will be signing the Mustang during the Get Your Heart Racing event, making it even more of a collector’s item.

Other live auction items will include a Ford Championship Weekend VIP Experience in November – we're talking  three races, meeting Ford drivers and a personal garage and pit tour – and two tickets to the 2012 American Idol finale in April (hotel and airfare are all-encompassing).

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Edith and Benson Ford Heart & Vascular Institute at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and the Center for Cardiac Care at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.

For more info, head to or call (734)246-9583.
Michael Perkins 11/17/2011
Michael Perkins. California I've been blessed my first car in High School was a 1966 coupe when I got out of the Military I bought another 1966 coupe and then sold that and picked up a 2007 Roush Mustang brand new off the show room floor my youngest boy with 3 friends late night movie TOTALED it broke my heart all the boys were okay and I guess that's what counts huh?
Ralph Wingate 11/10/2011
I had one so many years ago... I think it is time to have another one.
Seth Vassilico 10/19/2011
The Challenger and the Camaro should beware of the Mustang!
Dustin Dusty Helland 10/18/2011
Bumble Bee...? Really Dave? More like Parnelli Jones' School Bus Yellow Boss. Bad to the Bone in any sense.
Shawn Joyce 10/17/2011
I bid one year in Afghanistan fighting for freedom since that's what I'm doing right now and still can't afford a car THAT good looking! She's pretty sweet!
Dave Fetterman 10/14/2011
"kool "Bumble Bee" attitude, thanks...
Rogelio Méndez 10/14/2011
Beutiful, l like to drive it!
Jim Adams 10/14/2011
Bring back a 2500 pound mustang proud owner of a 66 coupe with a rebuilt 1993 lightning swap roller cam 69 w intake
Triston Mauldin 10/13/2011
you should give it to me
Mitchell Lambe 10/13/2011
looks better than the van in my driveway that 2002
T.l. Rassmussen 10/13/2011
I already have one! lol Blaze Yellow Metallic. I absolutely LOVE the new Boss 302. Ours isn't the Laguna Sega though... :( But it's one of the best vehicle purchases we've ever made, aside from my F150. Wish I could afford to place at least one bid (I'd be outbid immediately, but hey, its a thought!). I hope whoever gets this car actually drives it, enjoys it. Life is to be lived, not just lived through.
Cameron Speaker 10/13/2011
I'll take it
Bucky Collins 10/13/2011
would look better in my garage than anyone elses out there!
Cheryl-Ann Hills 10/13/2011
Ramon Figueroa 10/13/2011
Compare uno el año 2022! :D para correr con el 66 de federico tapia
Lucas Raile 10/13/2011
My mom had a 73 mach one and it was beautiful! So are the new cars
Kyle Neil 10/13/2011
I have a 72 mach 1,its amazing wat they have evolved from,I still like older cars,back when they were hand made out of metal
Nadine Gunningham 10/13/2011
How u get one for free nice!!!!
Tolga Çatal 10/13/2011
power of the ford
Charlotte Wright 10/13/2011
Bring a FORD plant back to GEORGIA!
Yusuf Ege Türksever 10/13/2011
New series
Serpil Aktosun 10/13/2011
2012 mustang very good..
Bid on This Custom Mustang Boss 302
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