Battle for Your Dream Mustang

By Cole Q.

The Mustang Customizer has been very popular with Mustang enthusiasts and even people who don’t call themselves enthusiast. And why not? It lets you configure a new Mustang according to your personal tastes, ranging from custom paint schemes and hood scoops to a variety of wheels. Then you can duke it out in Battle Mode with other customized Mustangs and download your design to use as wallpaper or whatever you want, as well as share it with your friends.

For 2013, the Mustang Customizer raises the bar, giving people a chance to win an actual version of the Mustang with as many of the customized changes they selected as is possible! There will be four winners chosen over several months.

You can earn points through a series of actions. The more points you have, the more entries you get, and the more entries you get, the better chance you have of winning your dream Mustang. After you use the 2013 Mustang Customizer, you can collect points for sharing the customizer and your customized Mustang on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via email. You can also rack up points by winning battles in Battle Mode, commenting on others’ cars and by recruiting your friends to customize a Mustang and join the contest. Winners will be selected randomly.

Check out the 2013 Mustang Customizer for all of the rules and details, and get to work building your virtual Mustang. It might just materialize!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. MUST BE LEGAL RESIDENT OF THE 48 CONTIGUOUS U.S. STATES/DC, 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. Void in Alaska, Hawaii and where prohibited. Sweepstakes ends 10/7/12. For complete entry, eligibility, prize details and odds disclosure, see Official Rules at Sponsored by Ford Motor Company, One American Road, Dearborn, MI 48126.
Ford Social 08/06/2013
Hi Cristian!

Unfortunately, at this time Battle Mode is for US residents only.

Ford Social Moderation Team
Cristian Dampyr D 07/02/2013
i live in italy then i cant enter in a battle mode?
Bob Freely 10/23/2012
I had browser issues with Chrome, Internet Explorer worked the best for me.
Ken H 10/04/2012
I can't get the customizer to work on my computer either!
Gregory F 09/23/2012
Is it just my computer or are other people having trouble viewing their garage ?
Adam J 08/24/2012
Following up on my previous post. My son Ford Douglas J. was born 8-9-2012 and he is still waiting on his 2013 GT-500. Even if we do not win a Ford Mustang GT-500, hopefully he will grow up loving to work on cars with his father just like I did. Ford has done a great job on this GT-500 and I am proud to say that I am now a Ford fan in more than one way.
Alex G 08/16/2012
Anybody win this beaty yet.
Margaret A 07/18/2012
Who won the latest Mustang contest that just ended in July?
Michael Andrew W 07/07/2012
OMG, I just learned the 2013 Mustang got rid of the ugly washer nozzles on the hood and relocated them to the cowl. That 2013 hood looks smooth and sculpted. This attention to detail is awesome.
Michael Andrew W 07/03/2012
Customizer is a lot of fun. I'm seeing some 2013 Mustangs on the road finally- I think the back lights are less ugly than the 2012, the black-out treatment hides the big gaps better. Hood & grill looks way better; 'likin it.
Adam J 07/02/2012
If I win one of the 2013 GT-500's I am going to name my first born son FORD. He is due in August 2012, so the only thing that has to happen is for me to Win the GT-500. My wife already okayed the name IF I win, so WISH ME LUCK!!!!
Mathew P 07/01/2012
woot! I
Jorgia T 06/30/2012
I think Ford Rocks on all their vehicles but my personal favorite is the Remake of the 56 Thunderbird thats my Dream Car.
Jorgia T 06/30/2012
I think Ford Rocks on all their vehicles but my personal favorite is the Remake of the 56 Thunderbird thats my Dream Car.
Jorgia T 06/29/2012
Does that come in pink convertiables? Hehe
i love all the mustangs and ford cars and trucks!! big blue oval is like a family to me!!!
Battle for Your Dream Mustang
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