Are You a Mustang Woman?

By Tori T.

March is National Women’s Month, so we want to know: Are you a Mustang Woman? Why are you a Mustang enthusiast? What is your first Mustang memory? What do you own now? Why do you love the Mustang so much? Tell us!

As we fest the car that changed the world and culture 50 years ago, we’re also taking a moment to look back on those decades, including those who brought the new 2015 Ford Mustang to fruition, notably the women, from design to engineering to customers!

And bringing awareness to women’s key involvement with the all-new Mustang struck a chord on Facebook and Twitter ! For example, Anne P. told us on Facebook that she “knew that women had to be involved somewhere there to make it good looking” while Paul M. opined, “Women with great taste.”

On Ford Social, Rosemary M. noted she is “so glad to see all these successful women working for Ford and taking care of the Mustang. I loved my Ford Mustang with an overhead cam that I gave to my daughter when she graduated from college in 1982. It was a 1979, bronze color.”

Pam L. told us via Ford Social, “I am glad to see the women who make a difference in the industry! I own a red 2007 Mustang and work in in the manufacturing industry myself.” And Carol G. wrote, “Great job ladies, I have a 2014 and I love it! I will always stick to the Mustang as long as I can drive.” Added Alan B., “I love my '13 convertible! Not surprised some truly savvy women are involved in the Mustang line at key positions.”

But it may be Jennifer H. who summed it up best when she wrote on Ford Social, “Lucky ladies. #DreamJob.”