A Car Designed by Kids Just for Mom

By Cole Q.

For Mother’s Day, we asked a group of kids to help us design a dream car for their moms. But we didn’t stop there. We took their ideas and brought them to life!

Here’s what we asked:

1. If you could make a car for your mom, what would it look like?

2. How would it go fast?

3. If you could put anything on a car for your mom – anything at all – what would it be?

4. How would you paint it?

5. Where would she go in it?

6. Who would she give a ride to?

The video above shows the sketches that illustrators drew based on the ideas and thoughts from our junior marketing focus group. What do you think? What would a dream car for your mom look like? Share in the comments below! And happy Mother's Day!
A Car Designed by Kids Just for Mom
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