2013 Ford Cobra Jet Mustang

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The evolution of the Ford Cobra Jet Mustang continues. The CJ, as you can call it, debuted back in 1968 at the NHRA Winternationals. In modern day, it hit the racing scene in the 2008, 2010, and 2012 model years, and has become the winningest late-model in the NHRA, with national event wins in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

So, as you can imagine, all eyes are on what the 2013 CJ can do. No problem! The factory-produced race car has two 5.0-liter engine options: naturally aspirated with a Cobra Jet induction system, CNC-ported heads, high-lift cams and low-drag accessory drive, or with a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharge, CNC port-matched manifold and heads and a proprietary 10-rib supercharger drive system for high-rpm without belt slip.

The chassis was also updated, with lightweight body modifications for better weight distribution. A new roll cage design has safety and chassis rigidity at its core, while the brake pedal ratio has been revised for more modulation and stopping power. The electric power steering provides better driveability, and the rear suspension geometry delivers faster and more consistent 60-foot times.

The 2013 Cobra Jet production is limited to only 50 units and orders placed through Ford dealers will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The MSRP will be approximately $86,000 for the naturally aspirated engine option and $93,000 for the supercharged version. Additional options and pricing will be announced in January.

Now, if this particular Mustang is more of a fantasy than reality for you, there’s good news: Cobra Jet components will be available through Ford Performance Parts, allowing racers to upgrade their Mustangs to the CJ specifications.

And the hits just keep on coming: Fans of the CJ can help choose the color of the 2013 race car – classic white, silver or black – by voting online at www.fordracing.com . Voting ends Dec. 31, 2011.
Debra F 02/29/2012
I want one!
John Bailey 02/17/2012
I have no problem with the pricing as long as the cars are raced and driven the way they were designed to be!
Courtenay Clayton 02/01/2012
If i may, why did we choose to go with Whipple?
Anthony Spencer 01/18/2012
Not affordable, not available to the common man, who cares.
dc 12/30/2011
please....2013 bullitt.....please with sugar on top....if not i'm thinking challenger...just sayin'
Chuckles 12/12/2011
Guys, guys, this is a drag racing car, not a street car. The 2.9L refers to the Whipple supercharger, not the engine. The engine is, indeed, a 5.0L. Keep it up Ford! Looking forward to the 2013 Shelby GT500 as well!
"John A." "Kurpinski Sr." 12/11/2011
I had a 1968 428 Cobra Jet Mustang and it was the fastest street car I 've ever owned and the fastest of all the Mustangs I did own. I would like to see a street version of the Cobra Jet for 2013 like the street versions of 1968, 1969 and 1970.
Darlene Mangrum 12/09/2011
WOW!!!! It's beautiful!!! Now. . .if only I could hit the lottery. . .
Dale Owen 12/07/2011
Simply wonderful.
Penny Brown 12/07/2011
Totally freaking awesome
Rich Roberts 12/07/2011
Sivispace 12/07/2011
I'm holding my breath for the 2015 Mustang with the independent rear end. It will put the Mustang on par with some exotic cars in the SVT version.
i know Santa is bringing me one i just know it
Robert Cena 12/07/2011
Well, this car is very nice , It has good and safety features, its design is s so awesome that can attract customer and also it create craze about this car among car lover, well, I am eagerly waiting for this car to come in market. Surely when this car comes in market, it will rock the market and those who drive this car will have good experience of driving and also he would have great fun for driving.Park Model RV
GREAT looking graphics!!
Allen Rice 12/06/2011
Wow. Love the Mustang. Love my F150 Ecoboost even more. Ford rocks!
Anthony Dreisbach 12/06/2011
@Dwayne Miles I work at a Ford dealer in service and I can assure that the intakes are not cheap.. Its plastic because its a street car not a race car
Raymond Keith Wratchford 12/06/2011
The morons at chevy wont let this go without the usual whining.
Daniel Opheim 12/06/2011
when will it hit the street?
Delphis Rochette 12/06/2011
the proof of a real santa, bring me this mustang please!!!!!!
ps. i,ll be waiting by the sleigh.
Joel Miller 12/06/2011
i want one man........
Dwayne Miles 12/06/2011
I hope it don't have the cheap plastic intake!!!!! like THE ONE MY my GT has
Daryn Pindell 12/06/2011
need more pictures, i want to see the nose!
All I can say is "SWEET"
Eugene Brooks 12/06/2011
on my wish list!
TamAirah Pedersen Campbell 12/06/2011
Nina Jenkins Maurey 12/06/2011
Santa...I have been very good this year :)
Ernie Hubbard 12/06/2011
Eugene Brooks 12/06/2011
Dear Santa,
What I REALLY want for Christmas is the new 2012 Boss Mustang !
I NEED it bad !
Doyle Anderson 12/06/2011
I love the Mustang,its great! But i miss the old Torino! How about taking thr Taruas and coming up with a Torino muscle car! Please, I had a 1971 torino gt 351 clevland
Not sure I like "Cobra Jet" written all over it like that, but it's a sweet car!
Vane Murillo 12/06/2011
very nice wow... these spectacular...!
G.Karl 12/06/2011
But what are the drag times? HP? 60 foot times?, etc. $100k can build a serious drag car that's still street legal so what does this 100K get me?
Our American Cars 12/06/2011
Ford just keeps releasing some awesome cars...especially in the Mustang line-up. Proud to be an AMERICAN :)
Muda Fletes Sanchez 12/06/2011
I love car
Cory L Frakes 12/06/2011
It would be cool to bring back the 428 CJ and integrate the new eco boost engine into the redesigning of the 428, or put it a redesigned ford lighting ..
Sandaruwan 12/06/2011
I want that baby!!!!!!!
Gordon Roy Compton 12/06/2011
I found what i want for Christmas... PLEASE Santa
James Johnson 12/06/2011
got to love the fact they brought back the 5.0
Giles Kennedy 12/06/2011
Ford needs these Hi-performance models. Chevy and Dodge have been edging up...kick it into overdrive!
Donnie jokinen 12/06/2011
Charcoal silver CJ with shakerhood!
Julie Knight 12/06/2011
Santa, I think this one would work just fine!
Umair Shoukat 12/06/2011
علي الارباب 12/06/2011
ilove car ford
Skeeter Wright 12/06/2011
cool looking car, I could go to the links as long as it holds the clubs,lol
This would be fun to have, but got to fit the golf clubs in to! Lol
Taran Malhi 12/06/2011
We need something like the lightning brought back to life! I realise Ford has the Raptor now and hennessey makes aftermarket kits for it. But whatever did happend to the ultimate production street truck? Ford should think about stuffing a supercharged cayote motor smack dead in the middle of a svt f150 lightning!
Matthew Smith 12/06/2011
crazy crazy
Jared Bosco Barchenger 12/06/2011
Give us HP numbers!
Marco Venter 12/06/2011
Sweet but is it so fast?
cole 12/06/2011
The 2013 Ford Cobra Jet Mustang is available with two versions of a 5.0-liter V-8 engine. One is naturally aspirated, and the other has a Whipple supercharger on it. The supercharger has a displacement of 2.9-liters, not the engine.

Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
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Sharon Eli Grillett 12/06/2011
Wow...ok Santa I just added this to my list...I've been good enough....I think...
Carson Goddard 12/06/2011
Kool Nustang..Here me Santa?
Royce Kugler 12/06/2011
Not enough Cobra Jets :(
Richard Graham 12/06/2011
only in our wildest dreams
Ethan Campbell 12/06/2011
Cool graphic!!
Taylor Franklin 12/06/2011
Hey! I was there! Was pretty cool on person
Arjun Nair 12/06/2011
45grand???? Competitively priced....
Eric Scott Robinson 12/06/2011
Not to mention the new mustang gt is $45k nicely packaged
Eric Scott Robinson 12/06/2011
Compared to new cars. I'm keeping my baby
Wawan Setyawan 12/06/2011
Like this
Eric Scott Robinson 12/06/2011
No other car is as good as a mustang believe me... one car that's close is the ford focus st... but all of the other cars suck compared 10 years ago..
Braddford Young 12/06/2011
What happen to the 5.4 with the 4.0 whipple option? Or the new 5.8 with a 4.0 whipple?
Jesse Ailshire 12/06/2011
Ooo pretty
Thomas Sheppard 12/06/2011
Another great Mustang, Rock On Cobra Jet! Now who's going to buy me one lol!
Buzz Liteyear 12/06/2011
wish I had an extra $93k laying around
Kimberly Rae Resh 12/06/2011
I don't like the tail lights but other than that it freaking rocks :)
Don Bond 12/06/2011
"Drive It" like someone child depends on you for their survival!
Ronald Duke Gillingham 12/06/2011
When you absolutely positively have to get there first! First On Race Day = FORD
Eric Ford 12/06/2011
This car is awesome looking..Has hints of the mid 60's to late 70's when Mustang was..The Car to have for racing, cruising.:_) BUT..It should have a 302 HO..Not some 2. anything in it.. A old school motor for a very old school and durable design,.. Looks fast, lets make it..go fast!! Sound fast too.loll Twin-turbo, twin super-charge a 302 HO guys!! How about it?!
Ronald Gillingham 12/06/2011
Box Stock from the Ford Dealership this particular Mustang will turn 10 second quarter miles! No OEM on earth matches it!!!