2011 Salute to Dealers

By Tori T.

At first, you might be inclined to think something called Salute to Dealers is about dealerships with the best coffee and bagels in the customer waiting area. It’s not. It’s an initiative from Ford, and now in its 12th year, designed to honor Ford and Lincoln dealer principals who improve the lives of those in need while also providing outstanding products and services. Each year, as a group, they support and participate in hundreds of programs for a multitude of worthy causes.

What is your dealership up to? We want to know, because during this time of year, stories of goodwill and cheer are especially meaningful to hear. Also, if you work at a dealership, don’t forget to snag a Ford Social Dealer Badge here! Not a dealer? Grab a badge (or more than one!) that does suit you here , be it your love of Mustangs, racing, music, The Great Outdoors or choose from the many others, including one that represents the Ford you drive!

And now, here’s a look at the 2011 Salute to Dealers award-winners and their causes:

Ronnie Watkins, Ronnie Watkins Ford, Gadsden, Alabama
“I’ve supported Gadsden’s ESTEEM program from its beginning. ESTEEM rewards disadvantaged kids when they get good grades. We’re sponsoring trips to museums and amusement parks, we’re helping with their nutrition and health care, and we’re encouraging them to believe that they can achieve great things if they work hard.”

Keith Kocourek, Kocourek Ford, Wausau, Wisconsin
“My daughter accompanies me on Angel Flights. We once picked up three kids from Chicago’s inner city and flew them to a camp in Minnesota for kids who are critically ill, to give them a week of fun. We’ve flown breast milk from Minnesota to Ohio for premature babies. I have the flexibility and the resources, so I volunteer when I can.”

Paul Miller, Paul Miller Ford, Lexington, Kentucky
“We have a great city that provides countless opportunities for giving, and we’ve participated in everything from fundraising efforts for saving horses to saving lives at the Kentucky Children’s Hospital. More than 40 charities in 58 years. As a Ford Dealer, we feel it’s important to be part of the fabric of our community.”

Don and Cheryl Brenengen, Brenengen Ford, Sparta, Wisconsin
“We were able to help get a Boys and Girls Club started by leading a fundraising effort and remodeling a vacated clinic building. Attendance has been about 80 youths a day and membership is over 500.”
Kevin Bradberry 02/09/2012
Glad to be here
Evie Kesling 02/06/2012
I just want you to know that I thought the Chevy commercial for the superbowl last night was in very poor taste. Not only for their dis to Ford but making light of tragedy. I have never owned a Chevy and I never will. We have always owned Fords and will be buying another new one soon. Thank you Ford for sticking to your high standards and for not taking a bail out like GM did!
Nick 02/05/2012
Please bring the Crown Victoria back! Please!
Grady Lowman 02/03/2012
I think Ford should make an Eddie Bauer Explorer again along with Eddie Bauer Taurus.
yonathan cummings 02/03/2012
yonathan cummings why did a tundra 5.7l smoke my f 150 5.4l really bad that i cried for weeks?
yonathan cummings 02/03/2012
yonathan cummings why did a tundra 5.7l smoke my f 150 5.4l really bad that i cried for weeks?
shellby bretschneider 01/12/2012
Keep up the great work Ford!
Brad Barefoot 01/09/2012
Hey Ford Crewmates ! Greeting from the Detroit Auto Show ! We have seen many great cars, all of them Ford. The new Fusion (E-Ticket Ride), the new Ford C-Max (another E-Ticket Ride), and the new Escape (yet another E-Ticket ride). To sum it all up Ford Motor Company ..... WELL DONE.
Susan fitzgerald 01/04/2012
I wish to convey extreme kudos to Karl the service manager at Tillamook Oregon Ford. He totally took care of me and my two daughters on December 2nd this year. We were on our way back to our home in Idaho after visiting family for Christmas when my poor Fiona (a 2001 Expedition that I love) started running REALLY rough on acceleration. He has been there for my family on many other occasions so my mom called and asked for him right away. He told my mom, "send her right over, we'll take care of her" and in we went. He got the diagnosis done right away and set one of the able mechanics to work. In short, we were back in Idaho by 8 pm that night and all thanks to him and his trusty mechanics. Thank you so much Karl and all who participated. You Rock!! ~ Susan Fitzgerald
Trevor McKirgan 01/03/2012
What like Visteon UK pensioners
JUANITA ROYE 01/03/2012
My dealership Pat Milliken Ford is awesome and my sales person Shauntice Richmond is awesome also!! I really LOVE MY 2007 EDDIE BAUER EXPLORER!! My hands are already itching to buy a new FORD!! I would buy one over and over again!! : )
Yvonne Simmons-Sims 01/03/2012
I have put my comments about 2011 Salute to Dealers in the Social comment section, hopefully it was posted, so you may know what goes on in some of your dealerships.
Mathias Baumann 01/03/2012
I really like your site...
Dustin Helland 01/03/2012
Dario, the Milan was built on the SAME assembly line as the Fusion. And being a former employee of Pasha Automotive. We recieved Many Enterprise Rental vehicles from Hawaii. Fusions and Milans included. Interior, Engine and body are essentially the Same. Fusions seemed to not like to start, even with a New battery. The Transmissions would go out of them early on. My friend had a2011 Fusion and she had a blown tranny within' 4k miles and the electrical system wouldnt work right. She sold it for a 2011 Ranger to which I helped her get.
Darío Petrollini 01/02/2012
No Dustin, the Milan it´s better.
Jerry Fisk 01/02/2012
The problem with america is the dumbasses like curtis
William White 01/02/2012
I didn't expect to see 5 updates from Ford per day. Too many.
Dustin Helland 01/02/2012
The Milan is the same thing as the Fusion
Darío Petrollini 01/02/2012
The Milan is better than the Fusion.
Sue Arscott 01/02/2012
Love love love my 2008 Ranger!
Curtis Womack 01/02/2012
the Fusion is made in Mexico and built in Canada! SCREW FORD. WHATS WRONG WITH AMERICA?
Irma Petersen 01/02/2012
I really like how century Ford of Mount Airy MD is involved in the Comunity, that was one of the reasons I went to them when we needed a reliable car and the way I was treated made me feel great, no preassure no hassle, by the time my husband came back from work I had done all the legwork and testdriving was done.He was very pleased. I will buy a Ford again from them without even second guessing,
Irma Petersen
Karak Holgerson 01/02/2012
Tubbs & Sons of Colby, KS.
Brad Barefoot 01/02/2012
Hey Ford ! I had my wife's Escape in for routine maintenance last week and I spoke with the service manager. He thanked me for the good report from the survey from Ford service. Here is what I wrote in the comment column .........

Good Service + Good Sales Staff = Great Dealership. High marks and regards for Dunn/Benson Ford, my dealership.
Lloyd Watt 01/02/2012
Ford the one and only. Car salesman are all the same
Tommy Curran 01/02/2012
Best dealer? I'd say Herb Chambers Ford, Braintree, Mass.
Worst dealer(s)? That would be a tie between Quirk Ford in Quincy, Mass and Muzi Motors in Needham, Mass.
Robin Libbey 01/02/2012
Dont listen to the LIARS, Ford Rangers are the best trucks produced.
Darío Petrollini 01/02/2012
Put Mercury in the Market again and kill Lincoln. Mercury sold more cars than Lincoln in 2009, 2010 and 2011!. Bad strategy Ford. Please put Mercury again in 2013!!.
John McPherson 01/02/2012
You can Salute you Dealership in Yuma Az Bill Alexander Ford this Dealership has been helping me for year sences 1989, they are also a Blue Oval Dealership which i think is well deserved THANK YOU FORD
Alex Zambrano 01/02/2012
Your Damm daelers wouldn't come down $500.00 and then a week latter on TV it $600.00 lower. I guess that why I didn't add another truck this year.
Alex Zambrano 01/02/2012
Your Dealers suck!!!!
Tony Basso 01/02/2012
they didnt help me...
Darío Petrollini 01/02/2012
I want Mercury again in 2013. Please!.
Barbara Beyer 01/02/2012
Yea Varsity Ford in Ypsilanti, MI and Saleman Dan Divens.... Good Deals all the time. Right off of I 94. ASK for Good 'ole' Dan. He's been there for years.
Barry Hudson 01/02/2012
Come see me at Metro Ford in Independence, MO for the best vehicle buying service that you will ever experience
Mike West 01/02/2012
Great service at Jerseyville, Illinois. At least ford didn't take the buyout.
James Trentham 01/02/2012
I have a 67 mustang coupe a 95mustang gt 5.0 n a 98 mustang gt 4.6 with 5 speed a ford 150 truck a ford bronco n a 1968 ford glaxy custom 500 i got to be a ford man u thank
Donald Young 01/02/2012
I love the service I get at Darlings in Bangor,Maine. Great service and the Women and Wheels party was just the best. I have a 2002 yellow Mustang and a 2011 Ford Plantium F-150. Go Ford. Janice
Eveline Luppi 01/02/2012
Best Ford Dealer, Tasca Ford, Rhode Island.
Mick McCarthy 01/02/2012
i.love.my.mk2.R.S.1800.your .friend mick.mk2.
Dan Boura 01/02/2012
thats the way its supose to be ford the only one
Higinio Caballero Gimenez 01/02/2012
Jim Hatton 01/02/2012
2012 race red mustang! The only real muscle car left besides the corvette!
Edis Yumandra 01/02/2012
Diana Sprouse 01/02/2012
I love my Ford Fiesta. It's bright yellow.
Carl Warmington 01/02/2012
Awarding your dealers for these issues is a good thing, but may I suggest that Ford award dealers whom actually serve the (Fords) customers, and that Ford award themselves for serving your dealers :-)
2011 Salute to Dealers
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