What Will You Do to Help the Environment?

By Ford Social Member

In the truest spirit of social media, we're launching the You Speak Green application on Facebook , giving you and others a place to share your environmental tips and practices.

You Speak Green grew out of the 2010 Fusion + Hybrid Facebook fan page , and was inspired by the Fusion Hybrid's innovative instrument cluster with efficiency leaves. Much like the car's display that coaches you to be a more efficient driver, the You Speak Green application will add leaves to the vine as you and others add environmental action items. This app will encourage eco-conscious Facebook users to start a dialogue and get involved in helping the environment.

What will you do? Whether it's using energy-efficient lightbulbs or using your old fifth-grade lunch box instead of paper bags, each change in behavior that you post or share can help the vine grow.

Make your commitment to help the environment. Add the You Speak Green app to your Facebook profile by clicking here and encourage your friends and coworkers to do the same. And don't forget to become a fan of the 2010 Fusion + Hybrid by clicking here , the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in America.*
Cecelia Moore 10/03/2009
Is there a way I can get my 2001 T-Bird retrofitted with an electric motor?
Jennifer Moore Ford Motor Company Communications 08/22/2009
Mr. Colvin - Nice to hear how well your Fords have held up over the years. We appreciate your enthusiasm about our coming electric vehicles and your offer to test one! We aren't quite ready to put them in consumers hands yet - still working on their development although we do have a demonstration fleet of plug-in hybrid Escapes currently in use with our Utility company partners. Yes the first electric vehicle we bring out will be the BEV Transit Connect but the following year we will launch the battery electric Ford Focus, a small passenger car. So keep watching us - but in the meantime feel free to check out the fuel efficient Fords on the road today. We are committed to delivering best in class or among the best in class with every new vehicle we bring to market..And yes, we're excited too about the prospects of electrifying more vehicles.

Jennifer Moore
Ford Motor Company
Christopher C. Colvin 08/19/2009
I have always driven Fords, incuding tractors. I've had a few younger years with long gone VW"s, but I still have my '68 Mustang with 200k+ miles. It is almost a memory. It has been parked for almost 20 years, and I can't let go of it. It is almost rusted to death. No worries? I have an old '91 Explorer with 200K+ miles. It still runs a little, and it has always been a fun vehicle. Now I drive a '95 E-250 Sears Fleet van. It also has over 200k+ miles and it serves my purpose.
I work locally playing "karaoke", etc. in a small town in Florida. I only drive 15-30 miles or less a day. I am wanting to trade my vehicle for a new one, similarly equiped, stripped, for a "green" electric-hybrid vehicle. I saw "Wold News Tonight" on August 19th, 2009, and they stated that one of your newest electric vehicles will be a van. I cannot afford to buy the vehicle and I only drive a fraction of the average person. I would love to be a real world experiment of your technology and I have no problem with painted on advertising. I know I am asking for a miracle, but I am a true believer in Ford! Thank you for being my favorite auto brand and I will tryout any Ford GT etc. if you want!
p.s. I am very electrically & mechannically inclined. That means I can easily convert to anything you can think of ... solar, inverter, battery,
Thank you for reading this!
What Will You Do to Help the Environment?
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