What the Color of Your Ford Says About You

By Tori T.

There’s not a single part of your Ford that hasn’t been researched and then researched and then researched more before going in the final design of the vehicle. That even applies to colors, like interior lighting. But if your house is lit by basically one color – white bulbs – why can’t your vehicle’s interior lights and ambiance be the same way?

It’s because lights, graphics and displays are a crucial part of the driving experience, and curiously enough, the brain doesn’t see color; it recognizes light. So, take the new Ford Fusion: The ice blue color in the accent lighting is a shade that helps keep drivers and passengers more alert. Explains Mahendra Dassanayake, Ford Technical Leader for Design, “If you have a correct level of blue light these field lends trigger a well-known enzyme called melatonin. That keeps you alert and aware of your situation and driving situation.”

Certain levels or combinations of light trigger enzymes in the brain. Those enzymes cause emotional responses within the body – states we recognize as stress or calmness or happiness. Therefore, it’s not your imagination – color can affect how you feel. In fact, it affects everything from your buying choices to your blood pressure.

There are shades of yellow that stimulate parts of the brain, bringing clear-headed, decisive action, while green, on the other hand, affects the nervous system, causing us to breathe slowly and deeply, helping the heart to relax by slowing the production of stress hormones. What about red? It likely will evoke the strongest emotions, be that passion or anger.

Lighting is also crucial with regard to glare and reflection on various textiles and materials; designers need to minimize eyestrain on the driver.

Getting back to the Fusion, its palette is ice blue, purple, blue, orange, red, white and green, allowing you to set and change each color, depending on your wants and needs.

Color Messages and Meanings by Leatrice Eiserman calls out emotions brought about by color, such as orange denoting outgoing and optimistic, while green is refreshing and relaxing. Blue is dependable and loyal, while red is an attention-getter.

Which are you?
James W 04/13/2012
Red Candy 2011 Ford Fusion -Hybrid
It stands out and catches alot of comments!
Brandon R 03/20/2012
Yellow Mach 1
don c 03/14/2012
All this is wonderful, but red helps you maintain your night vision.

(Note to site designer: this font turns lower-case "I" into a vertical line.)
Dan Clarkson 03/01/2012
75 F-100 4x4. Lightning white.
Irene Church 02/28/2012
2011 Explorer Limited - shiny white.. my only problem is that dirt tends to collect on the rear and salt and mud gets on the back up camera. The rest of the vehicle is relatively clean. Just feel proud to drive this vehicle at the age of 75.
Riyan Aeyed 02/28/2012
2012 Explorer shiny white . The best SUV :-)
Mike Martin 02/28/2012
I am going with green cause that what mine costs me daily, pos ford f250 lemon
Monique 02/28/2012
That's great but could I get the Ford that I want in the color that I want? (example: Raptor in Lime Green?)
Jonathon Johnson 02/28/2012
oh i refuse to put dubs on i dont want my car to be a roller skate.
Jonathon Johnson 02/28/2012
my 95 lincoln is willow green metallic going to have dual flowmaster super 10s with K&N filter and red metallic flames down the sides im sick of people saying that lincoln towncars are grandma cars im going to push all the hp that i can out of the 4.6
John Anderson 02/28/2012
Then why are 80% of all cars on a dealers lot white, silver or black? It sucks. I especially hate silver.
JC 02/27/2012
my ford ecosport freestyle 2011 is black¡¡
Barbara H 02/27/2012
My 06 Mustang GT is Colorado Red . Not Torch Red, brighter than that.
R Headley 02/27/2012
Most people take melatonin to go to sleep. I wouldn't want to take melatonin while driving. Are we sure blue lights cause the body to produce melatonin.
Jonathan Neal 02/27/2012
02 explorer Eddie Bauer dark green gold trim
kieran 02/27/2012
have a real mint focus st170 like show suff only 42,000 ffsh sweet as
Tuxedo Black
Tom F 02/27/2012
Mine is green.
Dave S 02/27/2012
Black is beautiful (at least when it's clean)
Jason Moffat 02/27/2012
Cosworth blue allways fast and in front
Bill Bidell III 02/27/2012
tuxedo black
Charlotte Steer 02/27/2012
My Fusion has a tan interior but I can change the interior lights whenever I want. I sort of like the red lights, personally.
Trevor Thorne 02/27/2012
Well mines Panther Black - so what does that say? Help!!!
Alan Brackett 02/27/2012
First truck 93 extended cab f150 "old red" Now my 97 extended cab is teal liked my old one with the 5.0 all I got in this one is a 4.2 but it's got straight pipes on it sounds pretty good for a v6
Patty Ann 02/27/2012
love blue :0
Oscar Moreno 02/27/2012
My home have two: one Explorer is black and other Escape is red, both inside soft brown.
Thomas Allen Lidikay 02/27/2012
the color of mine says im poor so i cannot afford a paint job that is not spray paint.
Thomas Allen Lidikay 02/27/2012
the color of mine says im poor so i cannot afford a paint job that is not spray paint.
Allie Engle 02/27/2012
The color of mine says I'm too cheap and broke to get a paint job ;)
Calvin Kennedy 02/27/2012
My f 250's both are white the one is white with a white sleeper both are nice
Susie Nick-White 02/27/2012
Our trucks are white and our Mustangs are "Arrest me red"
Edward Lemanski 02/27/2012
My Ford is black, No choice, bought it that way, only model available on the lot that weekend. Am happy with it anyway!
William Steppe 02/27/2012
Im white like my truck.
Alexandra Cristina Stumpf 02/27/2012
My Ford Focus CC silver metallic i love this colour
Barbara Jane Vorenkamp-deheus 02/27/2012
My last car was a 1984 Thunderbird.. It was a cream color with light beige interior. My favorite car was a 1982 Thunderbird Heritage Model which was "French Vanilla" with cream velvet interior and was like driving a small Lincoln. It was so nice. I have owned a lot of cars in my life and the best ones were Ford manufacured ones. I don't drive anymore but if I did, it would have to be a new Mustang Convertible
David Hicks 02/27/2012
My o2 f150 is red
It's the truth about colors, they tell people who you are and how you feel. GO BLUE!
Doug Heidebrink 02/27/2012
08 Taurus AWD Limited black on black and chrome
Chance Morse 02/27/2012
"you can have any color you want, as long as it is black" -Henry Ford-
Larry Sweeney 02/27/2012
my 79 F150 IS GRAY AND A......LOT OF RUST
Two Rivers Ford 02/27/2012
A great read! We love it. Thanks for sharing, Ford Motor Company.
Melissa Lane McLaughlin 02/27/2012
My Explorer is Metallic Gold.....(;.....beautiful!
Scott Irwin 02/27/2012
Performance blue
Fred E. Harmon 02/27/2012
'97' Ranger(my Company truck)- dark blue. '07' Ranger 'Sport'(run around truck)- bluish purple. 99% of my Company's work is- "word of mouth", rarely advertise.
Simon Awesomizzle Davies 02/27/2012
onyx black, red stripe and white wheels!
Jeremy Huff 02/27/2012
my f350 is white and blue
James Marseilles 02/27/2012
My '85 Thunderbird was black/black.
Michael Ballard 02/27/2012
My Escape is Black and the inside lights I can change colors whenever I Like
Navita Ortiz 02/27/2012
2: tuxedo black and red
Stella Schmidt 02/27/2012
My Ford Scorpio is Aubergine/eggplant metallic. What does it say? ;)
Pete C Brown 02/27/2012
Black with red
Jennifer Baglio 02/27/2012
pretty neat new this year why not odd :)
Alfredo Huerta 02/27/2012
Sharon T 02/27/2012
I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta which is Candy Apple Red and yes, it is an attention getter, just like I am. I love attention.
Erick Carrillo 02/27/2012
mine is black, with like silver on the bottom...
Elio Martinez 02/27/2012
My two fords are black the best color for shows
Jules J 02/27/2012
I drive a red 2001 Taurus, and the red has always been easy on the eyes for me, it doesn't reflect to much sunlight
Brenda Wallot 02/27/2012
Thanks! this explains all the pretty colors on my mom's focus we never knew what they were for !
Kenneth Price 02/27/2012
all about dat tan wit red glow on ur toes..
Emily Rawlinson 02/27/2012
Performance Blue :-)
John Manuel 02/27/2012
I have 4 Ford trucks Black, Gray, White, and Orange
Donna G 02/27/2012
it triggers melatonin ? i thought melatonin was what people took as a supplement to their natural melatonin to help them relax so they could sleep..
Karl Ordish 02/27/2012
Panther black
Jonathan Crist 02/27/2012
What the Color of Your Ford Says About You
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