What People Are Saying About the 2013 Ford Fusion

By Tori T.

The other day while waiting in line at the grocery store, we were flipping through an automotive magazine when the dude behind us randomly offered up, “You know what I think is going to be downright awesome? The new Ford Fusion.” We played it cool and asked why. The response was simply put: “sexy” and “that crazy fuel economy.”

As it turns out, the 2013 Fusion, arriving in North American dealerships later this year, has invoked plenty of thoughts, feelings and feedback! Ford can’t help it – the sedan will suit many palettes, and that makes for many opinions! The Fusion will be available in a gasoline-powered model as well as in hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions, and with two EcoBoost™ engines, the 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter, plus a new normally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder. The Fusion Energi plug-in is anticipated to deliver more than 100 MPGe! Yup, sexy and efficient, if we may say so ourselves.

But don’t just listen to our take on the new Fusion or that of the guy buying the bananas and potato chips – we want to hear what you think about the Fusion ! In fact, we have been so anxious to talk to you about the car, we started doing so at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in January where the Fusion had its first public viewing. You can check out video above, and you can also see more videos of what people are saying at youtube.com/fordfusion . And as we’re discovering, you are still talking, especially about its styling. What do you think of the Fusion’s looks? What about the advanced technology? How about the performance? Tell us using the form below!
Desiree 10/17/2012
OMG! Be still my heart - this car is amazing! I thought the new Camrys looked good but booorrrrrrringg! Ford, I already thought you guys were doing a good job but you've exceeded those expectations. I looooove the Fusion!!
Tunisia Thomas 10/17/2012
Shut up and shut the front door - this car is soo cool - I absolutely LOVE it!!! I love the grill, love the whole design - it's all good and it's all beautiful! Simply stunning. You GO Ford!!
bill 03/19/2012
please tell me there will be a manual transmission available...I just crossed the 2013 Escape off my list...why do car companies not want the business of people who still want to "drive"?
Michael T 03/03/2012
Wow... Well done Ford. Though I know the Fusion has been a popular car, I never really cared for its aesthetics. The 2013 changes everything. Waiting (impatiently) to see where this gets priced. Hopefully not out of my range as I am need of a new car later this year.
Randy B 03/01/2012
Anxious to see the Fusion PHV when it is available
Siri V 02/28/2012
Why can't the Plug-in Energi version be available at the same time as the others? Hate not having the option to get the Energi in the fall.
Ruthie Runkle 02/16/2012
saw it at the NAIA show in Detroit... beautiful new styling, sleek lines... would have loved to gotten in one, but they were all locked up tight! Awesome -- totally!!
Alicia Boren Hayes 02/13/2012
Make sure the transmission is fixed in the Fusion! My Escape transmission did exactly what they said it would do without the 10b15 update..and fusion had the same problem...only I had the update and wasn't aware to watch for anything. The company is willing to pay for 50% of the cost to fix it since it was out of warranty by 2,000 miles. 9Fords I have paid for, bought the Escape to support Ford for not taking the Bailout (when i really wanted a CRV).hope they have these transmissions fixed for all of you.
حمد العماري 02/13/2012
Greatest mid-size sedan ever
JimV 02/12/2012
Are they still going to build this car in Mexico?
Edward Flemming 02/12/2012
Looks HOT!!
Brad Barefoot 02/12/2012
Hey Ford ! A real winner never stops proving it, as I mentioned at the auto show there are some GM & Fiat/Chrysler designers crying in the city.
Stephan 02/12/2012
Will this be coming To the UK? The ford fusion over here is boring and theyre usually diesel. 247hp would be great :)
Matt Heffernan 02/12/2012
Under powered!
Isaac Johnson 02/11/2012
I must say, Ford has another hit with the Fusion. I personally am looking forward to owning one. However I do hope Ford adds LED's to the tail-lamps like they did for the Taurus.
Joseph Miluso 02/11/2012
I have bought 3 Fusions since 2006 and it is the best car I have ever driven and owned. Im sure that I will buy many more fusions in the future.
it would have the Sync system as standard on the 2013 Fusion, Flex that just best score for best company ever
Normand Guenette 02/11/2012
Style is excellent, but the powertrain, little is known?
Brian E. 02/11/2012
I'd really like to see a manual transmission with the top of the line models (that includes the Focus too). Ford would be wise to eventually offer the 3.5 V6 Ecoboost in the Fusion as well. Not all Americans are too lazy to drive a manual!
Tanya Bauer 02/11/2012
i love my 2011 fusion sport and i am due for a new one but i want the power of a v6. i have had three fusions so far and now i will need to find a new car. Very disappointing!!
Alan Campbell 02/11/2012
The current Fusion is really a nice looking car. But the 2013 Fusion is really bringing the midsize car to a whole different level. Comparing the 2013 Fusion to the 2012 Camry, it's like the Camry was designed in the 90s. Ford has really raised the bar.
Roger Bond 02/11/2012
11 months till fords court apearance in the high court london to answer charge of misselling pensions to their workers.
Roger Bond 02/11/2012
TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS....TWENTY BLOODY BILLION (NOT MILLION BUT BILLION) DOLLARS IN ONE YEAR !!!!!!! Yet they were prepared to rob us all of a lifetime percentage of our pensions.
FAMILY OF FORD ?????? THEY ARE HAVING A LAUGH..................
Robert Zappulla 02/11/2012
Was driving down the road and looked at the new Camry. The new Fusion is gonna destroy it! Way way better looking !
Peter Rudd 02/10/2012
Is it true that the new Focus only comes with the troubled sync/touch system and has no knobs to control the radio and climate?
Michael Zdyrko 02/10/2012
I will buy American again!!!!
Steven Bingham 02/10/2012
Design ques remind me if a fiesta taurus and jagvar had mated together. please give the back some class!
John Anderson 02/10/2012
The current Fusion is made in Hermasillo Mexico, is this great looking car going to be built in the FLAT ROCK PLANT? In the USA? If so, I'm getting one.
Richard Matz 02/10/2012
keep it up
Lynda Johnson 02/10/2012
I love the new design I saw it at auto show pictures don't do it justice the interior is beautiful
Joshua Pugh 02/10/2012
best styling job yet for it...... I like the grille..... just something about it....
Terry McNeeley 02/10/2012
Lee Hunsaker 02/10/2012
Bought a 2012 Fusion SE and LOVE it! Great price, Ride is smooth, great mileage (34+), real good looking lines. A wonderful AMERICAN made car.
Elaine Hallada 02/10/2012
Don't buy a Ford You will regret it....
John Holst 02/10/2012
When I first saw the redesign, I thought Ford was going for the knock-out on the competition. It's a great-looking car, and if we ever decide to upgrade class sizes from the Focus, the new Fusion is the top choice for us.
Richard Hawker 02/10/2012
it reminds me of the tbird back in the late 90's
Arthur Lagasse 02/10/2012
Ford,free enterprise,no bailout,forward thinking, you rock!
Dave Sanders 02/10/2012
European spec turbo diesel for the US market? How about if Ford?
Keith Keegan 02/10/2012
it will b like the ford mondeo in europe no1 in its class and toyota,vw,and the rest can't do anything about it. Ford u rule.
Jason Chambers 02/10/2012
Love it! Keep it affordable and you have the biggest hit Ford since the Taurus and Explorer... Maybe even bigger
Patrick Mercier 02/10/2012
Gorgeous car--love the direction Ford is taking design wise--Toyota, VW and Honda have completely lost their way--their cars should only come in black or white with CAR stamped on the side!
Jeff Groce 02/10/2012
it's HOT!
Marsha Carlisle 02/10/2012
Jack Ruvalkaba Sanchez 02/10/2012
*awesome- toy this mustang gt 2006 - i always driving an ford f-150 delux
Cristy Davis 02/10/2012
My friend wanna get the edge wish he would hurry up so I can drive it lol..
Ron Ayotte 02/10/2012
I have always liked the styling of the cars Ford makes for the European and Australian market... now that they are here, one word.. awesome. We are a blue oval family... my toy is a 2006 Mustang GT, the daily driver is a 2009 F150 XLT Supercab 4x4, Wifey drives a 2007 Edge SEL AWD and my son has a 2005 F150 Lariat Supercab.
Kevin Williams 02/10/2012
Mario, it's because they aren't just American now. Face the fact that it will be a global car.

I think it looks amazing, well done Ford. :)
Johnny Mabry 02/10/2012
I like it, but why introduce it so early? Who is going to buy the '12 model, with such a huge upgrade coming down the road in a few months? Fleet sales, I guess, but if I were in the market I'd just suck it up and wait for the '13.
Ron Ayotte 02/10/2012
I have always loved styling of the cars Ford makes for Europe and Australia... now that they are here, one word.. awesome.
Kevin Walsh 02/10/2012
It will be ford's failed attempt to make an Aston Martin-looking car, until there is sport model with AWD
Mark Cross 02/10/2012
Where are they built, amigos?
TorqueNews 02/10/2012
very beautiful design
Eric Bushroe 02/10/2012
This will be the car that holds me till the 2015 Roush Mustang.
Eric Bushroe 02/10/2012
I will own this car when it comes out. With Roush doing a Focus let's hope he does a Fusion as well. Needs 300hp. Ill even take paddle shift. Needs 18" rims. Id like led lights. And a GIANT moonroof.
Steven Pennington 02/10/2012
Mondeo in the uk.
Ross Poulson 02/10/2012
SVT Fusion? Fusion SHO? I hope eventually....
Daniel Iorio 02/10/2012
Needs more rear-wheel-drive & V8 power.
Ginger Lea Gullick 02/10/2012
I want one real bad but not waiting for it to hit later this year when I need one now.
Matt Jones 02/10/2012
I really like the new design of the new fusion, more sport like I think.
Mario Dejesus Williams 02/10/2012
Personally, I think the new fusion is ugly. kind of looks like the new hideous mitsubishi cars had a little horrifying fun with an Aston martin.. Why can't American cars look, AMERICAN?
Everett Mata 02/10/2012
Might go with the fusion once again vs the 2015 Mustang! But for now I'm loving my 2011 fusion!
Will Capriotti 02/10/2012
Joseph Rutherford 02/10/2012
Fusion - coming to be built in Michigan at the plant I work at soon ! then I will buy one !!
Nate Miller 02/10/2012
Really great design, but lacking in the power department. Disappointed in that part of it.
Kyle MacDermaid 02/10/2012
@Sean Cook The SVT Focus was the Mark 1 ST170, (Focus ST), so technically we are getting an SVT Focus, the new Focus ST...
Kyle MacDermaid 02/10/2012
FUSION ST... AWD, 2.0T with a manual 6 at least!!!!!
Randolph Delva 02/10/2012
I want "IT" Wow!
Erik Brack 02/10/2012
It's gorgeous, but I wonder if the 247 hp four is enough hp, and I'd like to see an AWD sport model.
Kyle MacDermaid 02/10/2012
Fusion ST...
Sean Cook 02/10/2012
Looks REALLY good to me. Now if we can just get an SVT Focus I am all over it!!!
What Do You Think of the 2013 Ford Fusion?
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