What is Random Acts of Fusion?

By Tori T.

“Over the next few months, we are giving fans a never-been-done-before experience by combining social media, entertainment and unexpected events that will allow them to interact with Fusion all across the country.” That’s what Crystal Worthem, Manager, Ford Brand Content & Alliances, teased us with regarding the all-new Ford Fusion. And what better way to launch an exciting and unique vehicle than with an exciting and unique arrival?

Here’s just a hint of what’s in store, in what’s called Random Acts of Fusion: Daily storytelling. Contests. Local market events. Celebrities. You can solve puzzles. You’ll be able to watch funny online videos. There will be many ways to learn more about the 2013 Fusion before it comes to dealerships. Expect the unexpected. Every single day. For example, what is the significance of 100 Fusions? And who should drive a Fusion to an awesome place in the Fusion documentary?

Some of you got involved in Random Acts of Fusion early on, when Ryan Seacrest gave the first hint of what was in store, but it’s not too late to be a part of this fun journey! You can head to Facebook right now to sign up for updates! You can also visit the Random Acts of Fusion website and follow the story arc!
Susannah V 10/24/2012
Both of my local dealerships have the Fusion in stock now--so exciting!! I haven't driven one yet (or even been inside) but I can definitely say it is as sexy in person as in the photos. Easily the most gorgeous sedan I've seen come out of Ford, with a sporty look that makes it young and modern. Looks like the perfect new car for a ROAD TRIP!!
Stephen B 08/23/2012
Wow the new Fusion is amazing on its own, all this marketing is cool however the car speaks for itself! A car that looks simular to an Aston Martin--possibly due to their past ownership of Aston??-- The fact that a car this beautiful in and out is a Ford! Not a Lincoln or a high end luxury car. The whole idea of building the standard car to the standards of luxery is great marketing alone. Bravo Ford!
Frank Z 07/15/2012
Comment on this article!Ford, let the car do the talking. Random acts of Fusion? Who came up with this? Oh, the same type of group that Toyota used for the notion of Scion--"we think we know what's cool." This marketing idea is almost offensive to the auto enthusiast--let's call it cloying and dumb for now. Yes, the American public is a funny sort, but playing to the lowest common denominator should be above you. Please let me offer an opinion of what's cool... The fact that you're injecting emotion into your new design direction is very cool--sophisticated 60's Italianate and Brit elements are very welcome in the mainstream family sedan segment. Still, as much as I adore the new Fusion, I find it inexcusable that no manual transmission exists outside the 1.6EB engine. You are ignoring history--enthusiasts are the primary force in word-of-mouth advertising, and are what have elevated many of the brands that are now resting on their laurels. Look at BMW, Honda, and Toyota. Enthusiasts have built their reputations, and all three have fallen asleep, thinking that their share of the market is forever. With Ford's recent strides toward world-class, allowing enthusiast choices (such as being able to choose a manual transmission with the most powerful engine and the best interior appointments) will make more difference than anyone in your marketing department understands. The Fusion can represent a "poor man's A6," or it can merely be viewed as a "pretty Altima competitor." There's far more long-term clout in the former, and a path of factory incentives and de-contenting in the latter.
Timothy K 07/13/2012
The front of this Ford Fusion looks like a Aston Martin.
Massimiliano V 07/12/2012
The new Ford Fusion is always a wonderful car. This model already exists in Europe since 2007, with this body, except for some details. His name is "Mondeo". In 2013, the same new version will be released in Europe as always "Mondeo"
Deborah 07/12/2012
What a great and fun way to introduce the 2013 FUSION. I think I should drive a 2013 FUSION to an awesome place in the FUSION documentary. Living in Western Colorado our Colorado National Mounment would be an awesome as well as the Black Canyon.
Mitch Duver 07/12/2012
My parents have a 1997 Windstar which has 212,485 miles. It isn't the most high mileage vehicle but whats amazing is that it is all stock. The only thing it has is an intake gasket. Considering that these Windstars with the 3.8L engine experienced a lot of of transmission issues, the one our family has is still stock with just regular maintenance and is in wonderful running condition. Doesn't get driven a whole lot anymore but when we need it, it always starts up and handles the drive like a champ.