Wedlock in a Fusion

By Ford Social Member

Road trips are a truly American thing. They are a great way to experience the beauty of this country. And to see your friends and family that are spread from sea to shining sea. That's exactly what Chris Hodges and Jaime Case decided to do in lieu of a traditional wedding.

Instead of asking guests to attend their wedding reception, Jaime and Chris are hitting the road to see them! In their hometowns, and often in their living rooms! They also didn't want to spend a huge chunk of change on one day. Why not spread it out over six weeks, spend lots of time with the people important in their lives and enjoy the drive in between?

So they made a plan, mapped out the 250 people that they'd like to visit, borrowed a 2010 Ford Fusion and hit the road.

Officially, the wedding road trip is a pre-wedding road trip around the country to see friends and family prior to signing a marriage certificate. This trip focuses on learning more about marriage and the commitment therein.

Here are the cities they plan on hitting:

San Francisco, California (started May 26, 2009)

Eugene, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Seattle, Washington

Salt Lake City, Utah

Denver, Colorado

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dallas, Texas

Copperas Cove, Texas

Austin, Texas

Houston, Texas

New Orleans, Louisiana

Tampa Bay, Florida

Orlando, Florida

Louisville, Kentucky

Cincinnati, Ohio

Washington D.C.

Baltimore, Maryland

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

North Jersey, New Jersey

New York City, New York

Boston, Massachusetts

Detroit, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wasau, Wisconsin

Chicago, Illinois

St. Louis, Missouri

Jefferson City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri

Denver, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado

Phoenix, Arizona

San Diego, California

Los Angeles, California

Ventura, California

You can follow their adventure by clicking here.
Robert Lee Schout 09/22/2009
Best wishes on your marriage. You sound like a very interesting couple. You will of course see america as it really is and even how it was. Take your time. Dont drive too fast.
My first car was a 1929 Ford Model A pickup. My buddy Jim Riemersma and I added a box about 6 feet square on the back of it. We then , in 1959, after a frame up restoration, drove the Model A through the upper penninsula and over to Crookson Mn. From there we went into Canada and to Edmonton Alberta. We went fishing 225 miles north of edmonton. Then we went to Banff and Jasper Park. From there we went to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone Park and then Back to Grand Rapids. we were gone four weeks. we each left with 100 bucks in our jeans. We came home busted but it was worth it. You will find out why our country is so great and powerful. Its the people. They will change you. Love eachother and live your dream. Safe travels. May God richly bless you and your marriage.
Kent 08/29/2009
Mine began in Bloomington, Indiana, went to La Crosse, Wisc, Denver, Las Vegas, L.A., San Francisco, Phoenix, and with a carnival - all across the southwest, and back to Denver, Fargo, ND, Boston, Indianapolis, Bedford, Indiana, Lincoln, Ne, and then with a band to 43 states and Greenland three times before settling down in Farmington, NM. I am now retired in the town I was born in - Lincoln, NE. I know what a well traveled bit of fun is about, and I hope you have as much joy as I/we did ! God Bless.
Clark Benson 07/06/2009
Amy forwarded this - great idea and congrats
Dave 07/05/2009
Congratulations on your marriage may you have a long healthy live!!!!!
Hope Your Ford Fusion is making the long drive easy going and you get to see all the site in America---on the American Road in a Ford!!!!!!!!!