Wall to Wall: The Fusion Collective

By J M.

I am in Los Angeles at MILK Studios for the West Coast installment of “Wall to Wall: The Fusion Collective” show . The first show in New York featuring the Fusionists was inspiring. I am happy to announce that the auto world has once again asserted itself into mainstream culture.

I feel confident that the new 2013 Ford Fusion has the potential to change the fabric of the country. It is a car that will take us back to the days when musicians wrote songs about their vehicles. With the introduction of this new midsize sedan, I think we will see cars reemerge into the world of fashion, because this is a drop-dead gorgeous car at an attainable price. People will want it emotionally, they will desire it, and in the tradition of Ford we have made it at a price that many can afford. As this happens, the car will come to be seen as the folk hero it once was.

While the concept is a throwback, the art here at MILK is cutting edge. And that’s why our Ford designers belong alongside these artists – we are all working to give people beautiful creations that enable a feeling of status.

All the work here is truly amazing. When I look at pieces like Matthew Williams’ “Rose,” for example, I am moved by the idea that human beings are continuously attempting to match the natural beauty of our earth. It is a daunting challenge, and one that motivates me to work harder.

After all, one of the reasons we put this collaboration together is because as we spoke to many of our designers at Ford, we realized most of them were looking to the outside world for inspiration. Clothing, architecture and nature are all aesthetic areas that our designers study for ideas.

In the same way that we designed the Fusion, this show is a multidimensional collaboration. It is a mixture of music, sculpture, painting and animation. One thing I am very excited about is the idea that everything seems to be mixing and working together. This is a truly fascinating contemporary phenomenon, barriers are constantly being broken, and technology, sustainability, art, fashion and design are all merging together.

We embraced that concept when we created the new Fusion.

To see the art influenced by the concept of fusion, check out fusionists.co .

J Mays is Group Vice President, Design, and Chief Creative Officer, Ford Motor Company. He is responsible for shaping the global design direction of the Ford and Lincoln brands.
Mark V 08/12/2013
I would like to see a 2dr. sport coupe (better yet a 2dr. hardtop).
DavidH 09/17/2012
Ford - offer the new Fusion hatchback and wagon just like you do in Europe. Why do we have to have such a limited model range in the US and Canada? Is One Ford just talk?
Craig F 09/03/2012
Forget a Fusion for a day. I want a Fusion for a lifetime. In July I broke my leg hiking Cowles Mountain in San Diego with a couple friends (at 3 am, after a few of Coronado’s finest orange ales). Not my best moment, but hey, if it gets me in a Ford Fusion, a fractured fibula isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Rewind a tad: I drove my first love, a little gas-guzzling 2002 BMW 325, from Boston to San Diego the week before to visit the aforementioned enablers, I mean friends. The ‘reliable’ BMW broke down in the Arizona desert twice (in 110 degree heat, no less). It’s currently licking its wounds in San Diego.

However, I am not in San Diego! After my spectacular hiking performance, the doctors were mystified by both my stupidity and my leg. Therefore, I flew home to Boston to see a specialist. So I’ve been resting my leg for the last fifty days and trying to figure out the Rubik’s Cube. No, I will not just look up the solution online. Yet.

Two days ago I solved the Rubik’s Cube! Ok, no I didn’t. But I did get a clean bill of health from my orthopedist.

So I need to get back to my slowly-dying BMW in San Diego. I don’t want to fly. I want to drive the new Fusion! The BMW has got to go, and what better way to convince me that I should buy the Fusion than have me drive it across the country? One of my hiking friends is a media producer that needs to get from Boston to SoCal also. He could film the cross country test drive. Just hand me the keys, a camera, and tell me to break a leg.
Hamad 08/30/2012
It looks cool and awesome luxury ford
And hopefully ford make it's 2.5L i4 with around 190 horsepower
Don S 08/30/2012
Build a two door V8 Fusion SVT. That way the NASCAR Fusions would REAL Production cars.
scott bottcher 08/30/2012
i have a 1940 ford coupe that i have owned since i was 14 years old i am 54 now this car is a part of me and i will have it until i die . i am a die hard ford fan and i have 4 fords right now love em thanks
David H 08/30/2012
My first Car 1966 Fairlane GT 390 spread 4S 4:11 Gears 4 speed Very Fast Lose My Liecens in6 mo. Wish I still had that car!!!!!!!!! Now I Drive a 2004 CRWCab a Great Truck Love it 6.0 Deasil superduty No problems Like herd about 6.0 120000 running Stroug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greg H 08/30/2012
Love the New Ford Fusion, The need to make a nascar edition and put a possible rear wheel drive v-8 or a hope up turbo v-6. Its a good family car but it can also be a old time sleeper and ponce on the one who think it just a old person car.
Mike M 08/30/2012
My first car was a 1966 gt 289 271 hp. 8 track that work. Caddy apple red with black vinyl top. Babe moon hup caps. I drove this car to school and work. My best friend had a 67 caddy ap red black vinly top with 170 hp . I have had 8 Mustang. One new 76 . Three 65 Two 66. One 71 One 73 Mach 1. Mike Musso IL.
Ronald W 08/30/2012
What happened to the 57 T-Bird! Lots prettier than the 55.. Guess it depends on the age of the people voting here! The 57 is the car for Ford to bring back; 2 door, 2 people car. Ford destroyed the T-Bird when they made it a 4 seater..
Nathan 08/30/2012
Cannot wait for these to start showing up in the showrooms. I did order one, and again can't wait for them to begin being built and shipped out! Unless it's already begun!?
DONALD DUCK 08/30/2012
i had a 64 and a half mustang convertible 289 4 speed great car beat that motor and trans. never a problem the only problem i had is when a drunk driver smashed into it,it hit apole smashed like an accordian,glad i wasn't in it .was parked on street
Christopher B 08/30/2012
The Fusion looks like a great car with great potential, I will be the first to strongly suggest that Ford add a new version of the Fusion; I call it the Fusion SHO, 275hp turbo-charged, 19" chrome wheels, ground affects. I think this will add a whole new dimension to the brand
Jeanette C 08/30/2012
Looks like a great car, but I would like to drive it before I would make any decision to buy one.
Jacqueline 08/30/2012
I loved the 1970 Boss 302, Grabber Blue, that I used to drive, but my best buddy was my 1978 Bronco, first year of the BIG ones. Big Blue and I went everywhere together. It was my youngest daughter's first ride and how she drives fire trucks!!
Stick B 08/30/2012
40 has a unique capability of bringing back unique pieces of their past. If they would've bring back the 64 1/2 Mustang exactly as it was back then with today's technology under the hood it would be a win-win situation for Ford and its customers.

Ford has the ability to bring something to the public that know import manufactured could ever do. My question is are they willing to do that? It's a well-known fact everybody loves the current Mustang that's in production. Bring back the 1964 Mustang as it was back then with today's technology under the hood and today's technology at the owner's fingertips.

My name is Stick Bogart
Charles A 08/30/2012
Way to go Ford!!!! I can't wait to get these in our showroom!!!! Great looks, fuel economy, and all the technology at a reasonable price!