The New Ford Fusion Makes MPG History

By Tori T.

Looking for more info the new Ford Fusion? Check out this Ford Citizen journalist report from the 2103 Chicago Auto Show.

“City, highway and everywhere in between, the Fusion Hybrid is EPA-certified at 47 mpg." That’s Ford Vice President of Powertrain Engineering, Joe Bakaj, sharing the monumental news that the new 2013 Fusion Hybrid will get an EPA-estimated 47 city, 47 highway and 47 combined mpg ratings! A 47 triple play! That beats the Toyota Camry hybrid by 4 mpg in the city and 8 mpg on the highway, according to EPA estimates.

It also makes it the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan you can get (midsize hybrid sedans vs. 2012/2013 competitors), and is the second Ford hybrid to nab equal city and highway ratings, with the other being the C-MAX! Did we already say monumental news? One trick up the sleeve of the Fusion Hybrid is the patented SmartGauge® with EcoGuide, which allows you to experience ultimate fuel efficiency in a fun way, as a display grows green leaves during the process.

But great news: You don't have to choose between electric or gas to benefit from impressive Fusion fuel economy. You have the power of choice , with a fuel-efficient gas engine, two EcoBoost® engines, hybrid electric or plug-in hybrid electric models.

With great looks , solid performance, record-making fuel economy and advanced technology, the Fusion indeed lives up to its name: a fusion of forward-thinking technology and design.

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David L 03/22/2014
The green leaves were created First by Ford when their Hybrids debuted years ago. Now the Jap cars have copied this.
Howard 03/10/2014
i would like to see a all electric car with a generator like the way they build train engines or the huge off road trucks, bet you would get 200 mpg if they did
Francis 10/23/2013
I think making the hybrid was a bridge between gas fueled vehicles and the ever improving performance of electric vehicles.  I believe that the EVs are the future focus or among the high prority of the auto industry.  Soon when we see the roads are equipped with the fast chargers on the meters, and we see more EVs by different brands, then the gas stations will also install more fast chargers for the EVs.  We won't be talking about mpg and there will be more solar energy generation with lots of solar panels and clean air!
FooznHaabreadOuner 09/01/2013
The green leaves are absolutely useless. Why copy japanese car features. Why not come up with something more original. The leave are using up the space which could be used for more intelligent gauges. Learn from scangage which gives so much info for non hyb. cars which would make a lot more sence than leaves. Get real guys.
Aldra Lloyd 07/12/2013
I hope Ford can make the passenger seat equal to the driver's seat, as my husband & I switch drivers on long trips. Aldra Lloyd
Greg and Bonita 06/02/2013
It's to bad they don't put a front passenger seat in that's as nice as the drivers seat. What a let down. Was very excited about this car until I read that passenger seat was crap.
Edward Thompson 05/24/2013
If I purchase the Ford Fusion Hybrid can it be mounted with a hitch to occassionally pull a small 8ft x 4ft trailer? I know the Toyota Pruis will not.
Max Nelson 05/14/2013
First time the white haired old snow birds have noticed me since I retired. Thanks Fusion.