The Fusion Five

By Craig D.

It’s been said this has been the year of the superhero, with movies abound featuring fictitious characters from the childhood comic books we’ve grown up with. But recently, in an effort to pay homage to the great work done by the entire Ford Fusion team, four very lucky engineers (and one robot) were remade as comic book superheroes in an epic comic book cover titled “The Fusion Five.”

Acclaimed comic book artist Chris Houghton, a professional in the animation industry from Los Angeles, was selected to create the comic book cover, an assignment that intrigued him because his family was a Ford family and he has roots in Michigan.

“It was great to have Ford come to me,” Houghton said. “I was really excited. My dad worked with Ford, and the company was a really big part of my life growing up in Michigan. Especially having gone to art school at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, I was surrounded by car designers, and though my professional goals took me to L.A., it’s very fulfilling to be a part of a project with Ford, even in a small way.”

To assemble the team of superheroes, Ford reached out to engineers with a good sense of humor who worked on attributes of the new Fusion that customers are interested in.

Sejal Shreffler, Ford core accommodation and usage engineer, was transformed into Lady Lens, a hero known for testing more than 100 pairs of sunglasses to ensure almost every pair will fit into the overhead storage bin of the new Fusion.

Robert Wade, Ford powertrain engineer, became the Baron of Boost, a muscular hero who throws turbo thunder and makes smaller engines more powerful.

Joe Antoni, Ford body launch leader, was depicted as the Magic Wand, a detail-driven, caped action hero who uses his magic wand as an instrument to ensure Fusion fits together well and is leak-free.

Mike Kolich, Ford seat systems engineer, morphed into Dr. Derriere, a seated superhero who analyzes thousands of test results to come up with a calculation for a comfortable ride.

Finally, the Robotized Unit for Tactility and Haptics, also known as RUTH the Robot, joined The Fusion Five as a strong arm that pokes trim and turns knobs to measure the quality of interiors.

Needless to say while the summer blockbusters are over, the Fusion Five may be coming to a dealership near you!

Make sure to download a copy of The Fusion Five comic book cover and enjoy this unique combination of automotive and superhero art.

Mark F 10/26/2012
Where is the focus four, the mk S six, why only the fusion five, what about the Explorer 8, etc..
Miriam B 10/22/2012
Where was this at New York Comicon, 10/11-14? Would've been a big hit!
paul richardson 10/15/2012
i think it will be a hit.