Secrets of the New Ford Fusion Race Car

By Tori T.

How does a Ford race car go from concept to competition? In the case of the Fusion, it’s very similar to how the production Fusion transforms from computer data to your garage – except that takes around four years, whereas getting the Fusion race-ready for the 2013 NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series requires chopping that time in half.

For the first time in decades, Ford utilized its Design Center to build the stock car. Not a bad plan, since having the Design Center and Ford Racing working hand-in-hand resulted in Ford debuting its new model at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in January – before any other manufacturer! Learn more about Ford history in motorsports here .

The inclusion of the Design Center meant that the method Ford Racing used to construct new body styles, such as the Taurus in 1998 and the initial Fusion in 2006, had to be different. The process involved digital sculpting, milling of clay models, and wind tunnel testing.

After unveiling the 2013 NASCAR Fusion at Charlotte Motor Speedway in January, 2012, and highlighting the first version of its new car in a team paint scheme on the 2012 Memorial Day weekend, Ford Racing is using the upcoming race weekend in Michigan to unveil updates to the design of the Cup car which shows even more brand identity through enhanced design cues, including new grille work and hood lines, which you can see in this photo.


The latest enhancements have allowed Ford to more closely match the production Fusion while remaining within NASCAR guidelines as the manufacturers inch closer to submitting their final designs to NASCAR for the 2013 season.

“The street car being a front-wheel-drive, front-engine car and the race car being a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive car resulted in totally different proportions with a different length and width,” said Design Manager for Specialty Vehicles, Garen Nicoghosian, who headed up the project. “We took inspiration from how close the old cars were to the production variance and tried to achieve the feel of that and make sure that when the cars are parked next to each other they speak the same language. They’re not identical because they can’t be, but there’s no doubt that you’re looking at a more amped-up, more serious version of the new Fusion street car when you look at our race car.”

To watch video of the Design Center process, click here . And did you know Ford made NASCAR history again in 2012? You can read more about that here .
Larry M 09/10/2012
Me=Want. Put AWD and an ECOBOOST Twin Turbo V6 in that and BMW M3 and 3 series drivers will abandon ship. I like, BMW's, have had 5 of em, but the 2013 Fusion is spectacular. Saw in person at the Detroit auto show and pictures don't do it justice, especially in white.
??????? ? 06/22/2012
wan 06/17/2012
hi, i have one question.. does anyone knows what soccer team which wear a yellow jersey that sponsor by ford? last time i heard this team was against wealdstone fc. anyone know about this soccer team? thanks:)
Brad B 06/17/2012
Hey Ford ! Wellooks like the #99 car will look fast, and race fast. Been a NASCAR fan for close to 20 years. What's not to like ? And our car really does look like the street model, can't say that for the other guys on the track.
Naval Singh 06/17/2012
feel the difference
Xavier Hoste 06/16/2012
a bit of a Aston rip off;) But still a nice car
Christopher Trusdle 06/16/2012
I wonder if they mind if I drive this NASCAR edition on I-96 in Detroit.
Nicholas L 06/16/2012
ford circled the solution
Robert T 06/16/2012
Hey everybody, a Fusion 2 dr hardtop.
Jeremy Vincent Agcaoili 06/15/2012
Looks like Aston Martin was an inspiration for the front end...
Joseph G 06/15/2012
I would like to see a all electric fusion race:)
Joseph Bononia 06/15/2012
Ford rocks
Terry Bishop 06/15/2012
they circle the problem
Brandon Salas 06/15/2012
100 percent cheap plastic and fragile engine components?!
Robert G 06/15/2012
Nice.Need a street model.
William Paul Hand II 06/15/2012
I thought you were a chevy guy not a ford one LOL.
Rob Harper 06/15/2012
I dig the new fusion
Chuck Griffiths 06/15/2012
Not a secret it has nothing in common with the Fusion you actually sell.

Unless you'll sell me one with RWD & a 351 Windsor....
Sándor Felhősi 06/15/2012
coool,ford escort,mustang,focus........ranger.!
SZ Bisal 06/15/2012
Secrets! I luv secrets!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Secrets of the New Ford Fusion Race Car
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