Ready to Talk Tech? Join the Chat with Ford Chief Technical Officer!

By Cole Q.

Techies – this is your moment. An open invitation to chat with one of the top people in vehicle technology: Paul Mascarenas, Chief Technical Officer and Vice President, Ford Research and Innovation. Ford is once again having a significant presence at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and Paul will be talking about the range of technology Ford will demonstrate at the event, including the Ford Evos Concept Vehicle, the new 2013 Ford Fusion and a host of new apps.

Join Paul at 10:00 a.m. PST on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 to participate in the live chat.
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Paul is responsible for leading the worldwide Ford research organization based in Dearborn, Mich., and Aachen, Germany, overseeing the planning, development and implementation of the company’s top global technology objectives.

Prior to his current role, Mascarenas served as vice president of Engineering for Global Product Development, guiding the engineering teams for car, truck, SUV and crossover vehicles for Ford Motor Company brands. He also was instrumental in the development and implementation of Ford Brand DNA.

While not required in order to join this chat, you may want to consider grabbing a Ford badge, such as the Tech Geek badge, prior to the chat so you can display it proudly. Click here to grab a badge!
Mitch Ashley 01/17/2012
It would be nice to add things like Navigation to my Sync after the fact. Sure, I'd have bought it at the initial purchase but I wasn't convinced until much later. Things like navigation, seat memory, etc., would be nice to have as buy-later options just like we do roof racks and floor mats. Any chance electronic options might become A la carte'?
Chris Beiting 01/11/2012
@Rebecca At Ford -- You're part of the In-Vehicle Technology Team... any word on if/when the 2012 Focus with My Ford (not the touch) will get AppLink!? I'm kind of bummed and confused on why this hasn't happened yet. Any sort of insight...even a "We're working on getting it out, sit tight" would be better than the silence we're hearing. the Gen1 3.1.1 owners on are pretty vocal on that subject.
Adam Lewis 01/10/2012
Could there be in the near future, a re-make of the 1929-1934 Fords???
David Thompson 01/10/2012
Will Ford implament a subscription based service such as OnStar to add in emergancies or other various issues?
Brian Cavanagh 01/10/2012
Have you guys considered opening up your platforms to a greater extent? What if I could choose between an Apple or an Android based system, or some sort of slot based system, so I can upgrade my electronics more readily?
@Colby Waterland: I would suggest an advanced driving course to improve your wet weather skills. It'll be cheaper & you'll have it with you for every car you'll ever drive.
@Brad Barefoot: how is this the manufacturers fault? There is an "off" button.
@no sync Ford Escape. iphone works great in my Fusion Rental. Can stream via Bluetooth. Sound quality superb. Read your owners. The answer is there
Jill Asling 01/09/2012
College Lincoln Ford in Lethbridge refuses to repair venting system in my Focus. AC runs at over 30 Celcius; heating my car to the extreme. Heat NEVER turns off with vents. College Ford Lincoln told me, "That's what you deserve for buying a Black car".
why doesnt sync play nice with Iphone... The dealer passes this off as a "iphone issue" ...i just want it to work...New Escape Limited Owner...
Can Ford be the first in making Power Shading Mirrors for sun daytime?
this is one of my ideas for ford!
Jamie At Ford 01/06/2012
@Charlie – You’ll want to have your dealership address the issue as well as discuss options for having a rental vehicle while they are diagnosing and resolving the issue. Or if you send me a PM with your contact details, VIN, dealer name, and mileage I’ll be happy to look into this further.

Ford Customer Service Division
Rebecca At Ford 01/06/2012
@Matt Stockton - If you need any help with your MyFord Touch, please don't hesitate to contact me!

In-Vehicle Technology Team
Jamie At Ford 01/06/2012
@Dustin – We have two great sources readily available on Facebook to help with any tech questions fans have: and! Dealerships are also equipped to resolve any issues a new vehicle owner may have with the In-Vehicle Technology. :)

@Bill – Be sure to submit your ideas and suggestions to:! We’re excited to introduce the EcoBoost engine and stay tuned for more Forward with Ford advancements this engine option continues to roll out.

@Umair – You can find this info at our website: and click on the video for: ‘3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine’. Let me know if you have any further questions about this impressive, Ford exclusive engine option!

@Aaron – I encourage you to work with the service providers at your dealership to address any concerns you may have with your new Focus. You are also welcome to shoot me a PM with your contact details, VIN, dealer name, and mileage and I’ll be able to look into this further to know how to help.

Ford Customer Service Division
Brad Barefoot 01/06/2012
Hey Ford Crewmates ! Hi-Tech in automobiles. I remember when extreme hi-tech was the audio/cruise controls on the steering wheel and cd/cassette/sat radio was the real deal. I'm a loyal Ford family member but hi-tech has really gotten to carried away with itself. Think about the Swiss Army Knife with 20-Plus blades, it's real cool but not really too useful. I'm 50 years old, enjoy hi-tech in the right places. I'm a I-Pad, wireless internet, apple tv watching junkee, but at home. I think the hands free cell phone is good, the reverse sensors, and rear view is good, along with the *Bliss. My Fusion SEL has these features. But some of the hi-tech features I've seen in a Focus Titanium model really set off all the warning bells. I've seen way too many distracted drivers playing with their hi-tech cars an toys while driving. it may be time to really think just how far to take things ... people die in car crashes. Those my age know there isn't a reset button outside of a video game console, some age groups think they can drive distracted. While at the NC legislature I drove daily to the State House, the people reading, shaving, putting on makeup, changing clothes, and yes playing with hi-tech toys had crashes. Usually, hitting and hurting someone who wasn't driving distracted. From my perspective when you put to many gadgets into the car you really do increase crashes. I know there will be those who disagree ... but when you're rear ended on the interstate by a distracted driver like I was, it leaves a lasting impression.
Dennis Brucks 01/05/2012
me and my wife bought the 2011 f150 ecoboost love it i also have an f150 2001 4.6 with super chip its not even close to performing like the new one my wife calls it her sweet ride
Dan Wright 01/05/2012
Its Turbo Charged Umair Shoukat
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I have a non technical question, I am going to order a new car tomorrow or next week, and I would love it, if Coco Chanel could please do the Seat Fabric. please & thank you xoxoxxxo
Jean Welch Cleavenger 01/05/2012
I have a fusion hybrid 2011 and I love it.
shellby bretschneider 01/05/2012
Awesome job Ford, always striving for excellence.
Umair Shoukat 01/05/2012
please kindly explain the ecoboost system?
Ishi Joash 01/05/2012
I totally love ford even though my parents bought a sucky grand am pontiac the we had for only 3 years and the rotar went bad already and a chrysler van
Tracy GummiBear 01/05/2012
Skip- They have several Hybrids- Fusion hybrid, escape hybrid, and soon they will be bringing a minivan over from their Europe design that will be Hybrid only.
Bill Bidell III 01/05/2012
I think you guys need to put the new f150 ecoboost in the lincoln navigator and the expedition and can you try and fix your ecoboost to get more hp and mpg out of it?
I like the idea of the electric Fous, but what I need is a van, or whatever, that will accept my wheelchair lift and powerchair. How long will we have to wait for something like this? I have been a Ford owner for around 50 years now and would like to continue this way.
Skip Royeton 01/05/2012
I have been a Ford owner for around 53 years. I now own a 2006 Freestar van (for my powerchair & lift). I am really interested in a Hybrid. When will Ford offer these or do I have to look into the Toyota Prius?
Jon D 01/05/2012
I'd love if your technically bring the FOCUS ST WAGON to the United States of America!!! I'd be #1 on the waiting list!!
I'd trade my c30 in without hesitation for one!
Dustin Helland 01/05/2012
And thats Why I won't buy any new 'techie' vehicles. Its all good when they work, but when they Fail, its a Biotch to get someone to fix it.
Charlie Colvin 01/05/2012
2010 Fusion with computer problems with transmission Ford would not fix it unless they see it happen. It does it the first time it shifts after it sits 4 or 5 days. WHAT CAN I DO? Cant let car sit at dealer for a week.
Matt Stockton 01/05/2012
Fix the my Ford touch sync from locking up!
Mark Sayers 01/05/2012
Like most Ford brass to old to know what people want like rwd V8 power, and Mustang is not the answer for ever car.
Mark Sayers 01/05/2012
May know cars but like most other Ford Brass not in touch with what people are doing to there cars.
Richard Pawl 01/05/2012
i think for should just make signal jammers for cell phones so if the phone is in the car, it cannot receive signal, unless its the sync itself
peter 01/05/2012
Does he know anything about powertrain or is he one of the guys who's trying to make it easier for me to drive while I play Angry Birds Rio?
Charlie Hogg 01/05/2012
I think every state should test for it
Rohn Mckinley 01/05/2012
SO FAR ALL THE TECH IN OUR 2011 EDGE IS SOOOO COOL..My dad loved FORDS and so do i...had 5 of them in my life time.
Colby Waterland 01/05/2012
I've got a question about my AWD Fusion Sport. Would it be possible for a computer hack to deliver a 60/40 or 50/50 split to my rear at all timess? My understanding is that the car only powers the fronts until slippage is detected.
David Adamski 01/05/2012
Ready to talk to the guy in charge about my broken computer on my 2005 escape