Potholes and Ford Service

By Ford Social Member

Headlines around the country are warning that potholes will be popping up faster than your petunias this spring. Record-breaking winter storms (thank you very much, polar vortex) have left highways and byways with a staggering number of those hard-to-see perilous pits that often prove hazardous to motorists.

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Ashley Ricci recently discovered this while behind the wheel of her 2014 Ford Fusion. Ashley was turning into a parking lot in Troy, Michigan, when out of nowhere, bam – she caught the sharp edge of a pothole.

“I had to pull over fast,” Ashley recalls. Rather than panic, her first instinct was to reach out to her Ford dealer : Dean Sellers Ford, on West Maple Road in Troy. “I took my car to Dean Sellers. I have Tire Care, which covered the damage.”

A collision with a pothole can cause damage to multiple parts of your car aside from your tires, including bent or off-balance wheels, wheel misalignment, damaged suspension and punctures to your exhaust. You can read more about what damage can occur and what to do about it by reading Pothole Pain Points on Ford Social.

The factory-trained technicians at Ford dealerships conduct multi-point inspections using state-of-the-art equipment and certified parts to ensure that all possible pothole-related damage is assessed.

This is Ashley’s second Ford – her first was an Escape. It’s something that runs in the family, Ashley says, with her mother, brother, grandfather and great-grandmother all driving Ford vehicles.
Potholes and Ford Service
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