Meet the Winner of the Ford Fusion Energi Adventure Contest!

By Tori T.

Who is Justine Ferrari? We’ll get to that in a minute. First, a little backstory. A recent sweepstakes had quite the fun call to action: Submit a video about what your ultimate road trip in a Ford Fusion Energi would be. Appropriately, it was called Ford Fusion Energi Adventure Contest ! We wanted to know where you’d go, what you would do along the way, and any other particulars, told to us in a video three minutes or less. We also wanted to know why entrants thought they should win. The winner was selected based on creativity and camera presence, among other particulars. And the grand prize winner would win a trip with a guest to a location with the U.S.—specifically, the one mentioned in their winning video!

Even better, the road trip would be filmed for a special reality TV show.

Even better, they’d get a new 2013 Fusion Energi!

And now…meet 20-year-old Justine Ferrari from Virginia. She was the winner chosen from more than 2,000 entries!

Justine had been limited to a wheelchair for the past six years due to a medical condition in which her body essentially could not adjust to gravity. However, a revolutionary surgery gave her the gift of mobility again, and her video explained how she wanted to take a surfing lesson in California.

To watch her emotional story and to learn about the cool trip she took (which included hitting the racetrack at three-figure mph!), click here ! And have tissue available, because it’s hard not to shed a tear as you watch Justine’s amazing journey .
Rhonda 04/09/2014
How totally awesome! Able to walk again, live life to its fullest! Driving, dreams, most of all.....sharing this with your sister! What an Energi experience. Congrats Justine
Robert Roll 03/22/2014
I too have a Ford Fusion Energi 2014.  This my 11th Ford product and by far the best car I have ever driven and owned.  I took delivery November 4, 2014 and in almost 5 months and just under 3,000 miles, have fueled the car twice with 2 half tanks.   What an amazing car for Justine to begin her driving life with.  We were in Irvine for 2 months back in 2005 and in Laguna too, even to some of the places in the video, thanks for the memories.  Enjoy your new car.  Congratulations Justine, your video was really awesome.  Robert and Franceen Roll, Montreal, Canada
David L 03/22/2014
Great story...glad to see a fellow Virginian win this, and for what she's been through, much deserved.
Mikayla 03/21/2014
It was a wonderful video to watch.  It made me happy watching Justine and her Sister enjoy their amazing journey in the Fusion Energi!!!
Lenard L M 03/21/2014
Congratulations to the young lady, I happy for her and happy she won the car.
Meet the Winner of the Ford Fusion Energi Adventure Contest!
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