Intermission in the Wedding Road Tripd

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After 46 days on the road, Jaime Case, Chris Hodges and Roxy - the Ford Fusion they've been doing a lap of America in - are back in Jaime and Chris' hometown of San Francisco. They made the trip they originally set out to do. But, as is the case when anything fun nears its end, Jaime and Chris wanted to keep things going. They realized that they still have 34 days left before the wedding, and a few more people they'd like to see. So after a short rest at home, they'll be back on the road with Roxy to cover their home state of California to see the rest of their family and friends.

What is Wedding Road Trip?

Instead of asking guests to attend their wedding reception, Jaime Case and Chris Hodges hit the road to see them! In their hometowns, and often in their living rooms! In addition to spending more quality time with each person they visit, they also wanted to avoid spending a huge chunk of change on what would have been one day. Why not spread it out over six weeks, spend lots of time with the people important in their lives and enjoy the drive in between?

So they made a plan, mapped out the 250 people that they'd like to visit, borrowed a 2010 Ford Fusion and set out on the journey.

Officially, the wedding road trip is a pre-wedding road trip around the country to see friends and family prior to signing a marriage certificate. This trip focuses on learning more about marriage and the commitment therein.

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