How the 2013 Ford Fusion Lends a Hand

By Tori T.

The all-new 2013 Ford Fusion is a great example of evolution: the past, present and future of automotive safety. You see, it’s chockful of driver-assist technologies – so many in one package, in fact, it rivals that of luxury cars costing twice as many Benjamins!

Bet that got your attention!

Because the safety technologies are extremely advanced on the Fusion, and are a special grouping of such advancement, they have formed the basis for the R&D of future personal mobility solutions from Ford, including autonomous assist driving capabilities. The capabilities of the Fusion stem from new sensors, such as cameras and radar, combined with existing technologies like electronic power-assisted steering (EPAS) and data from the anti-lock braking and stability control systems.

Among the available safety equipment on the Fusion is the Lane Keeping System (you can watch a video about it here ), Driver Alert System, Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®), active park assist, cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, collision warning and a rear view camera. This all equates to driver assistance never before available on a midsize sedan in America.

Bet that got your attention, too!

With regard to the R&D, sensing systems similar to what will be installed on the Fusion are the foundational hardware that will help further progress active safety technology. “The new Fusion is a showcase of how we will use sensors and vehicle data to enhance the driver’s own capabilities when behind the wheel,” said Paul Mascarenas, Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Ford Research and Innovation. And watch for driver-assist technologies to eventually even help manage issues like traffic congestion and CO2 reduction. To read more about how Ford develops safety systems, click here .
Bradlee S 05/14/2012
Order banks are supposed to open today (5/14/2012). I don't see any info yet! WHen will they open?
Kim Boucher 05/12/2012
More manual trannies please!!! I love driving a stick, and I AM old enough to be a grandma!!!!
@howard. Im a service manager at a ford dealer and I never see problems with the older fusions. Those vehicles as well as all the ford products are at the top of their game.
Howard Sharrott 05/11/2012
Watch out for possible transmission problems with the 2013 Fusion (harsh shifting/2-3rd gear flares/slipping). It uses the same problematic transmission as the '10-2012 fusion. hopefully ford got this issue fixed for 2013...
付磊 05/11/2012
I like it
Michelle H 05/10/2012
My first car was a Ford Fiesta...long long time ago...use to drive it from Cleveland, Ohio to Northern Michigan every weekend! It was an awesome car back then....I can only imagine how nice they are now!! I think the Fusion is a sharp looking vehicle and I am on the road for an hour each morning and an hour each night returning home from work...I think the Fusion would sit very nicely in my driveway!!
Judy D 05/10/2012
actually, my family we got a ford cars right now....we luv it...
Judy D 05/10/2012
im gonna stick ford because its amazing thing...
Judy D 05/10/2012
i really luv ford...
Mike Gilliam 05/10/2012
Driving a 2013 Taurus this week as a rental. sweeet ride
ShowCase Orazzi 05/10/2012
i would really love too win i deserve it
Kevin Corbin 05/10/2012
A stick is available with the 1.6 ecoboost....
james 05/10/2012
pfft i hope this never come's to Australia. and they keep the Ford falcon here!
rear wheel drive straight 6 all the way!
Ric Arner 05/10/2012
I love ny Fusión Hybrid - but Ford has a serious problem when it comes to PARTS when it comes to simple repairs. I had to wait for 2 weeks in a rental car while they tried to replace a hose and simple plastic clamp... :-(
Ken Bradley 05/10/2012
Hate all the techno bs! Just give me power and sexiness. My dad has a Fusion...
Gianmarco Giammafix Ruffi 05/10/2012
oh yeah byebye old fusion
Joshua Canada 05/10/2012
Idk why u would want a manual in a sedan... esp since todays automatics and f1 style trannys are way better... Seems like a few people in here just like grabbin sticks!
Lanny Critchlow 05/10/2012
I would like to thank FoMoCo for allowing me to work for them. I am so proud of that!!!
Steven Pennington 05/10/2012
Ford mondeo in the uk. Lol.
Jeff Bosch 05/10/2012
When will it be in showrooms?
Cyndi Madison 05/10/2012
It gets up and down the mountains in Washington, Oregon And California and that's all the power I need! <3 my fusion!
Checo Sergio Ramirez 05/10/2012
Like if is 100% made in America
Jose N Pearl Valdez 05/10/2012
Beautiful. Too bad they will be expensive. Remember Ford not everyone makes the big bucks like you all. Lol. Jose
Lee Henderson 05/10/2012
The new Fusion looks good...but, it needs RWD and powerful engines...Ford needs to figure out that they are wasting their time building a "competitor" for Honda and Toyota...people who swear by that junk aren't switching and your just punishing Ford buyers with boring, slow, wussie FWD rental fleet disposable appliance misery...
Scott Gray 05/10/2012
Need to make a performance version... bigger eco-boost, 6-speed manual, awd, under-stated/simple body kit, 18" alloys... SHO??
Allan Pryor 05/10/2012
Needs rear wheel drive 6cl and v8 optional like the Aussie Falcon
Tee Red 05/10/2012
What's the price for the new fusion?
Andrew Shryack 05/10/2012
2.0 is to small of an engine for me guy i want at least a 3.5
Will Holland 05/10/2012
yeah I agree...more manual transmissions in sporty models like the Fusion and Taurus....not everyone is a grandma.

still tho, new Fusion is SICK!!
Cory Hammonds 05/10/2012
You can't get anything better than a ford
Joy Slack 05/10/2012
This IS my new car!
Angela Kinney 05/10/2012
i'm excited for the new fusion. I just want to see the pricing before i make a decision
Kyle MacDermaid 05/10/2012
2.0T with a manual transmission, or I vote everyone boycotts Ford and buys a Regal or a Jetta...