How Do You Make Sure People Notice Your Ford?

By Tori T.

There are a lot of people in this world, and that can sometimes make becoming the center of attention a bit of a challenge. So, you probably have a unique way of grabbing the spotlight, such as in how you dress or the way you make an entrance. Or maybe it simply lies in the fact that you own a Ford vehicle – we can attest to that grabbing significant attention.

When the all-new 2013 Ford Fusion was revealed , its looks certainly got heads-turning. The design is elegant, athletic and, technically speaking, a thing of beauty. Couple those traits with the sedan’s remarkable fuel economy , and it almost seems to be in a class of its own.

Except for the fact that it's not; it's in the pretty competitive midsize car segment. That caused Ford to go with some out-of-the-box thinking with its print advertising campaign to ensure the car stood out, which in a way meant borrowing that same idea from reality: When the Fusion is around, all other cars seem to “disappear.” Therefore the new print ads capitalize on that precise theme. Ads appear in national automotive and lifestyle publications and showcase the Fusion in a city setting with other vehicles handpainted to blend invisibly into the background. One of the ads reads, “First rule of taking the world by surprise? Do something the world will actually notice.”

The words are being backed by the work of Chinese contemporary artist Liu Bolin – nicknamed “the invisible man” – who directed the production of the print ads. He is renowned for creating photographs in which he paints his body and clothing to camouflage himself seamlessly into his surroundings. He became the perfect advisor to bring the concept to fruition. Or is that Fusionition?

The process involved a team of Hollywood studio painters, who worked for hours to paint the details of the scenery – brick sidewalks, shrubbery, lamp posts and buildings – onto competitive vehicles parked on the set. “My work can be done on the computer without the use of paint,” said Liu, referring to a type of photography enhanced through the use of computer-generated imagery. “But computers cannot convey emotions. That is something that the artist captures with his paintbrush.”

And therein captures the eye of many....

So, how do you get noticed in your Ford? We want to know!
Larry G 03/03/2013
I am the proud owner a classic FOXBody Mustang 1986, and have always received awards and comments on my car since I have owned this car. It has won many trophies at all the car shows I attend, and most of all the public really enjoys its style and how it is always shinning, since the paint is original. I love this car and to this day can not understand how people pay all this money for cars today, and treat them like crap.
Rick 01/23/2013
Cleverly hid that 47 mpg is unrealistic. Consumer Report found much lower than claimed fuel economy. They also stated that most new cars test close to their claims.
Amanda L 01/14/2013
Love this! I would definitely walk into one of those painted cars by accident.
D H 01/08/2013
I am a Ford Truck fan. As an owner of a Super-Duty F350 6.4L 4x4, I add some chrome and keep it clean. I don't want to go overboard with modifications while it is under warranty. With our 1970 F250 4x4, new paint and chrome has heads turning to take a look at it.
JAMES C 12/26/2012
Just keep it clean & waxed. That always makes people look twice.
Joe A 12/24/2012
The car is always getting attention regardless. I have not yet seen another 2013 Fusion on the road yet. Im getting some rims for my fusion this week and for sure it will be even more noticeable.
Mark R 12/15/2012
First thing I am going to do with a Titanium Fusion Hybred is take it to a body shop and add dual exhaust so the looks matches the price!
Jake 12/02/2012
To me it seems that your car is NOT so impressive if you have to obscure every thing else.
Kimberly G 11/14/2012
Icredible job! I love that the company I work for can appreciate ALL art! Huge step up for the bodypainting world!
Katie K 10/31/2012
Love the art work. What a great idea!
Hunter A 10/29/2012
How do I get noticed? New rims, new exhaust system w/ O/R X pipes, racing stripes, etc. I love my Mustang!
I was watching this video again with my family; I realize that all though this is really neat.....the Ford Fusion will stand out on its own. Its a beautiful thing!
The artwork is fantasict, the idea is great. What a beautiful car; but cant wait for the Fusion in the Energi Model. Shout it out when its ready, crossing the lines of beauty, brains and green technology.
David 10/25/2012
Love the looks of the car but very disappointed in interior color choices. There is none for the upscale version. Not everyone likes black. What happened to tan? I won't be buying another ford product if I can't get a choice of interior color.
John Lee 10/25/2012
I love the visual interestry. I love the Fusion. Thanks Ford!
Jon G 10/25/2012
Just pull up in a 2013 Grabber Blue Boss 302 and it will "Grab" everyone's attention:)
GIANNIS P 10/25/2012
hopefully not tear away as wallpapers in my mondeo, 2008
Blake W 10/24/2012
Looks good but not a fan of fwd cars
How Do You Make Sure People Notice Your Ford?
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