Go Behind the Scenes with Ford Social Insiders

By Cole Q.

We brought a few Ford Social members to Detroit for one of the industry’s biggest events: the 2012 North American International Auto Show. They’d been posting amazing ideas and stories on Ford Social, and we just had to meet them in person. While they were here, we brought them to our coolest events at the show and took them behind the scenes at Ford HQ.

Check out the video posted above to get a peek at what they saw!

Our four Ford Social advocates got to do some incredible stuff at the auto show. They had prime seats at the unveiling of the new 2013 Ford Fusion and were some of the first folks anywhere to sit behind the wheel. Without having to wait in line for an hour, they got to take a 20-foot elevator ride into “the Cloud” (a high-tech sneak peek of what’s in store for Ford vehicles), stand in the center of a virtual Ken Block burnout, and enjoy an exhilarating romp in the ST drive simulator.

But that’s not all. Ever wonder what we do to design one of our vehicles? Our insiders got to find out, first-hand. They went behind the scenes in our Product Development Center and saw – and got to play around with – the actual clay that our designers use to come up with miniature models of the Ford vehicles. They went to our digital design lab to check out how our experts figure out how each automobile will look in different environments, weather, spaces, and so on. And they got to explore the simulators and talk to the designers and engineers who develop all the little comforts and features inside the vehicle.

Most important, they got to chat face-to-face and get real answers from top Ford executives and thinkers: CEO Alan Mulally, Executive Vice President Mark Fields, and Chief Technology Officer Paul Mascarenas, just to name a few.

But the best part for us, the best part was the chance to meet some of the most active participants on Ford Social, and talk to them about what mattered most to them. We learned what they like about Ford, what they think we can improve and how they’d like to get even more involved in everything we do at HQ. It was a reminder that we’ll need to keep having these kinds of candid, one-on-one conversations with fans to help Ford succeed.

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Let us know what you think! And stay tuned: We’ll have more behind-the-scenes videos soon!

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David N 03/14/2012
My first car was a 72 FORD LTD, I have owned about 10 fords in my life time and I always go back. I currently own a 03 Ford Expidition with 40 thousand miles, Eddie Bower, and a 06 ranger with 50k on the odom. My Dad and I are fixing up a 1965. 64.5 mustang in total tear down mode now and my dream car is a 2012 boss 302. Ford always.
Juston P 03/11/2012
Honestly, the new Fusion is Amazing. What a car! The new Focus needs AWD, we know you have the parts to do it because the same engine is in the new AWD Escape. The new Escape has an Awesome interior! The exterior could use some more masculine lines and girls would still like it but men would also check it out! The new fiesta is also so awesome! But I would like to have one that was AWD and had the larger navigation screen, and an Eco Boost version would also be prefered with the current 40mpg engine, for the times that you want some gusto... Ford Trucks Rule the road! F150 is unstopable, the 5.0 should have an twin turbo EcoBoost version available at a premium... The Raptor is getting better every year. My wish list for the Raptor would be more power, honestly it needs the Shelby 500 5.8L engine offering or a twin turbo 5.0 V8 Eco Boost offering... And the Fox Racing 2.0 Rear Bump Stops with frame brace, which help soak up extreme rear axle movement and an even more upgraded front suspension design similar to Brenthel Industries Long Travel Baja Kit! The F250 is King of the road bottom line. The current Truck could only be improved by offering it with extended cab crew cab version for more protected interior storage, and quick runs with more than 5 people... Also the single cab should be offered with the 6.7L Power Stroke(R) V8 Turbo Diesel Engine and as a Lariat... The only vehicle that needs some work is the Ranger and the Expedition. Ranger needs the 2.0 EcoBoost engine available with AWD or 2wd, so that we can improve the mpg's and payload capacity of the single cab without a V6, ad a some better sound interior insulation and call it a day, because that truck is entry level, and the standard for the word get er done work truck, plus it a great first truck for teenagers... The Expedition needs some exterior styling improvements, and the 3.5L EcoBoost engine, and the more sleek, larger, nav screen...
Juston P 03/11/2012
What were the ideas that were so good that got those Ford Fans one on one time with executives? I read the whole thing anticipating the ideas!
Jack Goebel 02/08/2012
My Ford Dealer Ocean Park Ford white Rock BC Canada. We have had a great relationship for many many years. Owner Ron Ford and GM Mike Prettie deal with me personally and my family. They are all driving Ford's from him. Also you should know I drive 5hrs just to deal with them Thanks Ron and Mike. Jack Goebel
Mary Lynn Metras 02/08/2012
Ford Fusion looks great! Ford had a wonderful display at the show. Although not as good as being there, watched on Channel 7 Detroit opening night and other coverage. Ford #1.
Dave Freeman 02/08/2012
I remember fondly my 1957 FORD Fairlane Crown Victoria that I purchased in 1959 to drive across country for my new assignment in California. It has been pretty much FORD since but now I have a 2001 F150 that has been ruined by the Ford Dealer in Fallon Nevada. No alarm or door locks and they didn't solve the problem.
Billy Campbell 02/08/2012
fusion is nice..mustang is better..2 really nice cars. both really strong in thier class. good trucks too.keep up the good work.
Emma Wortham 02/07/2012
I miss the pure power, throaty sound, and sleek look of my Mustang GT. No other car manufacturer can hold a candle to Ford's standards, choices, and styling.
Jim Bohon 02/07/2012
Why does it take three expensive catalytic converters to meet emissions compliance on a base '05 V6 Taurus? Why do you have to replace the entire instrument cluster to fix a broken fuel gauge on a new generation Mustang ? Have many more if anyone is really interested........
John Burnette 02/07/2012
The Thunderbird needs to come back in a big way!
My heart whent from 50 to 100. I love ford, they feed my family for three generation. They have great cars. You know between me and my dad our fords never left us stranded in the middle of the road. Thanks ford.Keep it up. God Bless. I lease every two years why not have a check sheet to see what i like and dis like what i would change and what i love .I could even send after 6 months, its your call. i like to help anyway possible.
Harry Risher 02/07/2012
The 2013 FORD FUSION is truly the "World's Car for All Situations and All Seasons" because of it's industry first ,unique offering of three different, fuel,and great performing power sources/engines!! FORD HAS THE BEST IDEAS--BECAUSE FORD MOTOR COMPANY LISTENS BEST!! DRIVE ONE!!
Ken 01/28/2012
The 2013 Ford Fusion looks like an Aston Martin; make a coupe!
Gregory Miller 01/28/2012
NOTHING BUT A FORD WILL DO! All I own and all I will ever own. GO FORD!
JR Griffith 01/28/2012
I was a GM guy growing up and I believe GM was building a better vehicle back in the late 70- early 80. However ford has not only brought the quality up but compleatly surpassed all other US automakers. I now own 5 ford Lincoln or mercury vehicles. What impresses me the most is your SVT lineup I own a GT 500 and I,m thinking of ordering a new 2013 GT 500. 650 HP unbelievable !!!! Keep it up. The only thing I have a problem with is some of your dealers. :-(. I,m currently living in SE Alabama and do not like the dealers in this area. On a good note Seekins Ford in Fairbanks Alaska top notch.
John McLuckie 01/28/2012
Build the Ford Reflex and they will come! A two seater sports car that gets 65 MPG that our wifes will let us buy. Why have you not built this car from the 2004 Auto Show? Hurry, the Jappanese have one coming out this year. Guess what it looks like!
John McLuckie, Ph.D. Fort Collins, CO
Craig S. 01/28/2012
Please offer a manual with the turbo powerplant. Please.
Speed Megaspeed 01/27/2012
Where is the V6 engine version?
Peter G. 01/27/2012
I think Toyota's Camry Product Team are in need of a box of Depends! The new Fusion in really beautiful.
Peter H. 01/27/2012
That front is terrific, look exactly like an Aston Martin...
Virginia Schuring 01/27/2012
I thought the article was interesting. However, I have a Lincoln Town Car and I see nothing that compares. The cars are so small. When you get older it is hard to get in them.
John 01/27/2012
Very nice looking. Hoping for an all electric version.
Bert Carroll 01/27/2012
In my 75 short years of life Iv'e owned 22 Ford Cars or Trucks. Dating from a 1939 Deluxe to my present 2011 GT (Calif Spec) and my 2012 Edge. Also have worked at two large Ford Dealerships.
Me too....owned FORDS MOST OF MY LIFE.
Philip Sullivan 01/27/2012
Irish Thrush: The Fusion and the Focus Look very good. We have two cars, one of which is a 2008 Ford Focus with less than 10,000 miles whch we bought new. It is a great car,but I wish we had waited for the Focus Hatchback.I am looking foward to the 2013 Ford Escape debut. When will it be available at dealerships.
Randy Bennett 01/27/2012
The new Fusion looks nice, but now that you are doing well, how about paying your shareholders some dividends.
Mallorie Howey 01/23/2012
Anotonio, Ford does the same in the US. They are having a country wide problem with the CVT transmissions failing in the Ford Freestyles. Since then they just quit making them and Ford Customer Service basically tells you there is nothing they can do then just ignores you. I could see if it was just a handful but its not, it happens all over the country and Ford could careless. They have offered me no help with this repair that cost about 45% of what the vehicle is even worth. All this happen after only owning the vehicle for just a few short months.
John Miles 01/22/2012
I've been a Ford man, or from a kid, & even thow U've got Great cars that i like - the Best thing that made me even Love yall even more is when yall didn't need that Bail out like everybody else did,,,,,,Great Job Ford!!!
I've owned fords all my life. My first car was a ford.
Brad Barefoot 01/21/2012
Hey Ford, Tom, Alan, Everett, & (UK Alun) ! I know I speak for all of us both mentioned here and all the others Social Media attendees. This was an E-Ticket experience from start to finish. Again WELL DONE on the new cars and trucks coming in the future, and for having us there.
Ju Yeon Park 01/21/2012
Amilcar Aguilar 01/21/2012
muy bueno
Miguel Antonio Vizuete 01/20/2012
Benefactores globales.
Lynda Johnson 01/20/2012
I went today the fusion is beautiful
Alan Campbell 01/20/2012
yes....very cool!
Cesar Reck Torrealba Oliart 01/20/2012
Tom Fong 01/20/2012