Getting Noticed: The New Ford Fusion

By Tori T.

“The first thing people say is that it’s beautiful.”—Chris Hamilton, Fusion Chief Designer

“If I had to sum up Fusion in just a couple of words I would say, it’s the best of global Ford.”— Samantha Hoyt, Fusion Marketing Manager for the United States

“It’s extremely sophisticated in its looks as well as its design.”—James, over at

“I want ‘IT’ Wow!”—Randolph Delva, Ford Social via Facebook

The all-new Ford Fusion will arrive in North America in late fall, and we know you’re already anxious for that day to come. And antsy. Believe us, we might be even more excited about you getting behind the wheel than you are! That’s because the Fusion exemplifies one of the many ways we are able to Go Further. It's a global car, so it strikes a chord with a worldwide audience. It also points to the Blue Oval moving in the right direction as a company, as well as to it building new products that make a statement.

The Go Further theme can also be explored through the new Fusion engineering and technology, and also with its design, one that feels athletic, but looks elegant. “It visually communicates that Fusion is going to drive as exceptionally as it looks,” noted Chris, who, with his team of designers, created a vehicle that represents an advancement in midsize family sedans.

The Fusion will be the first sedan to offer gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. That means a pair of EcoBoost™ four-cylinder engines, while the hybrid will have an all-new 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder gasoline engine. The Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid, aiming to be the most fuel-efficient midsize car in the world, is anticipated to deliver more than 100 MPGe, a mile per gallon equivalency metric for electrified vehicles.

Check out this video of the Fusion design team to see the faces of some of the people who worked on the making of this highly anticipated car!
Steve 07/30/2014
When I saw the new Fusion for the first time I knew I had to have it. I'm now the proud owner of a Tuxedo Black 2014 Fusion SE with the 2.0 liter Ecoboost engine. Boy, does it scoot. Keep up the good work Ford designers.
Zach W 05/09/2012
This is defiantly a gorgeous car I will not deny the design team that but I just saw how a similar approach in redesign is being taken in a new generation of mustang with the almost Aston like grill and honestly more European elegance we are losing the fierceness and aggressive design that made it famous . To me im not saying not make it a little more modern( update the suspencion just saying) just don't tone done the car that you want to see drift a corner and race from light to light. Finally and I know with better performance comes a bigger price tag try to keep it a working mans performance car. Again just my observation.
Chad K 05/07/2012
That video has pretty much made up my mind on blue. Do want!
Craig Boruch 05/07/2012
Why don't you guys bring back the Bronco II? I'd like to see it with the front like the 2013 fusion, squared off back end like the original, about 165" long, 70" wide, 65" tall, 4 doors with a back door that hinges on the drivers side for easy sidewalk unloading (interchangeable like a refridgerator door for international standards), a 1.8 and 2.0 four cylinder engines, Traction control and Stability control (since I live in snowy/hilly area), and a price less than the Ford Focus.
Renato Echevarria 05/07/2012
Ruth,Ford Dealerships "SUCKS" that's the reason why don't bring my Fords for any minor or tire repair to them.I wish I can just Buy my next Ford directly from the factory.
Craig Boruch 05/07/2012
Why don't you guys bring back the Bronco II? I'd like to see it with the front like the 2013 fusion, squared off back end like the original, about 165" long, 70" wide, 65" tall, the same back windows that curve up onto the roof a little bit, 4 doors with a back door that hinges on the drivers side for easy sidewalk unloading (interchangeable like a refridgerator door for international standards), a 1.8 and 2.0 four cylinder engines, Traction control and Stability control (since I live in snowy/hilly area). Please.
Ruth Mcfall 05/07/2012
We have been driving fords since 1992 and we currently own 4. We have been extremely happy with all of them esp. my 06 Mustang. On Thur. my husband went to Spitzer Ford in Cuyahoga Falls and traded our Lincoln for a Focus and the next day noticed a bubble on the tire and when he took it back to the dealer they would not replace the tire because it was a pre-owned certified car and they noticed the bubble on the inspection and the tech felt it was safe. We took it to local tire shops who diagreed. So we bought a new tire and we will continue driving our Fords but we will never go back to SPITZER Ford in Cuyahoga Falls and we will post on facebook and get our story out every chance we get. They have a dissatisfied customer over a 1 hundred dollar tire.Sincerely, Ruth McFall
Anton Alexandrovich Koryagin 05/07/2012
so many people (masters = certified specialists) worked on this design, and it turned out so-so - enough the ordinary-looking car, than not different from a set and similar to many models of other brands of a car.
Personally I not absolutely understand - for what the firm Ford pays money to these "masters"? Also doesn't pay (cent) to that who drew = thought up original design of such cars as Ford - KA, Ford - Mondeo (1996-2003), Ford Probе, Ford - Focus-1, - to the author whom Ford - new original model - the Puma is now ready to offer?! Will calculate, what it is fair? In other what difference that you there consider - if you simply aren't able to count even elementary - money (pay millions for a salary than not being allocated designers and cent don't allocate to that (me) who once again to you is ready to offer actual = competitive model which could bring tens, hundreds millions arrived..
Jonathon Mecklenburg 05/07/2012
You guys need to bring back the crown vic and grand Marquis!!!
jacob 05/07/2012
an AMERICAN car company that is pushing the envelope on everything, damn right.
jean hogarth 05/06/2012
100mpg is fine and its very good that ford is becoming more eco friendly but how many months can the car go before 100mpg turns into 90mpg - 78mpg
peggy g 05/06/2012
I've been waiting on the 2013Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium since March...come on, lemme have get one. I saw it online, then went to the car show especially to sit in one. Yesterday, I went to my local Ford dealer and tried to order one. I'm ready...make me one of the first to own a 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium in Georgia.
Claude 05/06/2012
The new Fusion looks great; especially the front end/grille. Looks like an Aston Martin or Jaguar.Wish it had a V6.
Carl Shock 05/06/2012
When is ford going to make a v8 eco boost for the 3/4 ton and the 1ton trucks
Kevin Corbin 05/06/2012
Go to the Ford site and option one up....and yes, a stick shift IS available behind the 1.6 Ecoboost! I read someone had complained no stick for the new design... ;o) Really like the new design! But just a dream for me at ths point in time....
Renato Echevarria 05/06/2012
My Dad drive a Model T in the late 30's and now me and my family drive only Ford. We own a(1994 van-307k miles and still working good),a2003 sport truck-208k miles), a 2004 F150 180k miles),a 2007 sport truck limited edition-75k miles,and a 450 Ford van chases on my RV-37k. Not to mention my 1999 F150 (totals in an my accident years back and not a single day spent time to see a Doctor).I'll never drive any other truck or van exept "FORD"<_--"long live ".
Paul Sparky 05/06/2012
I'm not going to let up. It's a six month wait to see it, put it up dam it!
Paul Sparky 05/06/2012
That's great. Now where is the team that designed the XLT dual cab 3.2lt 147KW 4x4 and in particular the bloke/girl that decided there should be a red one!!
Lisa Royal 05/06/2012
i have one and i really like it
Ashley Baker 05/06/2012
Id love to win one...
Gary Morris 05/06/2012
Lets hope that Ford stick to their own design instead of doing what other car makers are doing..following each other with similar designs!!
Stephen Spackman 05/06/2012
It's a Fusion/ Mondeo with a hint of Aston Martin. :-/
Mitchell C 05/06/2012
YYou guys did a great job putting this car together. This is a very good time to be a Ford guy! You got the new focus st, the new mustang, escape, Taurus, and flex! Can't wait to see what else is coming down the pipeline! I am currently attending UTI and I am taking the Ford FACT program, and I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these cars and engines! It will be my way of picking your teams brain from afar! Great job guys, see you again when an ST version is ready! (((crossing fingers!)))
Eric Mientus 05/06/2012
I love what Ford has done lately with their line of cars. I work for a rental car company and it was amazing seeing the transformation of the line of cars year by year. The 2013 Fusion takes the cake as the best transformation yet! All out an amazing car!! Great job Ford. Keep 'em coming.
Chris Woller 05/06/2012
I really like my 08. The newer ones are even better, and the new 13 is better yet. Way to go, Ford!
Adolfo Toledo 05/06/2012
Ford is America...
Bobby Breidhaupt 05/06/2012
they kinda look like a aston martin in the new commercial.
Prisscilla Wilcox 05/06/2012
OH YEH!!! I Love FORD !!!!! :)
Bobby Blankenship 05/06/2012
I like the previous one better, looks to much like the Taurus from the front and that is ugly, old Chrysler look.
Ruben Rubio 05/06/2012
I like my car 2012 Ford Fusion the best car
Keith Mickens 05/06/2012
Are all new fords going to look similar?
Cheryl Dorr 05/06/2012
i love the ford fusions and the ford taurus. ford's are great car's, that's why i drive one.
Norazlizah Eja 05/06/2012
bahagian small part
Sanjay Pradhan 05/06/2012
Go Further........
Andy Januse 05/06/2012
I love my 2011 Fusion! My police department bought 4 of them for unmarked cruisers liked them do much I bought one for myself! Way to go Ford and the 2013 is even better!!
Ryan Kaiser 05/06/2012
I think its ugly back on. And side angle of the back. Looks like they worked hard on the front. Ran out of time and just through the back together. I would not buy one because of the back.
Lynelle Loar 05/06/2012
Donna Allison Cogswell 05/06/2012
We just bought on and it is awesome
Arvind Sagar 05/06/2012
totaly fake
Swarooph Nirmal Seshadri 05/06/2012
Looks like a Jag! Way to go!
Cubby Bear 05/06/2012
i have the 2009 SE its like a tank, i love the 3.0 with 221 HP cant wait to get the new 2013.
Debbie Heidtman 05/06/2012
I don't like the new style. Don't like the grill at all ick
Tina Crosson Forshey 05/06/2012
We had one for a rental car, very nice!
Frank Dodge 05/06/2012
naw !!! i just love ford F-150's
Goog Goo 05/06/2012
I bye bye for ford. wait WT is long time. (tig tog tig tog)
Golly Dkee 05/06/2012
wh3n i s33n da commercial
Golly Dkee 05/06/2012
it look3dk lik3 a aston martin at 1st
Amanda Marshall 05/06/2012
I want one! Just love the new design...totally sets Ford apart from any other company! Great job, my husband and I love Ford! That's all we have in the garage
William Allen Andrade 05/06/2012
Agreed. New Fusion styling is a major home run!
Mike Martin 05/06/2012
Fantastic car. It's going to be a home run!
Shelby Maekayla Myers 05/06/2012
I love the ford fusions. My mom has one.
Getting Noticed: The New Ford Fusion
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