Gas or Electric? An Easier Choice Than You Think

By Tori T.

These days, many people are concerned about fuel economy, and you might be considering an electric vehicle for the first time. Or maybe you're not sure that you're ready to venture into that world, although it's a pretty cool, functional, easy one in which to live. But bypassing an electric vehicle doesn't mean you're getting short-changed in the cutting-edge technology or fuel-economy  departments. It simply means you’ve weighed your options and made a choice that best suits your needs.

Having choices is what drives the new 2013 Ford Fusion . "Ford is giving customers the power of choice for leading fuel economy regardless of what type of vehicle or powertrain technology they choose,” said Eric Kuehn, Chief Engineer, Ford Global Electrified Programs.

With the new Fusion, choices includes the ability to pick from a normal gas engine, two EcoBoost® engines, a hybrid electric and a plug-in hybrid electric model. But Ford knows engine decision isn't the only element that helps you personalize your vehicle for your lifestyle, daily tasks and personality. The new sedan will also have features to assist with driving and overall behind-the-wheel enjoyment.

“We call the 2013 Fusion the ‘and’ solution. Customers won’t have to choose between ‘this or that,’” said Eric. “They’ll get great styling, performance and driving dynamics , ‘and’ they’ll get that great fuel economy."

That's what's called using your power for good!
Martin H 01/01/2013
Martin H.
elctric cars should not be called polution free.They maybe polution free on the road but they are polution shifting from urban to suburban.They use the same roads and don't pay taxes to use them and down the road battery recycling will polute and it will increase elecricity rates for household use.Where do enviromentalist thing electricity come from-thin Air.I thing that clean diesel should be used more in North America like in the rest off the world.
Rick 11/27/2012
I think the ideal solution is a plug in hybrid with a solar charging station at home and solar panels on the roof. Recharge as you drive, recharge at home, don't pay for gas unless it is night and your battery is depleted. No need to rely on grid power.
Martin H 10/25/2012
Where do people thing electricity is coming from.All what it does is move pollution from urban to suburban.We should not subsidizes electric cars.They get rebates ,pay no road or gas taxes.We should look more to diesels like the rest off the world if we like to get the fuel ecenomy.In lot off parts off the world diesels are around 50%.North America is the only place where diesel cost more than gas.
Daniel H 10/17/2012
Electric cars are not the answer. There is no solution to the current energy needs to power our cars. If the fossil fuel is in demad the Oil companies with gouge us the same goes for the hydrostatic in Canada and the utilities in the US. There is no escaping supply and demand. And there is no stopping we free spirited people fromdrivingandour love of the open road or the journey. We all need to accept the fact we will has this burden one way or another for ever.
T C 09/26/2012
I'd also like to add to Ronald W's comment on electric cars and power plants, by saying if the electric car were to replace gas powered cars the hydro companies will certainly jack the electricity rates right through the roof. So if you think electricty is expensive now wait 20 or 30 years down the road when or if there are more electric cars and they'll want to cash in on it. If electric cars become more mainstream I could see the oil companies buying up or investing into the hydro companies (If they haven't already) and jacking up the electricity rates.
T. E 09/04/2012
Regarding the use of corn based ethanol’s as a means of helping our gasoline situation. My first question is why burn a primary food source? Which do we want the most, to eat or fuel our cars? The use of corn for fuel goes against all logic. Depending on whom you listen to, it may even cost more to create ethanol to add to our gasoline than it is worth. Studies point to other sources such as switch-grass, also called by many other local names, flourishes in the wild planes of our American central states w/o the need for precious un-natural watering or hazardous fertilizers and yet can yield as much as 11 x the product as with ethanol’s from corn(depending on the ref source) . Why don't we, or the gasoline industries, support this technology????? (hmmmm)
T. E 09/04/2012
We would not have to create more and more power generating facilities to charge large numbers of electric vehicles!! Does anyone think that power generators are turned offf at night? Those generators run 24/7!! The whole idea with EV's is to charge them up at night when the power grids are least being used! Also, at this time of day, the electricity is sold at it's cheepest rate! Dont start with the "massive need for more power gen stations" cop-out that opponents of EV spew into the media!!!
larry 08/30/2012
With the way oil companies artificially inflate the price of oil from a normal 25 USD to close to 200 USD the electric car is tempting
Ronald W 08/30/2012
Where do people think the electricity comes from to charge these electric vehicles?? POWER PLANTS.. Build more electric cars you'd better be building more power plants.. Put 3 million of these cars in California and they won't have "rolling blackouts", they will be blacked out permanently.

Hydrogen vehicles?? Don't people understand what it takes to make hydrogen? I guess they want to tow a trailer behind their car due to the amount it takes to run the car! The amount of electricity it takes to manufacture hydrogen is the same problem with charging an electric vehicle.
Choice is great. I was hearing about an ammonia powered digital engine that will actually save the planet.
Carl H 08/28/2012
"Currently it is most frequently made from methane or other fossil fuels." Search hydrogen powered vehicles on Wikipedia. Hydrogen is as bad as fossil fuels. Also hydrogen doesn't carry allot of energy so you would need big tanks (also from Wikipedia.) Down with fossil fuels!
Nathan Bearpark 08/28/2012
Glad no one said electric, i don't see it ever taking off. Next step hydrogen, someone needs to sort a way to store it safely in vehicle
Nathan Bearpark 08/28/2012
Glad no one said electric, i don't see it ever taking off. Next step hydrogen, someone needs to sort a way to store it safely in vehicle
Omer 08/28/2012
electric is a clean technic but i think a lot of people wants to hear engine sound so hybrid cars are useful nowadays.
Larry 08/28/2012
Electric cars can get 1000 miles per charge once they work out the bugs for the 1/2 scale v-8 engines or kevlar material
mechtr 08/28/2012
we want cars work with water energy =)
Bradley Everett 08/28/2012
Jump them all and be the first to deliver a full natural gas factory built car. Lead the way in supporting Americas energy independence. There's so much natural gas we don't know what to do with it all and retail filling stations are going in everyday somewhere.
Bradley Everett 08/28/2012
Jump them all and be the first to deliver a full natural gas factory built car. Lead the way in supporting Americas energy independence. There's so much natural gas we don't know what to do with it all and retail filling stations are going in everyday somewhere.
Mike Conrad 08/28/2012
GAS! Until all the car manufacturers make electric affortable! $40,000 for an electric car...really? If you priced the Fusion Hybrid at $20,000 instead of $30,000 Ford would sell a million tomorrow!!
Jacob Beanz Jones 08/28/2012
Gas or diesel
Dan Minnerly 08/28/2012
the reason we didn't buy a hybrid Escape at the time was because of the $9000 difference.
If gas\hybrid\electric were more comparably priced maybe. Not to mention the recharging options for full electric are relatively limited, unless you have you own charging station at home.
Nandy Enjoi 08/28/2012
Wait when you say gas or electric do you mean nat gas or electric
Or gasoline or electric ? Jk
Jason Jepsen 08/28/2012
Yeah... GAS!!!!
Craig Striegle 08/28/2012
Hot rods only run on gas
Larry Baldwin 08/28/2012
sorry i will alway's buy gas and RWD.
Marcey Anderson 08/28/2012
yes an we will soon be trying to power them with magic .i will buy one of those too when they perfect it
Tyler Meeks 08/28/2012
Michael Schumacher (MSC) 08/28/2012
Great stuff.
Greg Welsh 08/28/2012
electric, Mitzabishi are coming out with a full electric this year, you guys need to keep up or better
Tomáš Jantoška 08/28/2012
Andy Weiss 08/28/2012
My preference would be natural gas.
Rob F 08/28/2012
glad to see Ford investing in the future
JJMJRDEC J 08/28/2012
Most people drive to work,why not make no frills electric car,would serve many needs for the family other than work travel. example trips to doctor ,store,golf course,ect. A Ford Work Horse.may fill the need.
Nic 08/27/2012
Ford is doing it wrong in America. In Europe I can get a Brand New Ford Ranger Pickup DIESEL power quad cab 4x4 and get 35 miles to the gallon. It may not be fast or have 400 hp, but it has what I need. Here is the US I need to vehicles to accomplish this. Why are you not sharing this with the American market. Electric cars is a wonderful technology but not economical for trucks.
Brad B 08/27/2012
Hey Ford & Friends ! Gas or Electric you can have the best of both worlds with the C-Max and Fusion, or you can go total electric with the Focus and Transit Connect. I'm wondering when we will see the Hybrid drive train in the Transit Connect. I'm leaning towards the C-Max but my wife's health needs is moving me towards the Transit Connect (TC) for more room (wheel chair) needs. Now ... without disclosing guarded secrets will we soon see a Transit Connect Hybrid? It would seem too that gas prices will steadily climb. The Transit Connect in a Hybrid I would say would be the TC's next evolution. How about fellow Ford crew-mates what do you think?
The Oil Companies are opposing Electric Cars. Until that chain is broken I am staying with Gas or Diesel fueled vehicles. OR such time as Hydrogen fuekls are allowed to be manufactured as an alternative. Hence the Water powered Vehicles.
i like electric gas continues to go up.
Thomas W 08/26/2012
I would like for ford to come up with a Ford Taurus Minivan during the 2014 Model year, so they will be 9 Passenger Minivans then, so they will be called: Ford Taurus XXV then, so they will have most of the features that the Ford Taurus sedans will have then, so the Ford Taurus XXV Minivans will have Power Outlets in 2nd Row Seating and 3rd Row Seating both then, so they will have a Table in it then, so it will have a Built-In iCar feature for the table then which will be like an iPad, so people will do facebook and things like that in the new ford taurus XXV Minivans then, so they will have a Console in the front center and the 2nd Row Center that can get converted to seats with a Lap and Shoulder Belt then, so they will have six buttons for the power windows like the front, 2nd row, and the 3rd row seating of the minivan then...
Gas or Electric? An Easier Choice Than You Think
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