Ford is Ready to Rock the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

By Cole Q.

Ford is in its final preparations for its fourth year at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in a big way. Brian McClary, Ford Social and Emerging Media Specialist, and Alan Hall, Ford Technology Communications Manager, give us a quick preview of some of the exciting technology to expect from Ford at the 2012 CES.

First, the show will mark the North American debut of the Ford Evos Concept Vehicle. This vehicle was first shown at the 64th Frankfurt International Motor Show, held September 15-25, 2011, and it provides a big hint regarding the DNA of the next generation of Ford cars and crossovers. You can read the full story on the Evos Concept on Ford Social by clicking here.

In addition, the new 2013 Ford Fusion will also be shown at the 2012 International CES. The Fusion is the official car of the show, and it will have a prominent place in the Ford display.

Ford will also announce new additions to its suite of in-car technologies. In fact, Ford will more than double the number of apps that you can control through SYNC® AppLink, which allow you to voice control the apps on your smartphone. Read “SYNC AppLink Gives You Hands-free Voice Control of Your Smartphone Apps,” to learn more about AppLink.

Stay tuned for more stories and chances to join live chats with Ford experts here on Ford Social during the CES.
Mark Hancharuk 02/09/2012
Seeing how we are discussing apps here, I have a story to tell...
I have a 2008 Lincoln MKZ with the first generation SYNC system. I also have an HTC HD7 Windows phone. I have always loved the easy interface between my phone and car, but when Windows Phone released the new 'Mango' update, I got another surprise, just by accident... When I receive a text message now, instead of having to choose from a list of pre-programmed responses, I can now respond using my own words, seamlessly! And again, i never have to remove my phone from my belt or console! (and it never required an update to SYNC, either!) WAY TO GO, FORD! I impress many people who travel with me with this technoiogy; I can only imagine what's coming next!
Peter Klippel 01/09/2012
The Fusion diesel wagons rule the Autobahn here in Germany. @Ford: You have two great things going for you, now put them together and give the consumer the ultimate package. Take your 2.2L TDCi Duratorq engine from Europe and configure it with your plug-in hybrid system. Boom, instant competition killer.
Jeff Self 01/05/2012
My 98 ranger 3.0 v6 gets 20-21 mpg. New 2012 gets 23? Bullcrap! Ford u need to go back to drawin board!
Tommy Atchley 01/05/2012
I love my Fusion, for it to be a 4cyl se, it will fly
Ralph Jackson 01/05/2012
awsome ford you rock any way.
Houari Habri 01/05/2012
Jamie At Ford 01/05/2012
@Nelson – What’s your question, sir? :)

Lincoln Customer Service
Rebecca At Ford 01/05/2012
@Johnny - Please PM me with your VIN and the details of what's going on so I can look into this for you!

In-Vehicle Technology Team
Rebecca At Ford 01/05/2012
@Johnny - Please PM me with your VIN and the details of what's going on so I can look into this for you!

In-Vehicle Technology Team
Charley Carlin 01/05/2012
You put all this effort into you web site and refuse to put a range number.
why do you hide this important information. hey everybody - keep asking till they speak up!
Prakash Shrestha 01/05/2012
like mine ans is not getting
Nelson Lubinda 01/05/2012
you ford guys you always too busy to answer questions why
Terry Hutton 01/05/2012
Ford should start producing the EVOS as-is post haste and with a GT pkg
John Lenkel 01/04/2012
When Can I go to my local Dealer and place a deposit down on a new 2013 GT 500 ? Will there be price gouging like there was/is with the BOSS ?
John Lenkel 01/04/2012
Is Ford going to come out with a full size car that is completely run on plug in power with NO ENGINE ?and if so When ?
John Lenkel 01/04/2012
Hey Bobby whats doin guy and happy new year,give jules are best.,,JJ
Matthew Inman 01/04/2012
All you whinning about the ranger get a grown up truck like the f-150 k bye
Mel Scott 01/04/2012
What about a hybrid FORD EDGE!
Orville Brewster 01/04/2012
this will be like the new ford RANGER, America will never see it.
Charles Rooster Granger 01/04/2012
hey bradford i drove a ford ranger diesel 4x4 i want that. so whats up ford when can we get it?
Moses Fridman 01/04/2012
I won't be impressed until the "Sandwich GO!" or "make me a sammich" comand works on SYNC.
Bradford Sofokles 01/04/2012
Ford when are you going 2 make a diesel focus or fusion? they are supposidly available in europe why not here im a ford service tech and would love too see that id by the 1st 1
Stephen Moser 01/04/2012
I Love FORD!
Brandon Valiquette 01/04/2012
Let's hope they fix that. I hold ford high on my respect list. Number 1!
Ford is Ready to Rock the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show
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