Ford Fusion Hybrid Named North American Car of the Year

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The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid was chosen over 15 competitors to be named 2010 North American Car of the Year. The award was announced January 11, 2009.

The 2010 North American Car of the Year recognizes the most outstanding vehicle of the year based on many factors, including innovation, design, safety, handling, driver satisfaction and value. To be eligible, vehicles must be all-new or substantially changed from the previous model. The jury is composed of 50 automotive journalists in Canada and the United States, representing newspapers, magazines, Web sites, television and radio shows.

The 2010 Fusion Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient sedan in America.  The new models offer more power, class-exclusive technologies – such as BLIS®  (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross Traffic Alert and Ford SYNC® – and  more total passenger and luggage capacity than the Toyota Camry.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid was introduced as an all-new model for 2010. The Ford Hybrid team has developed a powertrain system that combines the best attributes of the gasoline engine and electric battery-driven motors to deliver the optimal experience for the customer in terms of driving performance and fuel economy. Additionally, the propulsion system for the Ford Fusion Hybrid transitions between gas and electric power and back more efficiently and seamlessly.

The overall system upgrade allows the Ford Fusion Hybrid to operate longer at higher speeds in electric mode. The hybrid vehicles can operate up to 47 mph in pure electric mode, approximately twice as fast as some competitors. Plus, the city driving range on a single tank of gas is expected to be more than 700 miles.

The Fusion Hybrid also offers drivers a way to be more connected to the hybrid driving experience, thanks to Ford’s SmartGauge™ with EcoGuide, a unique instrument cluster execution that helps coach drivers on how to optimize performance of their hybrid.

SmartGauge™ with EcoGuide features two high-resolution, full-color liquid crystal display (LCD) screens on either side of the analog speedometer that can be configured to show different levels of information, including fuel and battery power levels, and average and instant miles per gallon.

EcoGuide uses a multilayered approach to coach the driver to maximum fuel efficiency.

A tutorial mode built into the display helps the driver learn about the instrument cluster and the hybrid in a whimsical way that does not overpower. Technical enthusiasts will love the detailed gauges that will help them learn to become more efficient in their driving. Everyday drivers will love another new feature in this same gauge cluster.

Called “Efficiency Leaves,” the system “grows” leaves and vines on-screen to reward customers for efficient driving.

For more information on the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, please click here.
Randy 01/14/2010
Bravo Ford...building nice cars and trucks with a traditional American name. I want to buy a Ford truck, but the F150 and F250 are too large for my taste. In my own personal opinion, the Ford Ranger needs to be re-done to look more like the Toyota Tacoma/w double cab option. Could you imagine seeing the Ford Logo on the front of a Toyota Tacoma? Do that and I will buy a Ford Ranger tomorrow!!!
LYDIA 01/13/2010
Yesterday my brother had a wreck in his 2009 Fusion he black out for unknown reason at this time. He hit 2 trees and it rolled at least once , every window in it is busted except the front windshield. The car is gone but I still have my brother thanks to the lord and a good built car.
He is sore today and a little cut on his knuckle is all the injuries he received out of the wreck.
kazek 01/12/2010
Bravo Ford.Europe is very glad.
Eileen 01/12/2010
Bought Ford Fusion Hybrid in 2009. Never had a Ford Product. I am a grandmother who has always done research before buying a car. Ford Hybrid was my choice this yr because it didn't take Federal Support Funds (only American Co.) It was a hybrid - best for our environment (my grandchildren) and looking sleek and great. And it drives wonderful. Proud to own my first Ford .
DN 01/12/2010
Credit goes to Alan Mullaly...Boeing's loss has been Ford's benefit...I had heard his interview 3 years back on PBS and I knew where he was going to take Ford....he said something like he was in the business of creating customer value ...sure he was on right track. Most important thing moving forward is how to keep that bar high and never ever let it slip.
Dorothy 01/11/2010
I am glad to see that Ford have a wagon in the future.. I will be patiencely waiting for the Focus wagon to get to the dealership. I had a 2000 Focus wagon and love that car -- hated to get rid of it but the engine got mess up went I had to drive thur very deep water in Virginia Beach to get home.... Thanks having a wagon in the Ford Motor Company..
J. Kraus 01/11/2010
I have had two Ford Fusion's, as a matter of fact i drove the first one off of my dealers lot without a test drive. I now lease a 2008 Fusion and when the lease is up plan on getting another one, if all things go right for me in the near future. I have never had any problems with either car and I still love to drive it as much today as I did the first day I got it. Best car Ford has put out in years.
Cos 01/11/2010
Go Ford, Your Biggest Fan-Cody Hite
I wish i could of talked to Mark on the Ford Facebook Page, I asked a question, but apparently he had left.
Ford Fusion Hybrid Named North American Car of the Year
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