Experience the New 2013 Ford Fusion Virtually

By Ford Social Member

How would you like to get behind the wheel of the all-new 2013 Ford Fusion before it’s even revealed to the public at the 2012 North American International Auto Show? While we can’t let you physically sit in the car just yet, you can experience it virtually through Hands-on app on your mobile device. The app is an augmented reality game that includes virtual images of the new Fusion, and users of the app will drive a new Fusion through a series of worlds that unlock to reveal the car. The more you play, the more of the new car you can see.

You can learn more about this app and download it at fordfusionapp.com.

The new Ford Fusion will also be the “Official Car of the 2012 International CES.” Check back at Ford Social the week of January 9, 2012, for updated from that show and more information on the new Fusion.

The app operates on the Android and iOS operating systems, on smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone, iPad and Droid. The experience is initiated by finding and capturing a Ford logo using the mobile device’s camera. The Ford logo will appear on the screen as a button that starts the program. Operating like a video game, the app then allows consumers to drive a digitally camouflaged new Fusion on a track toward video clips that feature insights on technology and design from key Fusion team members.

A daily video clip will unlock a new enhancement to the app, with every day of driving bringing new content alive. New content includes demonstrations of key vehicle features.

As the game progresses, three driving worlds can be unlocked leading up to the reveal, each offering a clearer form of the Fusion and new visual environments. All the while, original music tracks will make the experience even more enjoyable and users can access social sharing to post images to Facebook or Twitter.

On the day of the Fusion reveal at the 2012 North American International Auto Show, users will be able to unlock access to the full image of the car. After viewing the final video in the driving experience, an image of the car will appear on the main menu. At that point users can drive any of the four Fusions on the track and can create a custom image of the car to share via Facebook and Twitter.

Ford collaborated with Moonbot Studios on development of the app.
N. Rodriguez 01/04/2012
Hopefully Ford will eventually build this car, and every other outsourced vehicle here in the U.S. since it's beginning to look as if outsourcing effects the sales of these vehicles, in very negative ways.
Tyler Laviolette 12/19/2011
Cool app, can't download on android.
Jason 12/19/2011
Too bad this app doesn't update. Still stuck on the 16th, and its the 19th. Come on Ford get with it!
Jason Dumas 12/19/2011
favorite ford so far is the ford 500.. bad on gas mileage but insane with power and all wheel drive system
Brad Barefoot 12/18/2011
Hey Donald ! Don't look for a new company's product. I feel Ford is like Disney. How? When Disney makes the decision to end an attraction something better and more entertaining in coming onboard to replace the older attraction. I'm confident that Ford's replacement for the Ranger will carry the Flag even higher.
Theresa Agius Cowden 12/18/2011
FORD is #1 in my book. But, would never buy a car made in Mexico. Do love my Taurus though. Thanks for all u FMC!
Nola Riggs 12/17/2011
I have a 2011 Escape. Wish it had a button to start the vehicle so no more fumbling with a key.
Donald 12/17/2011
I will be looking at a new company to replace my Ford Ranger, too bad they think so little of us customers. I will never buy a Ford again.
doug braun 12/17/2011
I would sure be disappointed if the new MFT did not have the outside temperature.
dood that would be awsome
Straycrow 12/17/2011
Hi. could someone please tell me how to get this app ?
Brad Barefoot 12/16/2011
Hey Ford, especially Fusion Owners. We have a 4-Cyc SEL and if you'll drive by the tach (generally 2 mph less than posted limit)) you get 29/31 around town and 37.8 consistently going to Florida to see out son. Take some time and you'll see the difference in fuel economy.
Ford Motor Company 12/16/2011
Joshua, Mark, and Wayne: The Android store filters what you see in search results based on your device. If you do not see the Fusion App it means your device is not currently supported. Please check back as we will continue to add more devices to the more than 443 Android devices currently supported.
Eli Sanchez 12/16/2011
Is it on IOS ? If not than I cant try it out will wait for the reveal!
oh my gosh i can't wait to have it
Gerri O'Neall Lafnear 12/16/2011
i just really like my fusion, talk about a smooth ride and great mileage
Ray Lively 12/16/2011
I have a 08 & 09 Ranger, they have been great so far!
Robert Stewart 12/16/2011
Ford ranger plant closed after 86 yrs today
Shawn Kalles 12/16/2011
dear ford my wife has a 2011 fusion sport, she an I love the car, one dislike no fancy led lights like every other make out there, mercury's and lincoln's have them, but not the fords, are lights are led, not like the audi,,,
Wayne Fields 12/16/2011
Ford I hear ya talkin .... But it's not in the market
Rms Vnr 12/16/2011
woo o0o . . .
Mark Hanes 12/16/2011
they made me look twice Joshua......its like crying wolf. I may not look a third time. Looks like its not even out yet...
Joshua Walters 12/16/2011
It's still not showing up in the android market....