Experience the Ford Auto Show Innovation and Design Fantasy Camp

By Cole Q.

For the 2012 International North American International Auto Show, we created an Innovation and Design Fantasy Camp by bringing 150 design, green, technology and lifestyle bloggers from 16 countries to Michigan for a seat at our Fusion reveal and a behind-the-scenes look at the product design process of the new 2013 Ford Fusion. Along the way, we had dinner at the Henry Ford Museum, hosted an Ignite session and introduced our attendees to many members of the Ford executive team.

Now you can see the reactions from some of these bloggers, in their words and through their photos and videos by clicking on the links below:

How to Buy A Car by AskMen

A Preview of the Driving America Exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum by Business Insider

Reaction to the 2013 Ford Fusion by Gear Patrol

Dad At A Car Show: Personality Disorder? by Dad Labs

Photographer Thomas Hawk captures CEO Alan Mulally

Telling Time by How to Be a Dad

A First Look at the New Ford Fusion by Mother Nature Network

Don't Think of Ford Motor Company as Merely an Automaker by Gear Diary

Getting a Glimpse into Ford's Design Process by Design Notes

The 2013 Ford Fusion photographed by Thomas Hawk

You can see all of the Ford Social content relating to the 2012 International North American International Auto Show by clicking here to visit our auto show coverage page.
Brad Barefoot 01/20/2012
Hey Ford ! The NAIAS was great. How does it feel to be the #1 automaker on the planet! Forget the number hype, go by what you gut tells you, and I tell you Ford drivers like us drive the #1 line of vehicles anywhere. anytime, anyplace. Bold styling, dependability, pride in ownership creates Team Ford. As I mentioned at the show after the preview of the new Fusion .... I can hear a GM & Fiat/Chrysler engineer and designer crying. The new rising star the C-Max will be a winner, lots of room, thoughtful placement of all controls, and eye appeal for both the crossover buyer, and the child of the '60's wagon lover like myself. Two words for Ford ..... Well Done !
Rhonda Rudd 01/20/2012
I love my Ford!
Reicho Janet 01/20/2012
J. French 01/19/2012
I am driving my second Lincoln MKZ. My lease is up next year and I have seen the promo's for the 2013. Nice looking, but you have gone from a 1995 Audi to a current S60 Volvo.The worst decision is going to the 4 cylinder engine. My only real complaint was why the 3.5L was restricted to around 260 HP. How is it that your major competitors tune up their 3.0 and 3.5's to 300 Hp and beyond. While I really like my MKZ, I find it impossible to buy a 4 cylinder MKZ. I will look to the many other vehicles the comparably priced with the same equipment and more HP. You have put relagated this vehicle to the senior crowd. The MKS is just ugly.
Tony Locklear 01/19/2012
all ways have one
Tina Ratliff Larison 01/19/2012
I own 2 right now at one time had 6
Christopher Bird 01/19/2012
Haha i own a ford
Christopher Bird 01/19/2012