Early Look at Some of the 2013 Ford Fusion Technology

By Ford Social Member

The 2013 Ford Fusion will officially debut in January, but we’ve got the scoop on some new technology making its first appearance on a mainstream midsize sedan in North America.

Lane Keeping System (or LKS) is, simply put, designed to help you stay inside the lines, and we know that’s of much importance not only when coloring, but while driving! LKS is set up to alert and assist if your vehicle drifts out of the lane. It recognizes the problem via a windshield-mounted digital camera that detects lane markers and the vehicle’s position on the road. Three levels of assistance help in real time: Lane Keeping Alert, Lane Keeping Aid and Driver Alert.

Once vehicle speed is above 40 mph and lane markers are clearly visible on the road, an icon that looks like a car between two lanes lights up green in the instrument cluster to indicate the system has been enabled. LKS takes advantage of the electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) used in the new Fusion to provide a vibrating alert to you before gently steering the car back into the lane if you don’t respond.

When the system detects the vehicle is approaching the edge of the lane without a turn signal activated, the lane marker in the icon turns yellow and the steering wheel vibrates to simulate driving over rumble strips. If you don’t respond and continue to drift, the lane icon turns red and EPAS will nudge the steering and the vehicle back toward the center of the lane. If the vehicle continues to drift, the vibration is added again along with the nudge. You can overcome assistance and vibration at any time by turning the steering wheel, accelerating or braking.

Michael Kane, Ford Development Engineer, explained that LKS “keeps track of behavior over a longer period while driving. If a driver is tired, this can often be detected by the car constantly drifting back and forth across the road.” You can monitor whether the system is detecting behavior consistent with drowsy driving with an alert gauge in the instrument cluster that features a steaming cup of coffee. In other words, consider taking a break. If you don’t take one and the system detects a driving pattern consistent with being tired, an audible chime and a visual alert will suggest you stop and rest. If the same conditions persist and you don't stop, a second, more assertive warning will be issued. As soon as you stop and shut off the engine or opens the door, the monitor resets its information.

Michael added, “We’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring the accuracy of the lane detection and the smoothness of the assist.” The LKS  technology will also be available on the Explorer in 2012, and Ford intends to offer LKS on more of its vehicles over the next several years.
Hopefully this technology will be on every Ford/Lincoln Vehicle
This technology should be in every ford vehicle not only the fusion!
it's still pretty awesome idea.
Brad Krekelberg 01/01/2012
What's plural for Taurus? Is it Tauri?
Anthony Garacci 12/31/2011
need gps in all cars and trucks also and needlonger warrenties on all ford cars and trucks
Anthony Garacci 12/31/2011
need to put on star in all trucks and cars
Brad Barefoot 12/31/2011
Hey Ford ! I feel this was the next progression from *Bliss that is on my "11 Fusion. I won't own another car without it. So ..... OK Ford Engineers I guess you know what I want on my Transit Connect.
Christopher Carranza 12/31/2011
I second that!
William Courtland 12/31/2011
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fordman 12/30/2011
get over it
shellby bretschneider 12/30/2011
Totally awesome! I sell Fords and this is an exciting feature
Matthew Amack 12/30/2011
Fusion should make a 5.0 liter SVT model!!!
Shakthi Smile 12/30/2011
feel the difference..!ford best company
Ellen Bachorski 12/30/2011
I want one! But I have to win it to get it, where and when is the first give away?
Muhummed Al-Salhi 12/30/2011
Thinks .. FOrd (:
Craig Whitechurch 12/30/2011
I hope they put that technology into Australian vehicles.
Go Ford.
Al Menard 12/30/2011
I really hope that this feature is totally defeatable as I don't want it and don't want to pay for it. This may be the one thing that prevents me from buying the new Fusion or any other Ford if this feature is in it. I appreciate the safety factor of this feature but enough with the "electronic nannies" already.
Charlie Morneau 12/30/2011
thats a stupid reason to dump a perfectly good car. If they didn't make it in Mexico, the mexicans wouldn't have jobs, and then they would just sneak over here, and get on welfare. Ford is moving production over here soon anyway. So keep your car, and take good care of it, and in a few years you can trade it in on another more modern an inovative Ford model.
Jason Hubbard 12/30/2011
i dont like my fusion one one reason its made in mexico i thought it was made in the U.S.A i wanna support U.S.A autoworkers not mexico so as soon as i can iam dumpping the thing
I sure hope you did not move the gas door to the passenger side!!
Charlie Morneau 12/30/2011
As I've said before, Ford leads, and everyone else follows!
Lori L. Clark 12/30/2011
Oh sure. I just bought a 2012. LOL
Pamela Moses 12/30/2011
Have been considering buying one but will now wait for this technology!
John Biedrzycki 12/30/2011
Neat tech but the graphics are a little plain.
Chris Chace 12/30/2011
now thats really cool, i wonder how long it will drive without touching the wheel?????
Brendon Stafford 12/30/2011
BuiLt ford tough!
Liz Kass 12/30/2011
I love my Fusion!!
Joel Alexander M 12/30/2011
Bring back the Crown Victoria! :(
Jay Webb 12/30/2011
It seems like a good idea, BUT what we need is to get rid of bad drivers, not hide their inability with electronics
Flo King 12/30/2011
hey my ford was made in MEXICO. still running gd it's a 1994 ford excort just a little rust starting to show around bk tire walls. was told they dip them better there then around here. np
Mohamad-Wajih Farhat 12/30/2011
Idk this might be a little annoying, if there are no cars around me I lane change without signal
Al Basinger 12/30/2011
I will get one after they are made in Flat Rock (& not Mexico) !
Claudio Bauw 12/30/2011
tag your it ;....
Daniel Baxter 12/30/2011
My 2011 Fusion S model from work is getting 32 in combined driving...
David Whitener 12/30/2011
Ford Rules the Road-
Mark Conrad 12/30/2011
Al Basinger 12/30/2011
Why can't we get clean diesel techonology with 50mpg ? You had diesels in the escort back in the 80's that got over 40-50 on the hwy. Didn't you guys get anything out of owning Volvo ? Make it a 2 -2.5 liter and 170hp w/ a ton of torque. BMW is bringing it out, so is Chevy.
Josh Lomas 12/30/2011
I guess you guys need to change your slogan again from, "Drive one" to "Let one drive for you"? Because... where's the fun in driving?
Luke Wooldridge 12/30/2011
awesome! i want one! any exterior shots before Detroit? i cant wait to see it and the new shelby!!
Paula Parks 12/30/2011
Took my 2010 Fusion Sport across Texas during the holidays. Got 33 MPH on the highway!!!! WOW!!! Love ya, FORD!