Does this Bag Make Me Look Green?

By Tori T.

Reusable shopping bags are becoming fashionably hip instead of a burden. Bright colors, funky designs and interesting materials are all the rage. So, when we decided to, well, bag one of our own, we went witty, fun and conversational with the bags. We say witty, thanks to the sayings such as, “Does this bag make me look green?” We say conversational in that the fabric is the same material–Repreve® –used to upholster the Ford Fusion Hybrid seats. And we say fun, because your environmental statement isn’t just green–it’s blue too, as in Blue Oval!TM

In case you weren’t aware, in some locations–such as 90 cities and counties in California–there's a ban on plastic bags, leaving residents to either pay for paper bags or bring their own bags when they go grocery shopping.

But here's great news: Ford handed out the bags in grocery store parking lots and popular farmer’s markets alongside the Fusion Hybrid. This is not the first time we have gone quirky and interesting with materials , nor is it a new trend for Ford; the automaker has been exploring this for years. For example, the 2014 Ford F-150 debuted with various sustainable materials, such as rice hulls to reinforce the plastic (that’s a by-product of rice grain) in the electrical harness. Recycled cotton can be found as carpet insulation and sound absorption material. Soybeans? You’re sitting on them: they have been used for seat cushions and seat backs.  Soda and water bottles , recycled tires and blue jeans are also creative recycled content. And right now, Ford is collaborating with Heinz–of ketchup fame–to look into the idea of tomato fiber to develop a more sustainable bioplastic material for vehicles, like those used for storage bins.

By the way, the use of EcoLon™ material, which is a nylon resin made from 100 percent recycled carpet has saved more than 4.1 million pounds of carpet from landfills. That’s equal to a reduction of more than 430,000 gallons of oil consumed. Ford believes strongly in “reduce, reuse and recycle.”

This philosophy is also maintained in abundance at the Ford Dearborn Truck Plant, which in 2014 marked 10 years of sustainable manufacturing. The plant builds the F-150, and has set a Guinness World Record for world's largest living roof; at 10.4 acres, it has a unique ecosystem, removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduces energy use. Meanwhile, the plant itself uses natural light and ventilation, and as much recycling of packaging is done as possible to reduce waste.

Precisely why Ford is a global green brand . You could say it has "bagging" rights!
Ford Social 09/08/2014
Hello Mario S, 06 Maverick, lydia and Jyll,

Unfortunately, these bags are no longer available, but we'll let you know if more become available. Thank you! - Social.Ford
Mario S 08/11/2014
so, how do we get some of these bags?
06Maverick 08/11/2014
Where can we acquire one of these cool new bags?
lydia 08/10/2014
yes but where do you get the bags? great idea, love it...but where?
Peg 08/09/2014
I so see the need for this, however I have serious concerns that bringing home food items in bags, sticking the bag in your pantry or back in your trunk... Then bringing that bag into the store setting it on the conveyor or checkstand, putting new food stuff in it and back in your car, empty, back in the car. Over and over again.  Seems a little unclean.  The cloth ones can't be machine washed and wiping them out doesn't seem to cut it.  Imagine ice cream, milk, meat cartons resting in the bag, seeping food juices onto the bag.  Imagine how dirty cans from warehouses are and rubbin up against the bag and next time you put some fresh food in there.  Ok, I know what I sound like, but it is a reality. any ideas here?
Jyll Arden Leane 08/07/2014
Where & when can I get one for shopping in JStang?!